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1.1. Art is long and time is _____.
(A) nebulous
(B) fallow
(C) compassionate
(D) evanescent

2.2. The _____ virtues are said to be fortitude, justice, prudence, and temperance.
(A) canon
(B) capricious
(C) cavalier
(D) cardinal

3.3. Many people who reach the _____ of their careers find that “It’s lonely at the top.”
(A) scope
(B) gravity
(C) zenith
(D) nadir

4.4. The test is used to _____ your general command of the English language.
(A) retain
(B) assess
(C) reclaim

5.5. Nearly all trees contain a mix of polymers that can burn like petroleum _____ properly extracted.
(A) though
(B) if
(C) is
(D) when it

6.6. He says what he thinks, regardless _____ other people’s feelings.
(A) of
(B) off
(C) too
(D) with

7.7. _____ were some vegetarians.
(A) Those invited
(B) Among those invited
(C) Those were invited
(D)Among those were invited

8.8. Thunder occurs when an electrical charge passes through air, causing the heated air to expand and ___ layers of cooler air.
(A) collides violently
(B) violently colliding
(C) collided with
(D) collide violently with

9.9. Without the proper card installed inside the computer, _____ impossible to run a graphical program.
(A) is definitely
(B) because of
(C) it is
(D) is

10.10. The greenhouse effects occurs ____ heat radiated from the sun.
(A) when does the earth’s atmosphere trap
(B) does the earth’s atmosphere trap
(C) when the earth’s atmosphere traps
(D) the earth’s atmosphere trap

11.11. The changes to national health system will be _____ next year.
(A) immotile
(B) implicated
(C) impatient
(D) implemented

12.12. She ______ through all the drawers, looking for a pen.
(A) rumbled
(B) rummaged
(C) reminiscent
(D) rudiment

13.13. She always tried to _____ audience with her exciting performance.
(A) ascertain
(B) astound
(C) ascend
(D) assuage

14.14. There is some ____ between two accounts. The accountant is trying to find it.
(A) discrepancy
(B) distraught
(C) disillusioned
(D) discontented

15.15. Usually criticism may be more effectively made by ______ than by direct censure.
(A) innuendo
(B) eroticism
(C) collusion
(D) malignity

16.16. All her life, the environmentalist devoted her time and money to the _____ of natural resources.
(A) reservation
(B) convention
(C) conservation
(D) conversation

17.17. Two girls sat _____ uncontrollably in the corner, while the clown performed.
(A) extolling
(B) evolving
(C) giggling
(D) formulating

18.18. Institute offers a curriculum, requiring eight hours a week on topics like finance, branding, computer programming and graphic design, as well as English, sociology, and history, the content _____ comes largely from online courses.
(A) of which
(B) now that
(C) furthermore
(D) therefore

19.19.Redskin Joe lay stretched upon the ground, dead. He had died of hunger. His face was close to the crack of the door _____ his eyes had been fixed to the last moment upon the light of the free world outside.
(A) as long as
(B) before long
(C) due to
(D) as if

20.20. That is why a new generation of people like Mr. Benamer is trying to turn the suburbs into _____ for entrepreneurs.
(A) incursions
(B) incrustations
(C) incubators
(D) incumbents

21.21. At a public school in this industrial Bangkok suburb, teachers wield bamboo canes and _____ students for long hair, ordering it sheered on the spot.
(A) flannel
(B) diffuse
(C) dodge
(D) reprimand

22.22. They crunch your calories, calculate your distance and tabulate your heart rate, but _____ those exercise machines on the floor of every gym?
(A) how accurately are
(B) how accurately
(C) how accurate are
(D) how accurate

23.23. Seniors are the most at-risk for _____ flu complications, such as pneumonia, which could turn deadly.
(A) breaking up with
(B) coming down with
(C) keeping up with
(D) taking part in

24.24. A study shows offering a dip alongside vegetables encourages kids to eat veggies they might normally _____.
(A) lag behind
(B) look through
(C) push aside
(D) take apart

25.25. We can try to prepare for _____, but natural disasters cause chain reactions that we can’t always anticipate.
(A) more or less
(B) the better
(C) the worst
(D) the least of which

26.26. Face book says a bug in its system caused six million users’ contact information to be _____ exposed.
(A) inadvertently
(B) compactly
(C) ominously
(D) mischievously

27.27. In a recent study, women who did 20 minutes of cycling sprints lost _____ those who cycled slowly and steadily for 40 minutes.
(A) three times much fat as
(B) three times as much fat than
(C) three times as much fat as
(D) three times more fat as

28.28. He looks as if he _____ill for a long time.
(A) would be
(B) has been
(C) had been
(D) must

29.29. Rubber is to flexibility as steel is to_____ .
(A) rigidity
(B) elasticity
(C) pliability
(D) capability

30.30. Whenever there is a _____ , everybody feels the same way.
(A) census
(B) censor
(C) censure
(D) consensus

31.31. Please file these documents in chronological order.
(A) in time order
(B) in alphabetical order
(C) in random order
(D)in spatial order

32.32. The hotel is famous of its excellent service. They will try their best to accommodate their customers’ needs.
(A) accompany
(B) suggest
(C) surprise
(D) fulfill

33.33. The teacher read the story in a soft, low monotone. Many students fell asleep in class.
(A) intonation
(B) inspiration
(C) variation
(D) stimulation

34.34. The fire works on the New Year’s Eve were spectacular.
(A) spectacles
(B) questionable
(C) peculiar
(D) marvelous

35.35. He came up with an ingenious idea and solved the problem that troubled everyone for many years.
(A) boring
(B) ridiculous
(C) brilliant
(D) ineffective 

36.二、CLOZE Anne Boleyn, a lively young woman living at the court of King Henry VIII, played a __36__ role in English history. At the time, King Henry was growing __37__ his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, who had failed to give him a son and heir. Henry wanted a __38__ male heir to insure that his family would continue to rule England after his death. King Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn and wanted to marry her. He expected that the pope would allow him to quietly __39__ his marriage to Catherine, such expedient measures being fairly common among the royalty of Europe at that time. However, the pope was anxious to please Henry’s __40__, the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, and continually refused the English king’s request. Due to his __41__ with Anne Boleyn and his eagerness for a male heir, Henry broke relations with the Roman Catholic Church, beginning the English Reformation. King Henry was not able to produce a male heir with Anne, and eventually had her __42__ for treason and beheaded. __43__, she did give Henry an heir, who would become one of the greatest __44__ in English history. Anne’s daughter grew up to be Elizabeth I, during __45__ long reign England became a leading world power.
(A) statutory
(B) fiduciary
(C) annexing
(D) devotional

(A) acquainted with
(B) used to
(C) away from
(D) tired of

(A) retroactive
(B) symbolic
(C) sarcastic
(D) legitimate

(A) annul
(B) establish
(C) construct
(D) accommodate

(A) confessor
(B) statistician
(C) archenemy
(D) colonialist

(A) infatuation
(B) agriculture
(C) constitution
(D) investigation

(A) try
(B) to try
(C) trying
(D) tried

(A) Amazingly
(B) Ironically
(C) Superficially
(D) Initially

(A) monarchs
(B) ringleaders
(C) atheists
(D) authors

(A) her
(B) that
(C) whose
(D) which

46.The analysis of nonsensical word-formation in dreams is particularly well suited to __46__ the degree of condensation effected in the dream-work. __47__ the small number of the selected examples here considered it must not be concluded that such material is seldom observed or is at all __48__. It is, on the contrary, very frequent, but owing to the __49__ of dream –interpretation on psychoanalytic treatment very few examples are noted down and reported, and most of the analyses which are reported are __50__ only to the specialist in neuropathology.
(A) compete
(B) demonstrate
(C) transfer
(D) incorporate

(A) For
(B) Under
(C) From
(D) Over

(A) exceptional
(B) communicative
(C) identical
(D) obvious

(A) insight
(B) masonry
(C) indenture
(D) dependence

(A) palliated
(B) comprehensible
(C) subscribed
(D) expendable

51.I needed to hire a new salesperson, and one resume stood __51___ like a sore thumb. The applicant, Ari, was a math major and built robots ___52____ his spare time, clearly not the right skill set for sales. But my boss thought Ari looked interesting, so I called him in for an interview. Sure enough, he bombed it. I reported back to my president that although Ari seemed like a nice guy, __53_____ the 45-minute interview, he didn’t make any eye contact. It was obvious that he lacked the social skills to build relationships __54____ clients. I knew I was in trouble when my president started laughing. “Who cares about eye contact? This is a phone sales job.” We invited Ari back for a second round. Instead of interviewing him, a colleague recommended a different approach, which made it clear that he would be a star. I hired Ari, and he ended up being the best salesperson __55___ my team. I walked away with a completely new way of evaluating talent. Ever since, I’ve been working with organizations on rethinking their selection and hiring processes.
(A) out
(B) up
(C) against
(D) on

(A) at
(B) in
(C) away
(D) against

(A) during
(B) on
(C) at
(D) since

(A) to
(B) in
(C) on
(D) with

55.There is evidence that DHA plays a big role in the intellectual development of humans. In one study, doctors measured the DHA levels of mothers at the time they __56___. Their children were then tested at 12 and 18 months of age to see how well they __57___ things around them. The research team compiled data on __58___ each child focused on a toy. The toddlers ___59__ mothers had the highest DHA levels at birth showed the greatest attention spans. These children focused for longer periods and spent much less time simply ___60__, unfocused.
(A) at
(B) with
(C) on
(D) against

(A) gave birth
(B) gave birth to
(C) were given birth
(D) were given birth to

(A) being paid attention
(B) paid attention to
(C) were paid attention
(D) were paid attention to

(A) how long
(B) how longer
(C) how much long
(D) how long of

(A) who
(B) which
(C) that
(D) whose

(A) look around
(B) looking around
(C) looked around
(D) to look around

61.In psychology and physiology journals, articles routinely confirm the value of omega-3 fatty acids. One published study demonstrated that fish oil reduced __61___ in cats experiencing stroke. A study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh showed that adults with low levels of omega-3s in their bodies ___62__ far more depressed, pessimistic, and impulsive than __63___ with normal or high levels. This evidence improves the prospects for treating depressed patients __64___. Many therapists now say they are determined to coordinate psychological therapy with dietary therapy in order to __65___ drugs. As research continues to show, new ways of thinking about fat can open the doors to better physical, mental, and emotional health.
(A) the degree of brain damage
(B) the degree to brain damage
(C) to the degree of brain damage
(D) the degree to which brain damage

(A) are
(B) is
(C) were
(D) are

(A) that
(B) those
(C) who
(D) whom

(A) effective
(B) effectively
(C) effortlessly
(D) with no effect

(A) rely on more
(B) rely more
(C) rely less
(D) rely less on

66. (Please read the following passages and answer the questions. Choose the best answer for each question.) (I) The three phrases of the human memory are the sensory memory, the short-term memory, and the long-term memory. This division of the memory into phases is based on the time span of the memory. Sensory memory is instantaneous memory. It is an image or memory that enters your mind fleetingly; it comes and goes under a second. The memory will not last longer than that unless the information enters the short-term memory. Information can be held in the short-term memory for about twenty seconds or as long as you are actively using it. If you repeat a fact to yourself, that fact will stay in either it is forgotten or it moves into long-term memory. Long-term memory is the almost limitless memory tank that can hold ideas and images for years and years. Information can be added to your long-term memory when you actively try to put it there through memorization or what an idea or image enters your mind on its own.
【題組】66. The best title for this passage would be ____.
(A) The difference between Sensory and Short-term Memory
(B) How Long it Takes to Memorize
(C) How to Classify the Stages of Human Memory
(D) The Time Span of Human Phrases

67.【題組】67. The three phrases of memory discussed in this passage are differentiated according ___.
(A) location in the brain
(B) the period of time it takes to remember something
(C) how the senses are involved in the memory
(D) how long the memory lasts

68.【題組】68. According to this passage, which type of memory is the shortest?
(A) Sensory memory
(B) Active memory
(C) Short-term memory
(D) Long-term memory

69.【題組】69. The word “fleetingly” (line 3) is close in meaning to which of the following?
(A) easily
(B) haphazardly
(C) temporarily
(D) fundamentally

70.【題組】70. According to this passage, when will information stay in your short-term memory?
(A) For as long as twenty minutes
(B) As long as it be being used
(C) After you have repeated it many times
(D) When it has moved into long-term memory

71.【題組】71. According to the passage, which is the capacity of long-term memory?
(A) Limited
(B) Infinite
(C) Equal to the capacity of short-term memory
(D) Very small

72.(II) It's a sign of the times. What was once considered as just a fad has become a widespread trend for an ever-increasing number of companies. According to a recent survey, roughly twelve percent of large companies offer paid sabbaticals to their executives each year and another twenty-five percent offer unpaid ones. Five years ago, only seven percent of all companies were willing to offer unpaid sabbaticals. What has reversed the trend? Employers have realized that granting their staff a gap year to travel around the world, focus on non-professional projects or acquire new skills is a great way to increase their loyalty to the company and stimulate creativity at work. Sabbaticals are usually offered to executive staff members who have been with their company for at least ten years and whose record of achievements is outstanding. But, freedom has a price. During their leave, employees are seldom allowed to work for another company. Some companies even require their employees to get involved in the actions of a charity or social service organization.
【題組】72. What percentage of companies offers unpaid sabbaticals?
(A) 25%
(B) 12 %
(C) 7%
(D) 5%

73.【題組】73. Why do some companies offer sabbaticals?
(A) To cut costs
(B) To downsize
(C) To hire new staff
(D) To reward staff

74.【題組】74. What are employees NOT allowed to do?
(A) Travel abroad
(B) Learn new competencies
(C) Look for another job
(D) Develop non-professional projects

75.【題組】75. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the passages?
(A) During their sabbaticals, employees sometimes have to serve in some charities.
(B) Executive staff members with eight-year working experience will be offered sabbaticals.
(C) The number of companies which offer unpaid sabbaticals is higher than that of companies which offer paid ones.
(D) Sabbaticals may stimulate employees’ creativity at work.

76.(III) The newest addition to human anatomy is just 15 microns thick, but its discovery will make eye surgery safer and simpler. Harminder Dua, a professor at the University of Nottingham, recently found a new layer in the human cornea, and he is calling it (can you guess?) Dua's layer. Dua's layer sits at the back of the cornea, which previously had only five known layers. Dua and his colleagues discovered the new body part by injecting air into the corneas of eyes that had been donated for research and using an electron microscope to scan each separated layer. The researchers now believe that a tear in Dua's layer is the cause of corneal hydrops, a disorder that leads to fluid buildup in the cornea. According to Dua, knowledge of the new layer could dramatically improve outcomes for patients undergoing corneal grafts and transplants. “This is a major discovery that will mean that ophthalmology textbooks will literally need to be re-written," Dua says. “From a clinical perspective, there are many diseases that affect the back of the cornea which clinicians across the world are already beginning to relate to the presence, absence or tear in this layer.”
【題組】76. Why is Harminder Dua's discovery important?
(A) Ophthalmology textbooks can be re-written.
(B) It will improve outcomes for patients undergoing eye surgeries.
(C) It will lead to fluid buildup in the cornea.
(D) Clinicians across the world can learn how to do research.

77.【題組】77. Where is Dua's layer located?
(A) At the back of the cornea
(B)In front of the cornea
(C) In the middle of the cornea
(D) In one of the layers of the cornea

78.【題組】78. How was Dua's layer found?
(A) By injecting air into the corneas of eyes of patients undergoing corneal grafts and transplants
(B) By examining the many diseases that affect the back of the cornea
(C) By using an electron microscope to scan each separated layer at the back of the cornea
(D) None of the above

79.【題組】79. What is believed to be the cause of the disorder that leads to fluid buildup in the cornea?
(A) Dua's layer
(B) a tear
(C) air
(D) a disorder

80.【題組】80. How many layers are now known at the back of the cornea?
(A) five
(B) six
(C) seven
(D) eight