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102 年 - 空軍航空技術學院二技#18828 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. You have to work hard to______ your goals.
(A) evaluate
(B) achieve
(C) transfer
(D) reform

2.2. Hawaii is the ultimate vacation______ .
(A) destination
(B) departure
(C) accommodation
(D) proficiency

3.3. People who exercise frequently have greater physical ______than those who don’t.
(A) enhance
(B) enforce
(C) endurance
(D) enclosure

4.4. Many people lost their homes in the earthquake. The government needs to ______ more shelters to care for those who don’t have homes.
(A) establish
(B) escape
(C) esteem
(D) escort

5.5. Researchers try to find ways to increase people’s______ to disease.
(A) immunity
(B) community
(C) humidity
(D) maturity

6.6. This job is just temporary. I hope to have a______ job next month.
(A) deficient
(B) efficient
(C) permanent
(D) prominent

7.7. Astronomers use telescopes to______ at the stars.
(A) fantasize
(B) gaze
(C) energize
(D) realize

8.8. The sudden ______shocked all the people around, and three of them were hurt in the explosion.
(A) blade
(B) blush
(C) buff
(D) blast

9.9. Fast-moving water is often used to ______electricity.
(A) eliminate
(B) considerate
(C) hesitate
(D) generate

10.10. They knew that she had been lying when they discovered her______ .
(A) deception
(B) definition
(C) description
(D) depression

11.11. Leaping between hot and cold pools, people may______ a heart attack.
(A) diagnose
(B) abuse
(C) induce
(D) seduce

12.12. The company tried to ______sales by offering various coupons for free gifts after each purchase.
(A) project
(B) profit
(C) promote
(D) presume

13.13. There was______ about who was going to be promoted; no one knew for sure.
(A) uncertainty
(B) publicity
(C) complexity
(D) prosperity

14.14. It is against the law for parents to______ their children.
(A) spoil
(B) challenge
(C) compete
(D) abandon

15.15. The river______ into three smaller streams at this point.
(A) spills
(B) splits
(C) drills
(D) drifts 2

16.16. One of the reasons why Coca-Cola is successful is its ______production and distribution networks.
(A) expressive
(B) exposed
(C) extensive
(D) expensive

17.17. The millionaire is______ with his money. He often makes donations to charity, and many people are thankful for his generosity.
(A) liberal
(B) stingy
(C) economical
(D) drastic

18.18. If we want to learn a language successfully, we should NOT be______ .
(A) patient
(B) persistent
(C) brave
(D) fearful

19.19. All the students______ do well in writing.
(A) whom Mr. Davis teaches them
(B) which Mr. Davis teaches
(C) that Mr. Davis teaches them
(D) Mr. Davis teaches

20.20. “Have you seen the place ______the graduation ceremony will be held?” “Yes. It’s big enough to hold 5,000 people.”
(A) in that
(B) where
(C) is where that
(D) which

21.21. The voters were overwhelmingly against the candidate______ proposals called for higher taxes.
(A) who his
(B) whose
(C) whom he had
(D) that his

22.22. “Did you remember to tell Marge______ she should bring to the meeting tomorrow?” “Oh, I completely forgot! I’m sorry.”
(A) that
(B) what
(C) if
(D) that what

23.23. Does anybody know ______on the ground?
(A) how long this plane will be
(B) how long will be this plane
(C) how long will this plane be
(D) that how long this plane will be

24.24. ______the National Weather Bureau predicted severe storms did not deter the fishing boats from going out into the open seas.
(A) The fact that
(B) Is fact that
(C) That fact is that
(D) The fact that is

25.25. Write down the address of the restaurant with you______ you get lost on the street.
(A) in case
(B) for that
(C) unless
(D) even if

26.26. Knowing several______ helpful if you work for an international corporation.
(A) languages are
(B) language is
(C) languages is
(D) language are

27.27. Winning a lottery is a rare occurrence.______ very small.
(A) A number of winners is
(B) The number of winners is
(C) A number of winners are
(D) The number of winners are

28.28. We tried to make group reservations, but there were______ left at the hotel.
(A) too many rooms
(B) only a few rooms
(C) quite a room
(D) many vacancies

29.29. “Why didn’t Bill get the promotion he was expecting?” “He may not be qualified. If he were, he______ that promotion last year.”
(A) would have been given
(B) would be given
(C) was given
(D) had been given

30.30. The medicine made me feel dizzy. I felt as though the room______ around and around.
(A) were spinning
(B) will spin
(C) spins
(D) would be spinning

31.31. A nation’s balance of trade is considered unfavorable if it______ more money on imports than it gains from exports.
(A) will spend
(B) would spend
(C) can spend
(D) spends

32.32. Homestead High School’s football team______ a championship until last season when the new coach led them to win the first place in their league.
(A) has never won
(B) had never been winning
(C) is never winning
(D) had never won

33.33. Not wanting to be late my first day of class,______ to school after I missed my bus.
(A) I ran
(B) because I ran
(C) so I ran
(D) therefore, I ran

34.34. As the fairy tale goes, the prince______ into a frog by an evil magician, and only a kiss from a beautiful princess could restore him to his original state.
(A) turned
(B) was turning
(C) was turned
(D) had been turning

35.35. I have to eat breakfast in the morning.______ , I get grouchy and hungry before my lunch break.
(A) Consequently
(B) Nevertheless
(C) Otherwise
(D) However

36.36.______ the extremely bad weather in the mountains, my friends decided not to cancel their trip across the mountain pass.
(A) Because of
(B) In spite of
(C) As long as
(D) Even though

37.37. It was raining ______I couldn’t go outside.
(A) now that
(B) so hard that
(C) too hard that
(D) so that

38.38. John likes to______ his daughter’s pictures to everyone he sees.
(A) take off
(B) write down
(C) pull out
(D) show off

39.第二部份:克漏字測驗 (題號 39-43) Three friends created YouTube in 2005. Their first office was in a garage. Today, it is one of the most popular websites, and it is still __(39)__ quickly. There are so __(40)__ videos on YouTube. A person would need 1,000 years to watch them all! Anyone can become famous by posting a video on YouTube. Justin Bieber is the best __(41)__. His mother put his singing video on YouTube, and it became popular. Then a music __(42)__ saw the video and helped Justin Bieber record an album. Now, Justin Bieber is a superstar, all __(43)__ YouTube.
(A) grow
(B) grew
(C) growing
(D) grows

(A) much
(B) any
(C) lots of
(D) many

(A) talent
(B) success
(C) example
(D) manner

(A) singer
(B) artist
(C) painter
(D) producer 4

(A) thanks for
(B) through
(C) thanks to
(D) because

44.第三部份:閱讀測驗 (題號 44-50) 44-45 題為題組) Using cell phones while driving is common, but it puts people in danger. Studies have shown that doing so has increased the chances of getting into an accident. For safety, countries such as France and some U.S. states don’t allow holding a cell phone while driving. Other countries like Japan and Italy ban hands-free talking as well. Yet, phones are becoming more and more like computers. Therefore, it’s sometimes difficult for the police to tell the difference between a person using a GPS or stereo and a person using a personal phone.
【題組】 44. What is the author’s attitude toward using a cell phone while driving?
(A) He has no opinion.
(B) He agrees with it.
(C) He is waiting to decide.
(D) He is against it.

45.【題組】45. What is becoming a problem for the police?
(A) Drivers use computers when driving.
(B) Stereos have caused more and more car accidents.
(C) It is hard to tell a GPS from a cell phone.
(D) Hands-free talking is becoming more popular.

46.46-50題為題組) Every day in Taiwan, we throw away 2.8 million chopsticks. We need a thousand trees to make many chopsticks. Trees are the Earth's lungs. They breathe in carbon dioxide, a dangerous gas for humans, and then make oxygen for us to breathe. If we don't have any trees, our air will have too much carbon dioxide. One of the causes of global warming is too much carbon dioxide. Besides humans, animals also need trees. One way we can save our planet is to carry around our own reusable chopsticks. Lots of people are doing this already. Why not join the club?
【題組】 46. This passage is mainly about ...
(A) how people can save the Earth by breathing more.
(B) global warming and air pollution in Taiwan.
(C) how many chopsticks are used in Taiwan right now.
(D) how using chopsticks is causing global warming.

47.【題組】47. What is the best title for this passage?
(A) Carry Your Own, Don't Throw Them Out
(B) Animals Need Chopsticks, Too!
(C) Thanks, But We Don't Need Trees
(D) Carbon Dioxide Is Good for You

48.【題組】48. How many trees are used in Taiwan to make chopsticks every day?
(A) 280
(B) 1,000
(C) 2,800
(D) 2,800,000

49.【題組】49. What does the passage say about trees?
(A) Trees make bad gases for us to breathe.
(B) Trees are only needed by humans.
(C) Trees are not used to make chopsticks.
(D) Trees make oxygen for us to breathe.

50.【題組】50. What does the passage say we can do to help global warming?
(A) We can carry our own chopsticks.
(B) We can stop using chopsticks.
(C) We can stop cutting down trees.
(D) We can grow more trees at home