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92 年 - 臺北市九十二學年度國中教師聯合甄選英語專業科目試題#7554 

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1. They exalt the mysterious imperative of a pay phone ringing on a city street or on a lonely desert highway and eagerly anticipate the intersection of lives when someone feels compelled to pick up that receiver. 

(A) contradict 

(B) foreshadow 

(C) intensify 

(D) proceed

2.2. Ostracized from society because of the drunken and violent habits of his wife, the philosopher once became a fisherman at the Mediterranean.
(A) Consented
(B) Expelled
(C) Prejudged
(D) Reclaimed

3.3. If you appear downcast or depressed, or are unresponsive to the interviewer’s questions or listless in your approach, you will rule yourself out of consideration for that job.
(A) heedless
(B) pointless
(C) measureless
(D) boundless

4.4. The proper solaces of age are not music and compliments, but wisdom and devotion.
(A) ire
(B) comfort
(C) vexation
(D) antipathy

5.5. From my grandfather Verus I learned good morals and the government of my temper. From the reputation and remembrance of my father, modesty and a manly character. From my mother, piety and beneficence and abstinence.
(A) excessiveness
(B) bountifulness
(C) selflessness
(D) goodness

6.6. I have since often observed, how incongruous and irrational the common Temper of Mankind is.
(A) unbearable
(B) disallowing
(C) nonobjective
(D) inconsistent

7.7. Although the investigators found no more evidence than that of an accident, there were many ________ theories surrounding the president’s death.
(A) consultancy
(B) conspiracy
(C) constitution
(D) contribution

8.8. The doctor had his certificate ________ for failing to handle the disease properly.
(A) revoked
(B) redeemed
(C) resumed
(D) reinforced

9.9. Seeing his violent outburst, we’re truly ________ with his capacity to deal with conflicts in a civil manner.
(A) discreet
(B) discourteous
(C) discriminated
(D) disillusioned

10.10. Bookshops throughout the Great Britain are ________ with Harry Potter fans waiting for the new book hitting shelves.
(A) innovated
(B) instigated
(C) inundated
(D) insinuated

11.11. Rita had come a long way in her fight against alcohol abuse, but after her husband left her, she ________ to overdrinking.
(A) relayed
(B) regressed
(C) reinstated
(D) reiterated

12.A senior Japanese minister has been criticized for allegedly suggesting that some women who are raped are "asking for it" by the way they dress.

According to an article in the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda made the __12__ statement during an off-the-record discussion with reporters last Friday. Mr Fukuda was quoted as saying: "There are women who look like they are saying ’Do it to me’. Those who have that kind of appearance are __13__, because men are black panthers."

But when questioned about his comments on Wednesday, Mr Fukuda said it had never been his intention to defend rape, and accused the Shukan Bunshun of __14__ the situation. He told a parliamentary panel that rape was "a criminal act and an __15__ crime".

Mr Fukuda’s alleged remarks come __16__ a week after another senior politician, ruling party lawmaker Seiichi Ota, was forced to apologize after saying that gang rapists were "__17__ " and "close to normal", and at least had a healthy attitude to sex.
Mizuho Fukushima, Secretary General of the opposition Social Democratic Party, __18__ Mr Fukuda’s reported comments as "shameful". "He has absolutely no __19__ of equality between the sexes, or the fact that sexual violence is a breach of human rights," Mr Fukushima said. (BBC News, July 3, 2003)

(A) adverbial
(B) controversial
(C) managerial
(D) whimsical

(A) at fault
(B) by choice
(C) for fun
(D) with care

(A) protruding
(B) faking
(C) distorting
(D) culminating

(A) admitted
(B) affectionate
(C) atrocious
(D) asymmetrical

(A) ferociously
(B) hilariously
(C) meticulously
(D) scarcely

(A) vigorous
(B) trivial
(C) sluggish
(D) lethargic

(A) captured
(B) described
(C) elaborated
(D) favored

(A) repentances
(B) sympathy
(C) tributes
(D) understanding

20.They can strike anywhere, anytime. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are approached by invaders from an unseen world. A menagerie of microscopic pests constantly assaults every part of our bodies, __20___ for a way inside. Many are harmless or easy to fight off; __21___ are merciless killers. And for all the vaunted power of modern medicine, deadly infections are __22___ threat. Just 30 years ago, medical researchers boasted that victory against infectious diseases was simply __23___. That thinking was demolished by the advent of a number of diseases, particularly AIDS. The question is no longer: When will infectious diseases be wiped out? __24___, it is: Where will the next deadly new plague appear?
(A) and look
(B) looking
(C) looked
(D) look

(A) other
(B) another
(C) others
(D) the others

(A) a growing
(B) no more a
(C) posing no more
(D) become a

(A) a matter of time
(B) a pie in the sky
(C) out of the question
(D) a bolt out of the blue

(A) Besides
(B) After all
(C) Rather
(D) As a result

25.31. My son’s decision hurt, but I deserved it—not simply because it highlighted my thoughtless reaction to his gesture, but because it triggered memories of another little boy. Which of the following statements is true?
(A) My memories of my son were really hurtful.
(B) My son did something ungrateful to me and it served me right.
(C) No one was aware of my thoughtless response to my son’s goodwill.
(D) My son got hurt because I pulled the trigger accidentally.

26.32. They eventually suspect that, at some point, patient and therapist have entered an imaginary realm in which fact, fantasy and suggestion are accepted as equally true. During the sessions between patient and therapist, _______________.
(A) the patient may sometimes be led to believe in something that never happened before
(B) the therapist should never believe what his or her patient claims
(C) the therapist is always the sober one who can tell real from fantasy
(D) both are very imaginative and neither is taking them seriously

27.33. By lowering tariffs and taxes, opening capital markets, reducing subsidies and cutting regulations, the government has stirred to life a moribund economy and given the people real hope for their future. The original economy the writer describes _______________.
(A) needed a lot of incentives and stimulations
(B) was one with little governmental protection
(C) opened itself fully to the world trade
(D) was dynamic and full of life

28.34. In his bid to conquer this uncharted ocean of sand—a feat likened in importance to the first ascent of Everest—Blackmore’s expedition faced furnace heat and arctic cold. Blackmore’s expedition _______________.
(A) referred to the first ascent of Mount Everest
(B) took place in the ocean near the Arctic
(C) was not as important as ascending Everest
(D) was an unprecedented one in which he tried to cross a desert

29.35. The theme of the book is that evil is inherent in the human mind itself, whatever innocence may cloak it, and it takes on a frightful force by being presented in juvenile terms. The writer of the book implies that _______________.
(A) human nature is good in itself
(B) when we grow more mature, we lose our innocence
(C) even teenagers may possess the power to destroy
(D) it’s destined for innocence to get the upper hand over evil

30.Part V. Language Teaching Theory and Practice 36. A teacher presenting a bundle of sample sentences with the same structure and encouraging the students to form hypothesis on the target grammatical rule is utilizing the teaching technique of _____________.
(A) thinking aloud
(B) eclectic method
(C) holistic evaluation
(D) discovery learning

31.37. The major distinction between “second-language learning” and “foreign language learning” lies on ___________.
(A) the student’s nationalities
(B) the students’ mother tongues
(C) the environment where language learning happens
(D) the priority of the target language used in a classroom

32.38. The “affective filter” in language learning refers to ____________.
(A) negative attitudes during language learning
(B) tendency of depending on the authority
(C) a preferable result in a language aptitude test
(D) the complex of a language minority group

33.39. In a communicative language teaching context the teacher does NOT _________.
(A) provide roughly-tuned language input
(B) conduct a direct test to measure the learners’ oral abilities
(C) engage learners in authentic use of language for meaningful purposes
(D) encourage fluency at the expense of clear, unambiguous communication

34.40. “Foreign language learning is basically a process of mechanical habit formation, so language learning activities should include various kinds of drills and pattern-practice exercises ; errors should be prevented at all costs…. The target language are presented in spoken form before they are seen in written form, and analogy provides a better foundation for language learning than analysis…” The above statement is the belief of _________ followers.
(A) The Silent Way
(B) the Natural Approach
(C) the Audiolingual Method
(D) The Community Language Learning