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98 年 - 空軍航空技術學院二技#20600 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. You should think cautiously before you make an important decision.
(A) completely
(B) carefully
(C) specifically
(D) creatively

2.2. Because her speech was flawless, the audience gave her a big hand.
(A) helpful
(B) meaningful
(C) perfect
(D) useful

3.3. My boss always talks about important issues on Mondays.
(A) tissues
(B) topics
(C) sandals
(D) valleys

4.4. While visiting a foreign country, we have to change our behaviors to suit different cultures and customs.
(A) adapt
(B) equip
(C) adopt
(D) adhere

5.5. Everyone is concerned about the purity of the city’s water supply.
(A) cost
(B) disposal
(C) temperature
(D) quality

6.6. In certain conservative countries such as India and the Middle East, it is not appropriate to show your love for someone in public.
(A) affection
(B) reflection
(C) admire
(D) connection

7.7. It is convenient to travel around the Tainan City. Almost all its tourist destinations are reachable by public transportation.
(A) accessible
(B) available
(C) remarkable
(D) persistent

8.8. We all need to learn how to manage time well and never put off doing things we need to until the night before.
(A) extinguish
(B) drop out
(C) throw away
(D) delay

9.9. When you mail the phone bill today, don’t forget to ___ the payment in the envelope.
(A) extend
(B) embrace
(C) enclose
(D) express

10.10. The scene of sky lanterns flying in the sky is ___. Foreigners just love it.
(A) suspicious
(B) responsible
(C) awakening
(D) awesome

11.11. Joseph doesn’t like Asia, so Vietnam is the least ___ place that he would visit.
(A) safely
(B) likely
(C) monthly
(D) traditional

12.12. The first computer was built in 1946; it ___ more than 140 square meters of floor space.
(A) took up
(B) made up of
(C) put out
(D) exchanged

13.13. Small vocabulary size usually ___ readers from fully understanding the text they read.
(A) aids
(B) prevents
(C) throws
(D) assigns

14.14. The disease spreads very fast. Therefore, doctors suggest that everyone should wash hands to prevent ___.
(A) infection
(B) construction
(C) instruction
(D) convention

15.15. In a democratic society, we ought to be ___ of people who take different political stances. Everyone’s opinion should be respected.
(A) effective
(B) prosperous
(C) responsible
(D) tolerant

16.16. If I ___ my teacher’s advice last time, I would not have been failed.
(A) took
(B) had taken
(C) have taken
(D) take

17.17. We are looking forward to ___ to John tomorrow.
(A) talk
(B) talked
(C) talking
(D) be talked

18.18. ___ the choice, most young women would prefer not to have their parents-in-law under the same roof.
(A) Giving
(B) To give
(C) Give
(D) Given

19.19. He ___ aeronautics at the Air Force Institute of Technology for more than twenty years.
(A) has been teaching
(B) is teaching
(C) has been taught
(D) taught

20.20. In 1951, ___ he was eighteen, he wrote his first song. Now he is a famous music composer.
(A) who
(B) when
(C) where
(D) how

21.21. It’s really ___ when a train is late and there is no explanation.
(A) annoy
(B) annoyed
(C) annoying
(D) annoyance

22.22. There has been a large ___ of Internet users visiting Google Video to watch fun videos.
(A) number
(B) amount
(C) deal
(D) sum

23.23. Tom: Dad, could I use your car tomorrow? I need to visit a friend in Kaohsiung. Dad: Of course you can have the car ___ you give it back to me by 6:00 p.m.
(A) as far as
(B) as soon as
(C) as much as
(D) as long as

24.24. In certain Asian countries, colors ___ white are also worn by the brides for their weddings.
(A) in addition
(B) other than
(C) rather than
(D) would rather

25.25. Only when the Lehman Brothers went bankrupt ___ the impact of global economic recession.
(A) did I realize
(B) I realize
(C) am I realizing
(D) I have realized

26.III.克漏字:下面兩篇短文有15個空格,為第26-35題。每題有四個選項,請依各篇短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格的答案。 In many cultures, wedding couples exchange rings, usually (26) of gold or silver, during the marriage ceremony. The circular shape of the ring is (27) of the couple’s eternal union. In Brazil, it is a tradition to have the rings (28) with each other’s name; that is, the bride’s name on the groom’s ring, and (29). The wedding ring is usually worn on the third finger of the left or right hand because it was once believed that there was a vein running (30) from this finger to the heart.
(A) makes
(B) are made
(C) made
(D) making

(A) symbol
(B) symbolic
(C) symbolize
(D) symbolism

(A) engrave
(B) engraving
(C) engraved
(D) to engrave

(A) vice versa
(B) so on
(C) all
(D) much

(A) direct
(B) director
(C) directness
(D) directly

31.If your cell phone loses its battery charge too quickly while idle in your pocket, part of the problem may be that your pocket is too warm. The body heat of a human, (31) through a cloth pocket to a cell phone inside, is enough to speed up chemical processes inside the phone’s battery, (32) makes it run down faster. To keep the phone cooler, carry it in your purse or on your belt. This same method can (33) to preserve your battery should you find yourself away from home without your (34). Turn off the phone and put it in the hotel refrigerator overnight to slow the battery’s natural tendency to (35) its charge.
(A) transmits
(B) transmitted
(C) to transmit
(D) which transmitting

(A) that
(B) it
(C) or
(D) which

(A) use
(B) be using
(C) have used
(D) be used

(A) suitcase
(B) charger
(C) software
(D) antenna

(A) lose
(B) load
(C) increase
(D) take

9:15 Check-In
9:30 Welcome Meeting
10:00 Commandant’s Address
10:15 Registration
11:00 Military School Rules
11:30 Lunch
13:00 ALCPT (American Language Comprehension Placement Test)
14:00 Physical Examination
15:00 Barrack Tours
16:30 Welcome Party in the Student Activity Center

【題組】36. At what time will the students take English test?
(A) 9:15
(B) 10:15
(C) 13:00
(D) 14:00

37.【題組】37. How long will students listen to what they can and cannot do while studying at the Air Force Institute of Technology?
(A) Fifteen minutes
(B) Thirty minutes
(C) Twenty minutes
(D) Forty-five minutes

λ Hotel customers only—no guests allowed.
λ Please shower before entering the pool.
λ No pets allowed in the pool.
λ No running.
λ No jumping into the pool.
λ Children under the age of twelve must be with an adult.
λ No food or drinks near the pool, except plastic bottles of water.
λ No noise allowed.
λ Swimming caps must be worn.
    Pool hours: 9:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m.

【題組】38. What must children under twelve have with them?
(A) A grown-up
(B) A guest
(C) Something to help them swim
(D) Water in a plastic bottle

39.【題組】39. What kind of pool is this?
(A) A school swimming pool
(B) A pool in an apartment building
(C) A hotel pool
(D) A pool at a hospital

Look at the sticker to see what you save.

Blue Sticker = 10% off
Red Sticker = 20% off
Orange Sticker = 30% off
Yellow Sticker= Half Price!
(Sale ends May 15)

【題組】40. Which sticker gives you the best discount?
(A) Blue
(B) Red
(C) Orange
(D) Yellow

41.【題組】41. If you buy a blue $100 coat with a red sticker on June 2, how much will it cost?
(A) $100
(B) $90
(C) $80
(D) $72

42. The Simple Life A certain way of life is making its way across this modern world of stress and excess. It is called voluntary simplicity, and it focuses on paring down one’s needs in an effort to do more with less. Many individuals are overwhelmed by today’s economic stresses: worries about how to pay for education and healthcare, finance retirement, and combat the rising cost of living. These people are realizing that scaling back and making more out of what they already have is a refreshing change from today’s consumer-driving culture. People who practice voluntary simplicity insist that the simple life isn’t about denying themselves things they really want or need. Rather, it is about asking themselves what is really important and calculating the effects of excess on their lives. Claudio Leite had a well-paying but stressful job in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that forced him to work 12 hours a day and check his email at night from his home computer. He realized that though he could afford a large apartment and nice things, he wasn’t spending enough time on things that really mattered to him, such as bicycling, playing music, and socializing with friends. Through voluntary simplicity, he learned how to cut back and save money, and he was eventually able to quit his stressful job and work part-time, giving him more time to be outdoors, play the piano, and see his friends. “Having a full-time job can actually make you spend more money,” simplicity advocates say. Having the right clothes for a particular job, eating out frequently, and commuting can add up to large expenditures over the course of a year. Jack Lee and his wife, Clara, had everything a successful young couple could want: good jobs, a nice home outside of Taipei, two cars, and a healthy child. They had everything but the time to enjoy it. Because they were both commuting to work, driving their son to school, working different schedules, and spending weekends on the upkeep of their house and yard, the Lees were paying for a babysitter, eating out often, spending a lot of money on gas, and finding little time to do things as a family. The Lees decided that a simpler life was the answer, so Jack quit his job and started a home business that allowed flexible working hours. Then they moved to a smaller apartment near their son’s school and sold their second car. Now the Lees eat together every night, save money on gas and auto insurance, and have more time together on weekends. Debt is another obstacle to living a simpler life. A recent study found that over a five-year period consumer debt in the United States rose by 39 percent, and the number of credit cards in circulation soared by 80 percent. According to the study, some people find it difficult to control spending when a credit card is all they need to buy something they may not yet have the money for. After graduation, Irene Barnes got a job as a newspaper reporter in Miami, Florida, where she lived in a comfortable apartment. She saved money by having a roommate, but after two years of buying the latest fashions and the newest electronic equipment and going out to dinner using her credit cards, she found herself $9,000 in debt. She made radical changes in her spending habits and got rid of all but one of her credit cards. Three years later she has finally paid off her debt. Finding ways to save money and curtail spending in a modern world is hard work. However, the reward—time to do what you love—is priceless.
【題組】42. What is NOT mentioned in the first paragraph as one of today’s stresses?
(A) paying for education
(B) paying for healthcare
(C) paying for legal expenses
(D) investing for retirement

43.【題組】43. Why does the writer describe Leite’s previous job?
(A) To show he is envious of Leite.
(B) To give an example of a low-stress job.
(C) To show how important he is.
(D) To contrast it with Leite’s present.

44.【題組】44. What is NOT mentioned as an activity that matters to Leite?
(A) socializing with friends
(B) playing music
(C) eating out
(D) bicycling

45.【題組】45. What is NOT mentioned in the passage as a reason why having a full-time job makes you spend more money?
(A) traveling to work
(B) socializing after work
(C) having the right clothes
(D) eating out

46.【題組】46. How did Jack Lee make life simpler?
(A) He hired a babysitter.
(B) He bought another car.
(C) He worked from home.
(D) He ate out so he didn’t have to cook.

47.【題組】47. The word debt in paragraph 7 means
(A) ownership of a credit card.
(B) spending money.
(C) obstacle.
(D) owing money.

48.【題組】48. The word radical in paragraph 8 is most similar in meaning to
(A) major.
(B) minor.
(C) different.
(D) dangerous.

49.【題組】49. Which word is closest in meaning to the word priceless in the last paragraph?
(A) cheap
(B) expensive
(C) incredible
(D) invaluable

50.【題組】50. Which is true about this article?
(A) We should give up our desire for living a wealthy life.
(B) Living a simpler life is better for your health.
(C) People are beginning to realize the benefits of living a simple life.
(D) Staying poor is better than staying rich.