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102 年 - 臺北市立第一女子高級中學102學年度第一次教師甄選 英文科選擇測驗題#10070 

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1. Reading her books, I often have such ______ moments, and such realizations very often turn into deeper thoughts when I reflect on them later.
(A) cacophony
(B) stentorian
(C) taciturn
(D) epiphany

2.Inflation has made the cost of consumer goods so ______ that most people can barely afford to buy even the basic food items.
(A) coercive
(B) dubious
(C) exorbitant
(D) repugnant

3.The recent graft allegations severely ______ the politician's reputation and may have ruined her political career.
(A) sullied
(B) ameliorated
(C) disseminated
(D) subjugated

4. It is advisable that we plan our daily schedules according to our ______ rhythms so that we can be more efficient. For example, we should learn when our brain is most active and alert.
(A) pretentious
(B) circadian
(C) ubiquitous
(D) narcotic

5.It seemed that even such a famous speaker had to resort to ______ jokes to please his audience, which, in my opinion, symbolizes the decline of oratory nowadays.
(A) tawdry
(B) tactful
(C) agog
(D) adamant

6. Jerry was ______ about the destruction of his most-cherished family heirlooms and personal mementos in the fire.
(A) nonchalant
(B) distraught
(C) lethargic
(D) exuberant

7. Peter's ______ for sturdy, fast cars cost him an arm and a leg. We wonder if the good quality is really worth his life's savings.
(A) mundanity
(B) penchant
(C) quagmire
(D) cessation

8. Though often deemed to be ______ carnivores, this type of lizard is actually vegetarian.
(A) litigious
(B) nomadic
(C) rambling
(D) voracious

9. The atomic bomb nearly ______ the city of Hiroshima, Japan.
(A) ameliorated
(B) obliterated
(C) flagellate
(D) aggravated

10.Owing to a very tight budget, they ______ about who to invite to make the keynote speech.
(A) lynched
(B) wagged
(C) dithered
(D) haggled