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97 年 - 臺北市九十七年市立國中教師聯合甄選英語專業科目試題#單字前23題#10071 

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1.41. Christina said she would _________ the want ads every day until she found the job for which she was qualified.
(A) apprehend
(B) stipulate
(C) scrutinize
(D) ventilate

2.42. My brother is as __________ as a mule. He never listens to people, even when they’re giving really good advice.
(A) obstinate
(B) gullible
(C) extrovert
(D) diffident

3.43. Dr. Wang is considered one of the most outstanding researchers and __________ academic authors in our country. He has published numerous papers on international journals.
(A) industrial
(B) prolific
(C) hideous
(D) frantic

4.44. The decision is based on the __________ that all information must be freely available for all.
(A) stimulation
(B) resumption
(C) consumption
(D) presumption

5.45. In 1766 colonial leader George Washington began the __________ process of turning farmers into a disciplined combat force for the Revolutionary War.
(A) ardent
(B) arduous
(C) apathetic
(D) architectural

6.46. A string of doctors agreed she was suffering from Lyme disease and prescribed antibiotics, but that did nothing to __________ her pain.
(A) alleviate
(B) engross
(C) excel
(D) ascribe

7.47. The live performance was nothing but a ________— the lights wouldn’t work, one actor forgot his lines and another fell off the stage.
(A) trap
(B) debauchery
(C) fiasco
(D) paradox

8.48. Being a teacher, you are supposed to use your sense of humor to __________ a difficult situation or teach an important lesson.
(A) congeal
(B) depute
(C) comprehend
(D) defuse

9.49. Human guts are full of bacteria. These __________ bugs help digestion, and also stop their disease-causing counterparts from invading.
(A) stilted
(B) liberal
(C) synchronous
(D) intestinal

10.50. Advances in technology occur at such a fast pace that dictionaries have difficulty incorporating the __________ that emerge as names for new inventions.
(A) neologisms
(B) clichés
(C) euphemisms
(D) compensations

11.51. In painting, it is important to always place your strongest color first; otherwise the overlapping color will _____ the color underneath.
(A) penetrate
(B) replicate
(C) obliterate
(D) fluctuate

12.52. Although he claimed that he was innocent, the witness’s ____________ proved that he was guilty.
(A) contention
(B) testimony
(C) context
(D) verdict

13.53. The __________ among the world’s scientists is that global warming will have a big impact on our environment.
(A) tendency
(B) essence
(C) distinction
(D) consensus

14.54. The sales clerk asked the customer to __________ his identity by showing her a driver’s license with a photo.
(A) verify
(B) specify
(C) nullify
(D) qualify

15.55. Animals seem to sense when an earthquake is __________. Their behavior changes just as the disaster is about to occur.
(A) imminent
(B) deplorable
(C) invincible
(D) discrete

16.56. The plants and the animals that were buried underground began to ____________.
(A) depose
(B) compose
(C) decompose
(D) dispose

17.57. The natural resources will soon be ____________ if people still waste them.
(A) deleted
(B) destroyed
(C) depressed
(D) depleted

18.58. She was so fed up with her ____________ office work that she decided to take up the job as a tour guide for a travel agency.
(A) sedentary
(B) synchronic
(C) reproductive
(D) interactive

19.59. Those people who are successful tend to have some common ____________. For example, they usually have unbending will power and they don’t give up easily.
(A) distributes
(B) contributes
(C) attributes
(D) tributes

20.60. The government will ____________ strict regulations concerning the handling of the radioactive waste after the protest from the public.
(A) impose
(B) import
(C) impark
(D) impair

21.61. Avian flu is a ____________ disease. It passes from birds to animals and people.
(A) contagious
(B) contemplative
(C) continuous
(D) conflicting

22.62. A(n) ____________ is a doctor who treats patients with cancer.
(A) cardiologist
(B) urologist
(C) oncologist
(D) psychologist

23.63. Each summer, an ____________ of tourism makes the city boisterous.
(A) influx
(B) input
(C) indulgence
(D) influence