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99 年 - 臺北市立松山高中99學年度第一次教師甄選英文科筆試試題(詞彙20題)#10069 

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1.Although we Chinese are often considered quite a ________ people, I still like to meet different people on different occasions. 
(A) reflective
(B) deliberative
(C) reserved
(D) prolific

2.There is an oil spill off the southeastern coast of America; ________, many marine species are seriously threatened. 
(A) consequently
(B) relentlessly
(C) innately
(D) remarkably

3.I can’t put up with her ________ any longer. Shouldn’t she learn to be more economical? 

(A) extravagance
(B) investment
(C) diligence
(D) quandary

4.Most of the main religions all teach us to have ________ for the poor and those who are in need. 

(A) comparison
(B) competence
(C) compassion
(D) compression

5.To learn English efficiently, I ________ to an English magazine, hoping to have a good command of English in the near future. 
(A) subscribe
(B) describe
(C) inscribe
(D) prescribe

6.Self-esteem is the most ________ part in human nature; it can be damaged by very minor incidents.
(A) expressive
(B) daunting
(C) decisive
(D) fragile

7.Drivers who use cell phones while driving are more easily ________ and thus more likely to get into crashes. 
(A) interrogated
(B) distracted
(C) conflicted
(D) infected

8.________ parents run the risk of spoiling their children. It is difficult for them to take a firm line or to discipline their children. 
(A) Jovial
(B) Deficient
(C) Pessimistic
(D) Indulgent

9.When it comes to the core of education, we value morality and ________. The former is the ability to discern right from wrong while the latter is a strict adherence to good conduct. 
(A) fidelity
(B) levity
(C) integrity
(D) stability

10.Michael has been working on his science project since early this morning, completely ________ to the passing of time. 
(A) immaculate
(B) oblivious
(C) optional
(D) dutiful

11. One of my best friends had an auto accident last year, which left him ________ from the neck down.
(A) mangled
(B) confronted
(C) paralleled
(D) paralyzed

12.The witness wishes to remain ________. He doesn’t want too many people to know that it is he who identifies the criminal.
(A) captive
(B) anonymous
(C) indifferent
(D) palatial

13.The river is ________ with industrial sewage from the nearby factories. All the living creatures in it are in danger. 
(A) nominated
(B) terminated
(C) contaminated
(D) eliminated

14.Generally speaking, older people are more ________ to infections than the young. That is, they are more likely to suffer from illness. 
(A) bemused
(B) chaotic
(C) suspicious
(D) susceptible

15.After reducing the price to compete with the big company for over a year, he was forced to ________ that competition had badly affected profits. 
(A) contradict
(B) conflict
(C) concede
(D) confide

16.The educational reform in recent years has proved to be a ________ for students, parents, and teachers alike. It will take years to undo the damage it’s done.
(A) catastrophe
(B) misconception
(C) spectacle
(D) temptation

17. The opposition parties are criticized for ________ all initiatives of the government to hold discussion on important problems for the country. 
(A) accumulating
(B) boycotting
(C) disclosing
(D) generating

18.Since the two proposals were made with a view to taking care of the poor, they were both ________ approved in the committee.
(A) vicariously
(B) unanimously
(C) nonchalantly
(D) disastrously

19.The ex-official was arrested at the airport and ________ transferred to the police station for further questioning. 
(A) exclusively
(B) literally
(C) variably
(D) subsequently

20. To ease his ________ pain in his neck, shoulders, and wrists, Grandpa set out to learn Yoga. 

(A) chronic
(B) stilted
(C) robust
(D) feasible