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100 年 - 臺南市100學年度市立國民小學正式教師(含代理教師)聯合甄選 英文(含台南文史) 試題 (1-25題)#9366 

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1.1. This exhibition of Chinese antiques is _____. Indeed, it’s the best in ten years.

2.2. I was born _____ the morning of July 4, the United States’ Independence Day.

3.3. Environmentalists _______ to the construction of another nuclear power plant in Taiwan.
(A) object
(B) oppose
(C) subject
(D) offend

4.4. Out of _____ and consideration, I always write a thank-you note when someone sends me a gift.

5.5. Stronger measures have been taken to _____ violent crimes and drug trafficking.
(A)bring down
(B)give in
(C)check out
(D)hang up

6.6. People who are _____ cannot be easily stopped from doing what they want to do.

7.7. Hobbies vary with people. One may enjoy cycling, while _____ may love playing chess.
(C)the other

8.8. Most people consider Albert Einstein one of the greatest scientists of the 20 th century _____ his remarkable achievements in quantum physics.
(A)in exchange for
(B)in spite of
(C)on behalf of
(D)in recognition of

9.9. I believe that someone _____ into the house while she was out shopping.
(A)has broken
(B)must have broken
(C)would have broken
(D)can have broken

10.10. _____ with our small apartment, our aunt’s house seemed like a magnificent palace!
(D)By comparing

11.11. A biologist does not merely describe organisms, but tries to learn _____ act as they do.
(A)what causes them to
(B)causes them to what
(C)what to cause them
(D)what cause to them

12.12. An Olympic marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, approximately _____ from Marathon to Athens.
(A)the distance is
(B)that the distance is
(C)is that the distance
(D)the distance

13.13. It is impossible to get John to change his mind. He is very _______.
(A) tame
(B) flexible
(C) stubborn
(D) conducive

14.14. My father is really demanding. I’m afraid I can’t _______ his expectations.
(A) get
(B) meet
(C) have
(D) succeed

15.15. John’s parents worried about his health and got him _______ smoking and drinking right away.
(A) quit
(B) to quit
(C) quitting
(D) quitted

16.16. Frankly speaking, _______ your timely help, I couldn’t have dealt with that problem all by myself.
(A) if it were not for
(B) if it had not been for
(C) if there were not for
(D) if there had not been for

17.17. It is reported that many people in that area have died from drinking _______ water.
(A) contaminated
(B) numerous
(C) visible
(D) recognized

18.18. Even though I’ve been living in the city for years, I find it hard to _______ to city life.
(A) adapt
(B) adopt
(C) accustom
(D) adept

19.19. Tom was _______that he won the respect of every teacher who had taught him.
(A) a such good student
(B) a so good student
(C) such good student
(D) so good a student

20.20. Over the past 20 years, basketball _______ more popular than baseball in that country.
(A) had become
(B) became
(C) has become
(D) will have become

21.21. I don’t trust Peter because what he does hardly ever _______ what he says.
(A) results in
(B) gets along with
(C) corresponds to
(D) abides by

22.22. You may give this prize to anyone _______ you think is the best.
(A) whom
(B) who
(C) what
(D) which

23.23. Jane was in such a hurry to get to the station that I _______ had a chance to talk to her.
(A) definitely
(B) barely
(C) merely
(D) truly

24.24. Unless economic conditions _______ next year, there will be widespread unrest across the world.
(A) will improve
(B) improve
(C) has improved
(D) will have improved

25.25. Quarrels often _______ from trifles; they can be avoided if we can all learn to be open-minded.
(A) arouse
(B) arise
(C) rise
(D) raise