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98 年 - 臺北市立高級中學 98 學年度轉學生聯合招生考試 高一英文科#23089 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. Working all day under the burning sun without taking any rest undoubtedly ____ every laborer.
(A) defends
(B) invents
(C) relieves
(D) exhausts

2.2. A large number of buildings ____ when the serious earthquake struck. As a result, many people became homeless.
(A) wandered
(B) trembled
(C) collapsed
(D) bloomed

3.3. That incident happened long ago; therefore, I have only a ____ memory of it.
(A) vast
(B) faint
(C) grave
(D) progressive

4.4. Friends you make in ____ may not be reliable when you are in adversity.
(A) prosperity
(B) harmony
(C) discovery
(D) gratitude

5.5. It is an unbearable ____ to walk in the sun this summer because the temperature can go as high as 37 or even 38 °C.
(A) blessing
(B) effect
(C) delight
(D) torture

6.6. Sandy is eager to give her friends a hand. In fact, when she knows any of them in need, she offers to help without ____.
(A) hesitation
(B) oppression
(C) determination
(D) tradition

7.7. This company has trouble with its ____. To solve the problems, the boss decides to get a loan of money from the bank.
(A) currency
(B) finance
(C) process
(D) economics

8.8. After the surgery, the patient was allowed to consume only ____ and no solid foods at least for a month.
(A) fluids
(B) curves
(C) fumes
(D) costumes

9.9. The college freshman changed his major; he made a ____ from history to business management.
(A) reservation
(B) migration
(C) switch
(D) breakthrough

10.10. When the president made the important speech, many interpreters translated it into different languages ____.
(A) accidentally
(B) simultaneously
(C) temporarily
(D) organically

11.11. John cultivated the habit of studying English every day in junior high school and has ____ improved his language skills since then.
(A) silently
(B) tragically
(C) gradually
(D) ridiculously

12.二、綜合測驗 說明︰第12至26題,每題一個空格,請依文意選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案 卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得2分,共30分,答錯不倒扣。 Dr. Martin Luther King, a leader in the American civil rights movement in the 1950s, was devoted to 12 racial justice for the black. In 1964, Dr. King was 13 the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his efforts, which made his nonviolent resistance program reach a high point. His speech “I Have a Dream,” 14 in front of the Lincoln Memorial, inspired lots of Americans, both black and white. Dr. Martin Luther King has a dream that one day the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, will be transformed 15 an oasis of freedom and justice. In Alabama, little black boys and girls will 16 hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers. People are free at last.
(A) bring up
(B) bringing about
(C) bring in
(D) bringing forward

(A) announced
(B) received
(C) rewarded
(D) awarded

(A) to deliver
(B) delivered
(C) delivering
(D) to be delivered

(A) by
(B) from
(C) into
(D) on

(A) join
(B) give
(C) clap
(D) fold

17. There was once a father who was very worried about his ill-tempered son. The son would often fly into a rage at even the smallest things. One day, the father thought of a way to help his son 17 his emotions. He took him outside to the yard where there was a fence and gave his son a bag of nails. He advised him that any time he became angry he 18 a nail into the fence. On the first day the boy used 37 nails. But, as the days went on, the boy was able to contain his temper. 19 , the number of nails he used each day decreased until none was used at all. The son informed his father, who then wanted him to pull out one nail each day that he did not lose his temper. With all the nails 20 , the father said to his son, “I am very 21 you, but look at the fence; it will never be the same again.” It was only then that the son realized when he gets angry with someone, even though he apologizes, the scar may still stay. He also decided from that moment never to go back to his previous aggressive ways.
(A) control
(B) stir
(C) press
(D) display

(A) hammered
(B) hammering
(C) should hammer
(D) could hammer

(A) In the meantime
(B) In consequence
(C) Above all
(D) For the first time

(A) were removing
(B) been removed
(C) removed
(D) to remove

(A) proud of
(B) angry at
(C) dependent on
(D) annoyed with

22. Shoplifting is a serious problem for both stores and honest shoppers. 22 shoplifting, stores in the U.S. lose more than one and a half billion dollars a year. These costs are 23 customers. They must pay higher prices for the things they buy. What can be done about shoplifting? Several cities are taking 24 to cut down on this problem. For instance, Kansas City in Missouri has started a program for shoplifters; this program is for people 25 as shoplifters for the first time. These people attend a one-day class on how to break the habit of stealing in shops, instead of going to jail. When they finish the class, the charges against them are dropped. This program seems to be successful. Out of the first 400 people 26 the class, only one was caught shoplifting a second time.
(A) On account of
(B) Thanks to
(C) As for
(D) In spite of

(A) looked down on
(B) passed on to
(C) lived up to
(D) held on to

(A) efforts
(B) activity
(C) steps
(D) measure

(A) charges
(B) to charge
(C) charging
(D) charged

(A) taken
(B) taking
(C) to take
(D) takes

27.三、文意選填 說明:第27至36題,每題一個空格,請依文意在文章後所提供的
(A) 到 (BC) 選項 中分別選出最適當者,並將其英文字母代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案 區」。每題答對得1分,共10分,答錯不倒扣。 Have we all become tired 27 the much used word “environment”? 28 often we hear or read about the horrible state of the world’s rivers, forests, air, and earth! When we 29 the fact that a great number of creatures have become extinct because their environment could no longer support them, then we ignore the possibility that these same changes could destroy many species that we 30 . Our life-style, and 31 of the billions of others on the earth, puts waste into air and water. We may feel regretful about this kind of careless behavior. 32 there may still be enough clean water and air for us, the loss of animals and plants can only be damage 33 a good life for the generations that follow. No one suggests that the 34 to our environmental problems are easy. The nations and people of the world are in 35 for the limited riches of this planet. It will take the wisest and most dedicated leaders, under 36 protection educated and concerned citizens will live and work, to improve the environment. A. lose sight of B. solutions C. While D. whose E. of AB. take for granted AC. competition AD. How AE. that BC. to


37.四、篇章結構 說明:第37至41題,每題一個空格。請依文意在文章後所提供的
(A) 到
(E) 選項中 分別選出最適當者,填入空格中,使篇章結構清晰有條理,並將其英文字母 代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得2分,共10分,答錯不倒 扣。 Every four years, something great takes place. It is the Olympic Games, and 2008 is the year. It is one thing to watch the games, and it is another to know its history. In this short article, the Olympics, past and present, is revealed to you. The first recorded Olympics, in 776 B.C., were an important religious festival. But they merely included athletes from approximately a dozen cities. 37 Unlike today, the ancient games were always at Olympia, Greece. Olympic sports have also changed a lot in the last few thousands years. The ancient games began with just one 192-meter race. In later years, the games grew to include a total of six sports. 38 These included races where runners wore fighting equipment and the pankration—a violent sport with few rules. Even the modern Olympics were once much smaller than they are today. The first of the modern games, in 1896, only had 241 athletes from 14 countries. 39 Until 1908 the Olympics were part of the world’s fair! At the first modern Olympics, there were 43 events from ten sports. Many of the sports from the early modern games are no longer part of the Olympics. 40 There has always been a lot of disagreement over changing Olympic sports. Critics say that the modern games have become more of a popularity contest than an athletic competition. The number of Olympic sports has continuously increased throughout history. At the 2008 Beijing games, athletes competed in 302 events from 28 sports. 41 These include running, boxing and wrestling. After learning the history and transformation of the Olympics, have you become interested in watching the games? Are you encouraged to work harder, go faster and be stronger?
(A) Most of the ancient Olympic sports tested skills soldiers needed.
(B) Despite all the changes over the years, some ancient sports are still part of the modern games.
(C) These include the sports of golf and tug of war.
(D) Even after 200 years, the ancient games only included Greek men from roughly 100 cities around the Mediterranean.
(E) Moreover, the early modern Olympics were not an independent event.


42.五、閱讀測驗 說明︰第42至54題,每題請根據本文選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之「選 擇題答案區」。每題答對得3分,共39分,答錯不倒扣。 The sea gull curves his wings, The sea gull turns his eyes. Get down into the water, fish! (If you are wise) The sea gull slants his wings, The sea gull turns his head. Get down into the water, fish! (Or you’ll be dead) ---Elizabeth Coatsworth I said, "I'll take the T-bone steak." A soft voice mooed, "Oh wow." And I looked up and realized The waitress was a cow. I cried, "Mistake--forget the the steak. I'll take the chicken then." I heard a cluck--'twas just my luck The busboy was a hen. I said, "Okay no, fowl today. I'll have the seafood dish." Then I saw through the kitchen door The cook--he was a fish. I screamed, "Is there anyone workin' here Who's an onion or a beet? No? Your're sure? Okay then friends, A salad's what I'll eat." They looked at me. "Oh, no," they said, "The owner is a cabbage head." --- Shel Silverstein
【題組】42. A picture of the main idea of this poem would show____.
(A) birds flying south
(B) a fishing boat
(C) a fish in a net
(D) a bird flying down to the water

43.【題組】43. Which of the following is the best title for this poem?
(A) Comfortable Dining Experience
(B) Despairing Date
(C) Strange Restaurant
(D) Terrible Grocery Shop

44. All passengers on Southeast Airlines flight 607 are requested to go to the Southeast Airlines ticket counters. Due to a delay caused by the weather conditions, you will receive a voucher for a complimentary dinner in the airport restaurant. Boarding time has been rescheduled for 8:30 PM. You will be informed if there are any further schedule changes. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.
【題組】44. What caused the delay?
(A) Airplane mechanical problems.
(B) Overbooking.
(C) A computer error.
(D) Weather conditions.

45.【題組】45. According to the passage, what will passengers be given?
(A) A free plane ticket.
(B) A boarding pass.
(C) A free dinner at the airport restaurant.
(D) A new schedule of Southeast Airlines flights.

46. How do you choose a career? Many students finish high school and begin college without a clear idea of what they want to do in life. Part of the problem is the size and complexity of the job market itself. Seven hundred and sixty three different occupations were listed in a recent publication of the United States Department of Labor, and this list is probably incomplete. With so many kinds of work, how can you tell which one will interest you? And what about the job outlook? Some of these occupations are already overcrowded. In old industries, there may be little need for new workers, whereas new and growing industries will offer good jobs now and in the future. Finally, how can you make the best use of your own special talents? Those who know themselves often find the best jobs.
【題組】46. According to this passage, many high school graduates and college students find it difficult to choose the right careers because
(A) there are not many jobs available.
(B) most of the jobs pay poorly.
(C) the job market is too large and complex.
(D) most of them are not well prepared.

47.【題組】47. The people who can find ideal jobs are those
(A) who work hard.
(B) who understand their strengths.
(C) who apply to many companies.
(D) who have talents.

48. There is no question that hunger and starvation are still common in the world today. Major famines in which hundreds of thousands of people die still strike every few years in the developing world. But the root cause of hunger is not a lack of food. The problem lies in the distribution of the available supplies. There is enough food in the world for everyone to eat an adequate diet, but it is not spread around equally. An examination of the recent famines in places like Ethiopia illustrates this point. In most cases, the countries where the famines struck had enough food per person, but a drop in production meant a rise in prices. This in turn meant that the poorest people in the country couldn’t afford to buy the food that was available. During many famines, in fact, food continues to be exported out of these countries while people are starving. So if we want to really eliminate hunger, we have to first find a way to ensure a fairer distribution of the wealth needed to purchase food.
【題組】48. There is starvation in the world because _____
(A) there isn’t enough food in the world.
(B) there are too many famines.
(C) food is not distributed equally.
(D) most people don’t eat an adequate diet.

49.【題組】49. During most famines, _____
(A) only poor people starve.
(B) there isn’t enough food for everybody.
(C) it becomes impossible to export food.
(D) rich people don’t get enough to eat.

50. More people are traveling these days than ever before, both for business and adventure. As the people of the world get more closely-connected, many individuals are eager to learn a second or third language. Some are even traveling just for this purpose. Although speaking in a new language can be very difficult, with some tips you can smooth the communication process. For example, when speaking a foreign language, you may be in a situation where others don’t understand what you have said. But don’t get upset; instead, try to make yourself understood by using different expressions, by describing what you mean, by writing it down, or by using gestures. Most people will be patient if they see that you are sincerely trying to get yourself across. Don’t give up until you have tried a few different methods. If you have difficulty understanding someone, you can ask the speaker to repeat what he or she has said more slowly. You can also ask questions to clarify the speaker’s meaning or ask the speaker to make his point in another way. And remember, the sense of accomplishment you will get from communicating in another language will be worth the effort. So, just try as hard as you can and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
【題組】50. According to the passage, which of the following may NOT be a reason people are traveling?
(A) For business opportunities.
(B) To get foreign travel experience.
(C) To learn a new language.
(D) To seek possible marriage opportunities.

51.【題組】51. What does the underlined word “clarify” in the final paragraph likely mean?
(A) To get a clear idea of something.
(B) To speak more loudly.
(C) To explain what you are trying to say.
(D) To make something common.

52.【題組】52. According to the passage, what can you do if people to whom you’re speaking a foreign language don’t understand you?
(A) Ask them to speak in your language.
(B) Use body language.
(C) Turn to a translator for help.
(D) Show them a picture.

53.【題組】53. If you don’t understand the words spoken in foreign language, what does the author of the passage NOT suggest you do?
(A) Ask the speaker to say it another way.
(B) Ask the speaker questions.
(C) Make the speaker calm down and be patient.
(D) Ask the speaker to slow down.

54.【題組】54. What can be inferred from this passage?
(A) People who travel a lot these days are supposed to speak several languages.
(B) There are several ways other than speaking to communicate with a foreigner.
(C) We only need body language to understand others regardless of their words.
(D) Native speakers are always happy to help people learn different languages.