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99 年 - 臺北縣立高中職99 學年度教師聯合甄選#16116 

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1.1. The wardrobe was large and heavy; we had to ________ it to get it down the stairs.
(A) bewilder
(B) cogitate
(C) dismantle
(D) intertwine

2.2. By ________, hesitating, and giving ambiguous answers, she achieved her purpose of evasion.
(A) calibrating
(B) equivocating
(C) penetrating
(D) strangling

3.3. His speech was so ________ and scholarly that people often had trouble understanding him without a dictionary.
(A) boisterous
(B) ruthless
(C) erudite
(D) luscious

4.4. The ________ of less frequently used books to remote storage should eventually increase the overall relevance of the stock to users.
(A) relegation
(B) discomposure
(C) encroachment
(D) ostentation

5.5. One of the most ________ flowers seen in Hawaii is the distinctive blossom of the plumeria tree, which can be seen nearly everywhere in the islands.
(A) putative
(B) lenient
(C) commodious
(D) ubiquitous

6.Cloze : Choose the best answer to fill in each blank and make the whole passage a coherent and logical piece. Masada, meaning fortress in Hebrew, is situated atop an isolated rock cliff at the western end of the Judean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. It is a place of gaunt and majestic beauty. On the east, the rock falls in a sheer drop of about 450 meters to the Dead Sea; and in the west, it stands about 100 meters above the surrounding terrain. The natural approaches __6__ the cliff top are very difficult. The only written source about Masada is Josephus Flavius’ The Jewish War. According to Josephus Flavius, Herod the Great built the fortress of Masada between 37 and 31 BC. Herod had been made King of Judea by his Roman overlords and was hated by his Jewish subjects. Herod, the master builder, “furnished this fortress as a refuge for himself.” It included a casemate wall around the plateau, storehouses, large cisterns ingeniously __7__ rainwater, barracks, palaces and an armory. Some 75 years after Herod’s death, at the beginning of the Revolt of the Jews against the Romans in 66 AD, a group of Jewish rebels overcame the Roman garrison of Masada. After the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, they were joined by zealots and their families who had fled from Jerusalem. __8__ Masada as their base, they raided and harassed the Romans for two years. Then, in 73 AD, the Roman governor Flavius Silva marched against Masada with the Tenth Legion, auxiliary units and thousands of Jewish prisoners-of-war. The Romans established camps at the base of Masada, laid siege to __9__ and built a circumvallation wall. They then constructed a rampart of thousands of tons of stones and beaten earth against the western approaches of the fortress and, in the spring of the year 74 AD, moved a battering ram up the ramp and __10__ the wall of the fortress.
(A) from
(B) in
(C) of
(D) to

(A) cleaned up by
(B) filled with
(C) kept from
(D) messed up with

(A) For
(B) Like
(C) Such
(D) With

(A) it
(B) them
(C) there
(D) this

(A) breached
(B) buttressed
(C) fabricated
(D) fortified

11.(I) Please briefly explain the following terms with no more than 30 words. 

 1. acculturation Answer: the process of adjusting to and becoming part of a new cultural group 

 2. form-focused instruction 
     Answer: the instruction that draws attention to the forms and structures of the language within 
 the context of communicative interaction

12.(II) Short-answer Questions 

 3. Enumerate two issues that an English teacher needs to consider when teaching grammar. 
    Answer : Should grammar be presented inductively or deductively? Should we use grammatical explanations and technical terminology in a CLT classroom? Should grammar be taught in separate “grammar only” classes? Should teachers correct grammatical errors? 

 4. Briefly explain what schema theory is in L2 reading. 
    Answer : The reader brings information, knowledge, emotion, experience, and culture—that is, schemata—to the printed word. 

 5. Briefly explain what an English achievement test is and give an example to illustrate your points.       Answer : An achievement test is related directly to classroom lessons, units, or even a total curriculum. A test at the end of a lesson, a course, or a program is an achievement test.

13.1. In the new Senior High School English Curriculum Guidelines, teaching of critical thinking skills is emphasized. According to Anderson and Krathwohl (2001), thinking skills could be classified and organized as in the figure on the right. Based on the passage on “nuclear power” given below, please write a step-by-step lesson plan to help students exercise at least five of the six thinking skills while learning English. You may take the reading passage as the basic teaching materials and design some extension activities to achieve the goal of teaching both thinking and language skills at the same time. Be sure to specify the thinking skill each of your teaching activities is aimed for. 

 2. Specify the least number of guidelines for the communicative treatment of vocabulary instruction.