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100 年 - 臺北市立高級中學 100 學年度轉學生聯合招生考試 升高三英文科#23083 

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1.1. Strangely enough, as people ______ more wealth, they are apt to spend a greater proportion of their incomes.
(A) breed
(B) acquire
(C) convince
(D) survey

2.2. Sometimes a simple ______ smile and “hi” can begin a friendship because sincerity is important for keeping a friendship.
(A) reluctant
(B) genuine
(C) efficient
(D) mature

3.3. People tend to like the group they are in; in other words, it’s natural for them to develop a great ______ for it.
(A) exaggeration
(B) possibility
(C) confusion
(D) affection

4.4. Don’t be ______ by just one failure. As long as you keep up the hard work, finally you will make it and attain your goal.
(A) defeated
(B) absorbed
(C) boomed
(D) exceeded

5.5. The scientist was awarded a Nobel Prize for his ______ achievement in the field of biotechnology.
(A) remarkable
(B) essential
(C) intimate
(D) prosperous

6.6. Lack of experience is a major ______ for our team to win the gold medal in this fierce competition.
(A) compassion
(B) masterpiece
(C) gadget
(D) obstacle

7.7. After weeks of investigation, the police finally ______ the suspect as the murderer of the millionaire.
(A) deserted
(B) ignored
(C) identified
(D) altered

8.8. If you can see the world with childlike ______, you’ll find your life full of laughter and happiness.
(A) simplicity
(B) frustration
(C) philosophy
(D) medication

9.9. A powerful tornado knocked down several buildings and caused destruction ______ the town.
(A) underneath
(B) opposite
(C) throughout
(D) aboard

10.10. The Internet provides ______ to a vast amount of information; it has almost everything you want to know.
(A) invasion
(B) access
(C) caution
(D) denial

11.11. Affected by the rising costs, the company predicted that their profits would ______ by at least 10% this year.
(A) undergo
(B) decline
(C) perform
(D) qualify

12.12. The vain young woman only wore designer labels and checked her appearance in the mirror ______.
(A) unexpectedly
(B) relatively
(C) similarly
(D) frequently

13.13. The animal will be definitely extinct in the near future because its ______ has been completely destroyed.
(A) habitat
(B) technique
(C) background
(D) potential

14.14. Most cells range in size between 1 and 100 micrometers and are ______ only with the aid of a microscope.
(A) financial
(B) marvelous
(C) precise
(D) visible

15.15. It is amazing how Brian and Steve ______ each other. If you ever see them, you will think they are twins.
(A) alter
(B) resemble
(C) starve
(D) volunteer

16.16 至 35 題,每題一個空格,請依文意選出最適當的一個選項 ,請依文意選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答 案卡之「選擇題答案區 「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得 2 分,共 40 分,答錯不倒扣。 <1> The Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the eight wonders of the world, and it is really the most beautiful and well preserved tomb in the world. Its stunning architectural beauty is 16 the scope of words. Standing majestically on the bank of River Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is synonymous with love and romance. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan got this monument 17 in memory of his beloved wife Mutaz Mahal, with whom he fell in love at first sight. The Taj Mahal is entirely built of white marble, and it is the reflection of the sunlight falling on its white marble façade that changes the view of the Taj. The time of dawn presents the Taj in delicate shades of pink 18 the setting sun washes it with orange color. 19 , the beauty of the Taj reaches its peak during the moon-lit nights, especially on a full moon night. 20 in the silver light of the moon, the white marble stands sparkling like a jewel.
【題組】 16.
(A) without
(B)away(c)out of ( D) beyond

(A) adoredB)
(C) glimmering
(D) spilling

(A) so
(B) if
(C) whereas D) unless

(A) Therefore
(B) Furthermore
(C) Likewise( D) However

(A) Bathing
(B) Bathed
(C) To bathe( D) Having bathed

21.<2> Every day in Taiwan, over 24,000 tons of garbage is collected. 21 , this does not include the waste produced by factories, which is another 12 million tons each year. As a result, garbage 22 has become a big headache for the government. The increasing amount of garbage has to go somewhere. What on earth can we 23 all the garbage? One answer is to recycle it. And we can reuse or recycle 40 percent of the garbage, which 24 valuable materials like glass, metal, and paper. However, some think recycling is too troublesome and suggest the government 25 it directly into energy. With 24,000 tons of garbage a day, we can certainly generate large amounts of electricity.
(A) As usual
(B) Above all
(C) In fact
(D) To this day

(A) dispose
(B) disposal
(C) disposable
(D) disposer

(A) fill up
(B) pick up
(C) do with
(D) give away

(A) includes
(B) including
(C) included
(D) is included

(A) has to turn
(B) turn
(C) turning
(D) turns

26.<3> I was a Chinese girl having a crush on the minister’s son, an American boy, whose26 learning that my parents had invited the minister’s family over for Christmas Eve dinner, I burst out crying. At dinner, my relatives lacking in table manners reached across the table for food 27 Robert and his family were waiting patiently for the food to be passed to them. When a steamed fish was served, my father poked it with chopsticks, 28 out the soft meat, and offering it to me. After everyone left, my mother told me that I shouldn’t be 29 of being a Chinese. Not until many years later 30 the meaning of her words and the true purpose behind the strange menu.
【題組】 26.
(A) With
(B) By
(C) For
(D) Upon

(A) while
(B) whether
(C) so that
(D) since

(A) plucked
(B) plucking
(C) pluck
(D) plucks

(A) shame
(B) shameful
(C) ashamed
(D) shameless

(A) I did realize
(B) I realized
(C) did I realize
(D) had I realized

31.<4> Children in Gong Jheng Grade School are not particularly impressive at first sight. However, in the school, there are some pupils at the age of seven or eight 31 on gymnastic equipment. 32 higher or roll better, these young gymnasts have to endure great physical pain as well as mental pressure induced by the coach’s efforts to soften their bodies. 33 , they must receive strict training. In case some boys don’t behave well, not only 34 they punished to stay after school but to do handstands against the wall. 35 inspires the boys to move on is their perseverance and determination.
(A) practice
(B) practiced
(C) practicing
(D) are practicing

(A) Jumping
(B) To jump
(C) Jumped
(D) Jump

(A) That is
(B) Instead C) On the other hand D) After all

(A) do
(B) have
(C) will( D) are

(A) Why
(B) How
(C) What( D) That 三、語法選擇

36.。 36. Dan felt bored in class yesterday. He wished that his teacher ________ something more interesting.
(A) had taught
(B) has taught
(C) was teaching
(D) taught

37.37. It is time that we________ hard if we don’t want to fail the final exam.
(A) are studying
(B) had studied
(C) studied
(D) have studied

38.38. No sooner ________ the stranger than he ran away.
(A) did the boy meet
(B) had the boy met
(C) the boy met
(D) has the boy met

39.39. A tall boy was standing at the front gate with his arms ______.
(A) fold
(B) folded
(C) folding
(D) to fold

40.40. It is said that the white house over there is five times_________ the blue one.
(A) size of
(C) the bigger than
(B) most expensive among
(D) as expensive as

41.1 至 50 題,每題一個空格,請依文意在文章後所提供的 ,請依文意在文章後所提供的
(A) 到 (BC) 選 項中分別選出最適當者,並將其英文字母代號標示在答案卡之 ,並將其英文字母代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區 「選擇題答案區」。 每題答對得 2 分,共 20 分,答錯不倒扣。
(A) involved
(B) such as
(C) falls
(D) used
(E) going (AB) stand (AC) too (AD) undoubtedly (AE) practice (BC) actually One of the things that make a country unique is its food and drink with the rituals it uses to serve them. Some countries are famous for a certain kind of meal or a certain drink 41 in celebrations or during holidays. In Britain, the most famous food42 is probably afternoon tea. The ritual of afternoon tea is 43 a British tradition. But because England spread its power all over the world up until the mid-20th century, other countries that have been controlled by England have adopted the tradition as well. Afternoon tea is not 44 only tea; it refers to a light meal taken in the mid-afternoon, usually between 3 and 5 p.m. Of course, this 45 right in the middle of the working day. For this reason, most Britons have been unable to keep the daily tradition 46 . Now, for most people, it is mainly for special occasions or holidays, and the idea of a daily afternoon tea seems old-fashioned. Traditionally, afternoon tea 47 a pot of tea with milk and sugar. Along with the tea, light food was served, 48 sandwiches, scones (a kind of sweet bread), cakes, or pastries. As you may have seen in movies, the food was served on a silver 49 that has several layers. It is a pity that the modern world moves 50 fast to stop every afternoon and take part in this sweet, calming tradition.


42.【題組】 42.
51.51 至 55 題,每題一個空格。請依文意在文章後所提供的 。請依文意在文章後所提供的
(A) 到
(E) 選 項中分別選出最適當者,填入空格中,使篇章結構清晰有條理 ,使篇章結構清晰有條理,並將其英文字母代 ,並將其英文字母代 號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區 「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得 2 分,共 10 分,答錯不倒扣。 Psychologists say that the colors of our clothes indicate something about ourselves. For example, groups of people who wear clothes of the same color show that they have similar ideas. Millions of Chinese wear blue or khaki-colored clothing; their clothes look like uniforms to foreigners. In Germany, followers of Hitler wore brown shirts, and in Italy, Mussolini’s followers wore black shirts. In Argentina, Peron’s followers wore white shirts. 51 What color do you wear most often? 52 For example, BLUE means freedom from stress. People who wear blue are busy people, but they want peace and rest in their lives. Blue is also a favorite color of overweight people. BROWN shows how your body feels. A person who wears brown enjoys a good time, like himself or herself, and is probably friendly. People who wear a lot of brown-colored clothes think about their bodies too much. But those who dislike brown usually do not like the comforts of life. 53 BLACK has no color. Black may suggest deep sadness or tiredness. People who wear black with another color want what that color represents. For example, suppose you wear a black suit with a blue scarf or handkerchief. 54 GRAY is a natural color that perfectly describes the wearer. Wearers of gray may have few or no opinions. 55 People who wear gray may be hiding emotions from others. The person who dislikes gray is an individual who has something to say and wants very much to say it.
(A) You may be telling the world that you are tired and want to live a more peaceful life.
(B) They often get up early in the morning, take a cold shower, and begin an active day.
(C) Also, they may be uninterested and uninteresting.
(D) And the Pilgrims wore gray-colored clothing when they came to the Plymouth Colony in 1620.
(E) A quick look at the colors of the clothes in your closet can help you find out something about yourself.

【題組】 51.

56.56 至 60 題,每題請根據本文選出最適當的一個選項 每題請根據本文選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之 ,標示在答案卡之「選 擇題答案區」。每題答對得 2 分,共 10 分,答錯不倒扣。 Body language is not a true language, yet its expressions can be understood readily. In general, body language expresses a person’s emotions, feelings, and attitudes, and it tends to affect the emotions, feelings, and attitudes of the viewers. In contrast, verbal language more specifically expresses and affects reasoning processes. Body language by itself or in conjunction with verbal expressions conveys shades of meaning that words alone cannot express. Some nonverbal expressions are understood by people in all cultures. Still other nonverbal expressions are idiosyncratic and vary from person to person. A particular gesture made by a baby, for example, may have meaning only to its mother. Body language takes many different forms, including facial expressions, eye contact, posture, hand gestures, psychological expressions like blushing and body odors, and paralinguistic cues like rapidity and loudness of speech and stress of certain words and syllables. Extensions of body language include cues like clothing, jewelry, and other ornaments. An important question in the study of body language is which body traits are to be classed as communication. Natural hair color or body height, for example, is never communication. Meanwhile, a distinctive posture, whether drooping their heads or sitting up straight, may be very revealing. Body language often reveals aspects of a person’s character that he or she may wish to hide. For example, a politician may try to convey an image of sincerity by speaking slowly, with much eye contact and a big smile, but face, posture, and gestures may reveal an underlying untrustworthy personality.
【題組】 56. Nonverbal language _______.
(A) can hardly be understood
(B) uses words and sentences to communicate
(C) evidently reflects a person’s reasoning process
(D) not only conveys our emotions but affects the viewers’ as well

57.【題組】57. The word idiosyncratic (in paragraph two) probably means _________.
(A) universal
(B) improper
(C) unique
(D) abundant

58.【題組】58. Based on this passage, we can infer that _______ probably fall into the category of extensions of body language.
(A) diamond rings
(B) birthmarks
(C) skin colors
(D) personalities

59.【題組】59. When talking to someone, you may convey a message of goodwill and honesty by __________.
(A) waving your fist
(C) shrugging your shoulders
(B) stiffening your body
(D) looking him or her in the eye

60.【題組】60. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) The reddening of the face doesn’t communicate anything.
(B) Speaking tempo may suggest different shades of meaning.
(C) A person’s body odor can be classified as a psychological expression.
(D) You may reveal what you are unconsciously with your body language.