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102 年 - 臺北市 102 學年度公立國民小學教師聯合甄選初試基礎類科知能試題(英語科)#16472 

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1.13 Because of his sprained ankle, the patient had to _____ up the stairs to the doctor’s office.
(A) gulp
(B) honk
(C) limp
(D) chirp

2.14 In some writing situations, the topic is not the problem; _____, the problem is which direction to take with the topic.
(A) still
(B) rather
(C) hence
(D) consequently

3.15 Xiangqi, also known as Chinese Chess, is an _____ game which requires careful thought and planning.
(A) eternal
(B) apparent
(C) occasional
(D) intellectual

4.16 This book is worth reading again and again because of its _____ plot.
(A) affording
(B) describing
(C) courageous
(D) intriguing

5.17 Ms. Lin told John that he should write more _____ next time because she had great difficulty reading his homework.
(A) legibly
(B) socially
(C) currently
(D) temporarily

6.18 Mary _____ from ear to ear because she won first prize in the speech contest.
(A) poked
(B) beeped
(C) grinned
(D) flipped

7.19 In addition to a college degree, Mr. Wu worked hard to earn himself an advanced _____ in TESOL.
(A) reputation
(B) graduation
(C) certificate
(D) announcement

8.20 A grown lion has a huge appetite and can easily _____ 60 pounds of meat at a single feeding.
(A) stretch
(B) account
(C) coordinate
(D) consume

9.21 Sharing information on computerized database reduces data entry errors that _____ trying to read people's handwriting.
(A) put together
(B) lead to
(C) check out
(D) result from

10.22 All plants need light, a suitable climate, and an _____ supply of water.
(A) inferior
(B) ample
(C) excess
(D) inevitable

11.23 The committee asked John _____ he had read Melville’s Moby Dick in high school.
(A) that
(B) what
(C) where
(D) whether

12.24 Over the years, English has borrowed words from languages _____ which it has come into contact.
(A) in
(B) at
(C) for
(D) with

13.25 Doctors cannot tell the whole story _____ the disease occurs in an individual.
(A) of
(B) about
(C) of how
(D) about how to

14.26 Open questions in a survey _____ for people to say how they really feel.
(A) makes possible
(B) make possible
(C) makes it possible
(D) make it possible

15.27 For a particular substance, the density of the solid is _____ the gas.
(A) higher than
(B) to be higher of
(C) higher than that of
(D) much more higher than

16.28 _____ the books are the author’s detailed illustrations of animals in that country.
(A) Common
(B) Common throughout
(C) Being common throughout
(D) After being common throughout

17.29 The decade of the 1960s in the field of academic training _____ a persistent focus on a comprehensive perspective of education in socially pragmatic contexts.
(A) witnessing
(B) was witnessed
(C) which witnessed
(D) witnessed

18.30 The Internet, a backbone for the so-called data superhighway, _____ computer networks, cable TV, interactive phone services and other technologies.
(A) consists of
(B) consisting of
(C) was made of
(D) made up of

19.31 _____ the efforts of enthusiastic collectors at the turn of the century, few folk songs created by the native Taiwanese would have survived to the present days.
(A) If there have not been
(B) Had there not been
(C) If there was no
(D) Have there not had

20.32 _____ a fairly long speech in a play is often presented as a recitative in an opera.
(A) There would be
(B) It would be
(C) What would be
(D) That would be

21.33 It is obviously urgent that we _____ the impact of the construction of nuclear plants, which has grown _____ to destroy human lives.
(A) are aware of …… severe enough
(B) are aware of…… enough severe
(C) have been aware of…… enough severely
(D) be aware of ……severe enough

22.34 Expensive perfumes come in tiny bottles, but many hide a whale-sized secret. To perfect a particular smell, perfume makers often use an ingredient that comes from whales with upset tummies. The whale waste, called ambergris, is solid and greasy on its own. But in perfume, ambergris holds all the smelly ingredients together for a long time. People describe its smell as “earthy” and “sweet”. According to the passage, the smell of many perfumes comes from _____.
(A) tiny bottles
(B) earthy and sweet whales
(C) whale waste
(D) secret ingredients invented by perfume makers

23.35 For decades, childhood obesity rates have been on the rise. Now some U.S. cities are seeing progress in their fight against fat. In those cities, fried food has disappeared from many cafeteria menus in schools. Whole-wheat bread has replaced white bread. Drinks like water and low-fat milk have replaced sugary beverages. Many schools have also required healthier snack options in vending machines. It can be inferred that obesity rates fall in cities where _____.
(A) prices for healthy food drop
(B) schools provide healthy food choices
(C) food labels offer nutritional information
(D) students are required to exercise regularly

24.36 Freshwater is a more precious commodity than many people in the developed world recognize. More than 97 percent of Earth’s water is salty, unfit for drinking. Of the remainder, more than two-thirds is frozen in glaciers and icecaps, leaving just 1 percent of all the water on our planet fresh. About one one-hundredth of that 1 percent resides in rivers and other waterways; the rest is beneath the earth's surface. Pressure on this invaluable resource is growing. In the last sentence, the phrase “this invaluable resource” most probably refers to _____.
(A) fresh water
(B) water unfit for drinking
(C) people in the developed world
(D) frozen glaciers and icecaps

25.37 Around 200 million years ago, Earth was 18 degrees warmer than it is now. A new study found that plant-eating dinosaurs may have contributed to prehistoric global warming by releasing significant amounts of methane gas through their farts and burps. The gas traps heat and warms the atmosphere. It can be inferred that methane is _____.
(A) a dinosaur that eats plants
(B) a greenhouse gas
(C) a plant that dinosaurs cannot digest
(D) the highest natural air temperature ever recorded on Earth

26.38 It doesn’t matter which room a family chooses to gather in. It could be a favorite corner of the kitchen or a wood paneled den. What does matter is that they choose to be together. For it is the support, the strength, the bonds and traditions of the family that give us what we all need most in life. What is the main idea of the passage?
(A) Family rooms are symbols of family tradition.
(B) The family is more important than the family room.
(C) It is important to understand family relationships and family responsibilities.
(D) The family room is a place where family members gather for family activities.

27.Globalization is the process of international integration (39) from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Advances in transportation and telecommunications (40) are major factors in globalization, generating further interdependence of (41) and cultural activities. The (42) of electronic communications, most notably mobile phones and the Internet, connected billions of people in new ways. Thus, as professor Robertson defined, globalization is referred to as "the (43) of the world and the intensification of the consciousness of the world as a whole."
(A) raising
(B) arousing
(C) arising
(D) rising

(A) structure
(B) blueprint
(C) framework
(D) infrastructure

(A) economy
(B) economic
(C) economical
(D) economically

(A) advent
(B) transformation
(C) promotion
(D) commitment

(A) prosperity
(B) competition
(C) diversity
(D) compression

32.        Nursery rhyme is used for traditional poems and songs for young children in Britain and many other countries. However, most nursery rhymes were not written down until the 18th century. Nursery rhymes seem to have come from a variety of sources, including traditional riddles, proverbs, ballads, lines of Mummers' plays, drinking songs, historical events, and it has been suggested, ancient pagan rituals. Many nursery rhymes have been argued to have hidden meanings and origins. For example, Katherine Elwes' book, The Real Personages of Mother Goose (1930), in which she linked famous nursery-rhyme characters with real people. She assumed that children's songs were a peculiar form of coded historical narrative, propaganda or covert protest, and rarely considered that they could have been written simply for entertainment. 
        There have been several attempts, across the world, to revise nursery rhymes. In the late 19th century, the major concern seems to have been violence and crime, which led leading children's publishers in the United States to “improve” mother goose rhymes. In the 20th century, revisionism of nursery rhymes became associated with the idea of political correctness. Most attempts to reform nursery rhymes on this basis appear to be either very small scale, light-hearted updating, or satires written as if from the point of view of political correctness in order to condemn reform. The controversy was over changing the language of Baa Baa Black Sheep in Britain from 1986. It was alleged, uncorroborated assumption that it was a complaint against Medieval English taxes on wool, and a historic narrative about the slave trade. 
        However, some psychoanalysts strongly criticized this revisionism, on the grounds that revised versions might not function as ways of symbolically solving issues for children and adults or imaginatively dealing with violence and danger.

【題組】44 What is the main topic of this passage?
(A) The origin and development of nursery rhymes.
(B) The controversial issues concerning nursery rhymes.
(C) The differences of original nursery rhymes from modern ones.
(D) The hidden meanings of nursery rhymes.

33.【題組】45 According to Katherine Elwes’s interpretation, all of the following statements referred to the hidden meanings accompanied with nursery rhymes are true EXCEPT _____.
(A) nursery rhymes were telling of certain historical figures and events
(B) nursery rhymes were written intentionally to influence people’s attitude toward some cause or position
(C) nursery rhymes hinted the author’s objection to particular events, policies, or situations
(D) nursery rhymes were an innovative writing genre to attract readers’ attention and interest

34.【題組】46 The “condemn” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to _____.
(A) consent
(B) censure
(C) comply
(D) conform

35.【題組】47 According to the passage, the allegation that Baa Baa Black Sheep was written against wool tax and slave trade is _____.
(A) dubious
(B) well-recognized
(C) acceptable
(D) evidence-proved

36.【題組】48 It can be inferred from the passage that some psychoanalysts strongly criticized the revision of nursery rhymes because _____.
(A) nursery rhymes were not mainly written for lessons of dealing with violence and danger
(B) nursery rhymes might fail to show children and adults how to deal with the problems they were encountered with properly
(C) the original structure of nursery rhymes disappeared
(D) the connotations of nursery rhymes were contorted