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101 年 - 臺北市101 學年度市立國民中學正式教師聯合甄選---英文(前20題單字)#8481 

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1.41. Instead of admitting he was wrong, the agent came up with a ______ argument. We did not believe his statement.
(B) gloomy
(C) specious
(D) peevish

2.42. To offer good service, this renowned Internet company has ______ the partnership with the company it worked with in the past two years. The manager of this company is trying to find a new partner.
(B) refuted
(C) terminated
(D) anticipated

3.43. Hundreds of people are attracted to the fancy restaurant where they can enjoy the______ atmosphere.
(A) verbose
(B) dreary
(C) kinetic
(D) jocund

4.44. The ways to _______ your office work are to stop wasting time searching for misplaced items and information and set priorities.
(A) baffle
(B) thwart
(C) debase
(D) streamline

5.45. The ______ Mark had in Africa sharpened his personality. He became more mature and stronger.
(A) malady
(B) ordeal
(C) marvel
(D) liability

6.46. The prodigious music talent of Mozart ______ at his early childhood. He was definitely an early bloomer.
(A) wangled
(B) assuaged
(C) scrutinized
(D) emerged

7.47. The land near the hill is a ______ land for growing crops. The farmers there have great harvests every year.
(A) versatile
(B) sterile
(C) corpulent
(D) fertile

8.48. According to the media, the prosecutor would soon receive the result of the ______ to determine the cause of the super star’s mysterious death.
(A) autopsy
(B) celibacy
(C) ecstasy
(D) literacy

9.49. Gina asked her boyfriend to give her some breathing space because she felt quite ______ by his nearly 24-hour company over the past few weeks.
(A) condemned
(B) dedicated
(C) suffocated
(D) terminated

10.50. The player showed his ______ and determination in the final round and got the championship.
(A) mettle
(B) rummage
(C) unison
(D) surmise

11.51. Jane is a (an) ______. Working hard and doing the utmost, she achieved her goal.
(A) impostor
(B) salutatorian
(C) aspirant
(D) superintendent

12.52. When a nation is over-reliant on one or two commodities like oil or precious minerals, corrupt government officials tend to hoard profits for themselves instead of properly ______ them to schools and hospitals.
(A) allocating
(B) entwining
(C) harnessing
(D) meddling

13.53. The lecture on the scientific developments in the 19th century was so dull and ______ that much audience fell asleep during the talk.
(A) seminal
(B) insipid
(C) sacrosanct
(D) assiduous

14.54. Even though some children are ______ to do the housework. It is essential for them to cultivate their sense of responsibility by doing it.
(B) trilled
(C) loath
(D) caustic

15.55. The soccer team had had high hopes before the ______ of their final game, in which they did not manage to score any points.
(A) fixation
(B) debacle
(C) seizure
(D) verdure

16.56. Some of the countries in Europe are tackling economy crisis and seeking assistance from other countries in the world. Now these European countries seem to be in ______.
(A) innovation
(B) jeopardy
(C) abstention
(D) controversy

17.57. John complains that his partner is a ________, who tries every means to evade work and responsibilities. Therefore, John has to do all the work on the project.
(A) slacker
(B) virago
(C) squalor
(D) vigilante

18.58. It is a ______ and roomy house where there is still a lot of space to place the furniture.
(A) complaisant
(B) communal
(C) commodious
(D) compendious

19.59. The bank is planning to ________ the contract with the manufacturing company because they have accidentally found some frauds involved with the company.
(A) rescind
(B) excoriate
(C) implement
(D) metastasize

20.60. To increase navigation safety and security, international navies have staged both reactive and ________ strikes against pirates off Africa’s west coast.
(A) preliminary
(B) preemptive
(C) preposterous
(D) prerequisite