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98 年 - 臺北縣98學年度國民小學增置專長教師方案聯合甄選筆試【英語測驗】國小組試題1-20#4965 

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1.1. Early in the morning the government officials ordered all the villagers to _____before the flood reached them.
(A) evacuate
(B) evaporate
(C) violate
(D) surrender

2.2. His answer was _____. Some people thought he agreed,but others thought he disagreed.
(A) decisive
(B) negative
(C) ambiguous
(D) acceptable

3.3. The temperature in early spring _____and people catch cold easily.
(A) decreases
(B) rises
(C) stabilizes
(D) fluctuates

4.4. Home can be _____ for young children if their parents are not careful. For example, they may poke their fingers into a socket and get electric shock.
(A) hazardous
(B) nauseous
(C) negligent
(D) harmless

5.5. All the nations should be founded on the principle that all men are created _____.
(A) equally
(B) equal
(C) equitable
(D) equilibrium

6.6. With the nation’s economic _____, art budgets in US public schools are on the cutting block.
(A) foes
(B) vows
(C) woes
(D) bows

7.7. Bernard Madoff, the former chairman of the US Nasdaq Stock Exchange, admitted committing a US$50 billion _____ and cheating thousands of investors.
(A) suicide
(B) assault
(C) fraud
(D) nuisance

8.8. The construction of the high-speed railway _____traveling between Taipei and Kaohsiung.
(A) facilitates
(B) accesses
(C) relieves
(D) distributes

9.9. The protest turned into a riot, which _____ the whole country into chaos, and the government is working on a remedy.
(A) intensified
(B) plunged
(C) distinguished
(D) stumbled

10.10. The boss favors Jacky’s proposal because the proposal is well done and sounds quite _____ .
(A) feeble
(B) fertile
(C) fiscal
(D) feasible

11.11. In the past years, the foundation has tried to help people have positive attitudes toward their life and _____their problems.
(A) confront
(B) contract
(C) contact
(D) consist

12.12. Online banking service has made it possible for people to check the _____ at any hour of the day.
(A) innovation
(B) appliance
(C) reservation
(D) balance

13.13. Global economic crisis left businesses in many countries in _____ .
(A) shatters
(B) letters
(C) tatters
(D) ratters

14.14. The police shouldn’t arrest a guy just because he looks _____ .
(A) skeptical
(B) suspended
(C) spurious
(D) suspicious

15.15. Forty years ago, mankind’s most _____ frontier was overcome when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.
(A) tamed
(B) daunting
(C) devastated
(D) intruding

16.16. After Jackson’s death, his CDs, which sold _____ in the past few years, were again best sellers.
(A) torpidly
(B) distressedly
(C) disposedly
(D) tumultuously

17.17. Jessica _____planned on going to Korea for her vacation, but later she decided to go to Hawaii instead.
(A) accidentally
(B) eventually
(C) initially
(D) unexpectedly

18.18. The government authorities have made it clear that they will not _____ the decision to increase prices of gasoline.
(A) announce
(B) confirm
(C) delay
(D) revoke

19.19.NASA ______space shuttle Endeavor’s launch on July 11th after lightning struck at least 11 times near the seaside launch pad.
(A) scanned
(B) scrubbed
(C) screened
(D) speculated

20.20. One research found that first-time mothers in their late 40s_____ just as well as women in their young 20s _____the physical demands of pregnancy.
(A) coped … with
(B) broke … through
(C) regarding … to
(D) committed … to