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95 年 - 臺北縣 95學年度國民中學正式教師聯合甄選及代理代課教師聯合筆試試卷 #45-54(會話20%)#7428 

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1.45. Mary: What are you reading? Joseph: _____________. Mary: Where do you want to go? Joseph: Maybe Hawaii.
(A). A map of Taipei city.
(B). An instructional manual.
(C). Some travel brochures.
(D). Some tabloid magazines.

2.46. Alice: What do you think of the aerobics exercise this morning? Linda: ______. Alice: Are you kidding me? I couldn’t move after the class. Linda: Well, that just proves that you need to exercise more often.
(A). It was a piece of cake.
(B). It was too expensive.
(C). It was not my cup of tea.
(D). It was too strenuous for me.

3.47. Joe: Have you finished writing your term paper? Tom: Not yet. ___________. Joe: Good luck.
(A). I plan to finish it later today.
(B). I need to do that every semester.
(C). I cannot think of any terms.
(D). I know many more papers.

4.48. Customer: Excuse me. May I have a menu, please? Waiter: Sorry, this is a buffet-style restaurant. Customer: Oh, really? _____________ Waiter: We have quite a variety. The choice is yours.
(A). How much do you charge?
(B). What kind of food do you have?
(C). Where can I find the restroom?
(D). When will the food be ready?

5.49. John: Congratulations, Jenny, on your promotion. Jenny: Thanks, John. But, __________________ John: Well, you have to live with it as you are famous now.
(A). I really like my old job.
(B). I have to face the music.
(C). I cannot wait to get my work done.
(D). I don’t like all the attention I’m getting.

6.50. Linda: I’m going shopping. Would you like to join me? Rachel: ________. Linda: Why? What’s the matter? Rachel: I’m coming down with a fever.
(A). Why not? I’m coming.
(B). Sure. With pleasure.
(C). Are you OK with that?
(D). I wish I could.

7.51. Mike: Why don’t we get some ice cream for Lisa? You know she loves it. Julia: ______. She is trying to lose weight. Mike: Oh, well. Maybe some yogurt then.
(A). No, we’d better not.
(B). OK. What flavor?
(C). Great idea. Let’s do that.
(D). Yes, I love it too.

8.52. Tina: James’ house-warming party was really awesome. Maureen: Was it? ________. Tina: That must be Liz. She didn’t like loud music.
(A). It was really not his day.
(B). I thought you said it was boring.
(C). He didn’t clean his house.
(D). He told me his house was old.

9.53. Mr. Brown: I would like to cash a check. __________ Clerk: You can go to the one over there. Mr. Brown: Window 3? Thanks.
(A). Which window should I use?
(B). When can I write a check?
(C). How can I get some advice?
(D). Where is the manager?

10.54. Teacher: Can I help you? You look worried. Trisha: My daughter cannot decide what to do after she graduates. Teacher: Don’t worry. _______________.
(A). There are many courses for her to take.
(B). You know how to make decisions for her.
(C). That is just part of growing up.
(D). She is too old to go to a graduate school.