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102 年 - 臺北市 102 學年度公立國民小學教師聯合甄選初試基礎類科知能試題(一般類科)(英文)#16474 

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1.25.Governments face a __________:whether to spend money on the space program or to use the money to improve life here on Earth.
(A) dilemma
(B) diploma
(C) detention
(D) defiance

2.26.Living in a single-parent family, Edward is able to _____ with the children undergoing similar situation. 
(A) emphasize
(B) sympathize
(C) substitute
(D) cultivate

3.27.From September 1-14, a wide range of products will be displayed throughout the two weeks of the exhibition. This year’s focus will be on laundry appliances, which represent over half of the exhibits. What kind of products will be emphasized?
(A) Air conditioners
(B) Kitchen appliances
(C) Computer software
(D) Washing machines

4.28.The human resources assistant makes all job applicants _____ a writing test.
(A) take
(B) taking
(C) to take
(D) had taken

5.29.The shattered building on the hill looked as if it         by a fierce typhoon.
(A) was hit
(B) is hit
(C) had been hit
(D) has been hit

6.30.Before _______ the envelope, you must be sure that you have enclosed all of the materials listed in the instruction.
(A) was sealed
(B) seal
(C) sealing
(D) sealed

7.31.Before the Foreign Minister arrived, the police had the conference center _____.
(A) clear
(B) cleared
(C) clearing
(D) be clear

8.32.People used to believe that exercise is essential for shedding pounds, but recent research reveals that exercise simultaneously stimulates hunger and in turn reduces the weight-loss effect. What keeps exercise from achieving the weight-loss benefits?
(A) People may eat more after exercise.
(B) It is hard to sustain the habit of taking exercise.
(C) People lose their appetite after exercise.
(D) It is not easy to burn calories by taking exercise.

9.33.___________ arriving at the World Trade Center, the singer was greeted by a large group of about 1,000 people.
(A) To
(B) On
(C) For
(D) During

10.34.You should _____to strangers on MRTs.
(A) help speak
(B) skip to tell
(C) not say
(D) avoid talking

11.35.As more and more homeless people beg on the street or in the subway, I can’t help but ____ what the social welfare can do for them.
(A) wonder
(B) wondering
(C) to wonder
(D) be wondering

36.Please read the following notice.
 Pay exact fare when boarding the bus. Drivers cannot make change.
 Upon boarding the bus, move toward the rear of the bus. Stand in the passage area, not in the doorways or beside the driver.
 Allow senior citizens and disabled riders to use the priority seating area at the front of the bus. What does this notice discuss?

(A) Problems of the bus service
(B) Business concerns

(C) Bus routes and fares
(D) Etiquette rules for bus riders

13.37.It is never easy for older generations to appreciate the younger ones since in their eyes, young people tend to be lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. What can you infer from the sentence?
(A) Older generations should learn from the younger ones.
(B) There is inevitable antagonism between senior citizens and young people.
(C) Young people do not live up to the expectation of older generations.
(D) Young people have lost their chance to be successful in the world.

14.38.The biscuits are very delicious. Where did you get the_____ ?
(A) receipt
(B) recipe
(C) receive
(D) reception

15.39.Always ordering people to obey what she says, Vitoria is notorious for her ____ character. 
(A) reckless
(B) fabulous
(C) dominating
(D) deteriorating

16.40.The merger, _____will be announced today, should be extremely profitable.
(A) which
(B) whose
(C) it
(D) when

17.41.After years of hard work, Jane _________ the audience with amazing performance.
(A) dwelled
(B) featured
(C) upset
(D) impressed

If we had started earlier, we ______the deadline.

(A) would meet
(B) will meet
(C) would have met
(D) will have met