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95 年 - 臺北縣 95學年度國民中學正式教師聯合甄選及代理代課教師聯合筆試試卷 #1-18 詞彙#7430 

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1.1. We decided to ___ Tom for the gasoline he purchased to drive us to the party.
(A) abominate
(B) invoke
(C) reimburse
(D) entitle

2.2. Instruction on grammar should not be totally _____. Grammar teaching still has some value in helping students learn a foreign language.
(A) relieved
(B) squashed
(C) evacuated
(D) discounted

3.3. When you go from bright daylight into a darkened room, the pupils of your eyes _____ to compensate for the loss of light.
(A) refine
(B) pester
(C) subside
(D) dilate

4.4. Peter was very disappointed when he was elected secretary, rather than president, of the English Teacher Association. He had long _____ to be the president.
(A) tormented
(B) aspired
(C) declined
(D) initiated

5.5. Eating in restaurants became so expensive that we had to _____ dining out from once a week to once a month.
(A) enlist
(B) overtake
(C) tamper
(D) curtail

6.6. In painting, it is important to always place your strongest color first; otherwise the overlapping color will _____ the color underneath.
(A) penetrate
(B) replicate
(C) fluctuate
(D) obliterate

7.7. Many restaurants in Taipei have _____ a ban on smoking to protect the health of those who don’t smoke.
(A) imposed
(B) dismissed
(C) garnished
(D) bestowed

8.8. The chemistry teacher gave a passing grade to those students who completed the research project but failed the final exam. They were grateful for his _____.
(A) omnipotence
(B) enhancement
(C) leniency
(D) revelation

9.9. The more accurately you can assess your _____ for the next year, the easier it is to keep on top of your finances.
(A) propensity
(B) destination
(C) expenditure
(D) commonwealth

10.10. The _____ of lung cancer among smokers indicates that smoking can cause that disease.
(A) accessibility
(B) designation
(C) prevalence
(D) enclosure

11.11. The cost of the tour, which includes all flights, surface transport, twin bedded ______ in three star hotels, and all farm visits, is £1425.
(A) consumption
(B) dislocation
(C) fortification
(D) accommodation

12.12. My mother has a wide _____ of interests. It is never an issue to her what to do during her retirement.
(A) magnitude
(B) spectrum
(C) category
(D) regiment

13.13. He is _____ to what others think; he is totally unaware that his stupid jokes are annoying.
(A) lethargic
(B) paradoxical
(C) jubilant
(D) oblivious

14.14. Going grey and growing old are indeed processes that are _____ and permanent.
(A) asymmetrical
(B) sedimentary
(C) irreversible
(D) migratory

15.15. Dr. Lee is one of the most outstanding researchers and _____ academic authors in our country. He has published numerous papers on international journals.
(A) industrial
(B) prolific
(C) hideous
(D) frantic

16.16. Because of time limit, please keep your comments _____ and brief. Those that are not related to today’s topic will not be taken.
(A) tractable
(B) eminent
(C) pertinent
(D) haughty

17.17. How could the 60-year-old woman be so _____ and easily believe that the 20-year-old man truly loves her, instead of her vast riches?
(A) profane
(B) gullible
(C) jubilant
(D) grouchy

18.18. Many factors may influence learning outcomes. It is not _____ easy to determine which teaching method is the best.
(A) thereafter
(B) nonetheless
(C) somewhat
(D) altogether