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97 年 - 臺南縣九十七年度縣立國民小學英語代理教師甄試試卷#613 

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1.1.The current worldwide economic depression is certainly very _______ to many of us.
(A) dominating
(B) disturbing
(C) satisfying
(D) imposing

2.2.A doctor has to _________ your illness before giving you a prescription.
(A) invent
(B) express
(C) diagnose
(D) inform

3.3.All of us should be concerned with public _________ to make our society a better place.
(A) mansions
(B) products
(C) contests
(D) affairs

4.4.__________ he was ill for many years , he was always cheerful.
(A) Although
(B) In spite of
(C) However
(D) Nevertheless

5.5.Out of _________ and consideration, I always write a thank-you note when someone sends me a gift.
(A) concertration
(B) convenience
(C) courtesy
(D) courtship

6.6.Jane and Sue are twins, but they seem to have nothing __________.
(A) in common
(B) in comparison
(C) in contact
(D) in contrast

7.7.Mary:Are you ready to go? I can give you a ride. Betty:Thanks, but I think I’ll wait until the mail________ .
(A) will come
(B) comes
(C) to come
(D) come

8.8.Student:How about my English test? Teacher:______________
(A) It was very easy.
(B) You are a poor student.
(C) You did very well.
(D) Everyone will take it.

9.9.An _________ to a pitcher’s throwing arm can mean the end of his career.
(A) injury
(B) input
(C) image
(D) impression

10.10.The traffic in the city was _________ today, so Jane got home earlier than usual.
(A) weak
(B) heavy
(C) scarce
(D) light

11.11.The things in the shop window are for __________ only and are not for sale.
(A) disorder
(B) manufacture
(C) display
(D) information

12.12.The newscaster__________ that the outcome of the election was still uncertain.
(A) talked
(B) operated
(C) proclaimed
(D) wrote

13.13.This camera is __________;it adjusts the settings by itself.
(A) automatic
(B) free
(C) available
(D) interesting

14.14.I must drive to my daughter’s school right away. She is waiting for me to _______her _________.
(B) pick...up
(C) seek...out

15.15.Jane put on make-up and __________. Then she went to Mike’s party.
(A) dressed down
(B) dressed up
(C) punched in
(D) checked in

16.16.I need to ________ my French before I go on a trip to France.
(A) check over
(B) read out
(C) brush up on
(D) give up on

17.17.My car _________ , so I walked to a nearby garage to ask the mechanic for help.
(A) broke down
(B) sped by
(C) pulled over
(D) pulled out

18.18.While Amy and I were talking, my son ________ to tell me about an accident.
(A) calmed down
(B) broke in
(C) sobered up
(D) eased up

19.19.Because of air pollution being greatly reduced, this city is still ________.
(A) a good place in which to live
(B) lived as a good place
(C) a good place to live in
(D) living in as a good place

20.20.“Did the judges ask you many questions?” “ Yes, and _________.”
(A) they had difficulty being answered
(B) they were difficult to answer
(C) to answer them was difficulty
(D) answering them being difficulty

21.21.“Who were those people with the banners?” “A group _________ itself the League for Peace.”
(A) calling
(B) calls
(C) called
(D) is called

22.22.The young man walked down the street __________ a merry tune.
(A) whistle
(B) whistled
(C) whistling
(D) to be whistled

23.23.More and more people have realized that there are _________ quantities of fossil fuels, and therefore every effort must be made to save them.
(A) limiting
(B) limited
(C) limitation
(D) limit

24.24.I was late. The teacher _________ a test when I got to class.
(A) has already given
(B) had already given
(C) gave already
(D) was already given

25.25.I am __________ to Australia this summer.
(A) hoping go
(B) wish to go
(C) looking forward to going
(D) anticipating to going

26.26.“ Will Lily be here today?” “ No, and ________.”
(A) her sister won’t,too
(B) neither her sister will
(C) neither won’t her sister
(D) neither will her sister

27.27.Susan and I can go to the lecture, ___________.
(A) neither can Charles
(B) and so Charles can
(C) but Charles can’t
(D) and so can Charles, too

28.28.Our parents and our teachers have made us _____________.
(A) what are we today
(B) what we are today
(C) how we to be today
(D) we are what today

29.29.__________ with my cousin, I didn’t know him very well.
(A) Even I grew up
(B) Even though I have grown up
(C) Even I was growing up
(D) Even though I grew up

30.30.John behaved so strangely today. I thought he wasn’t acting like _________ .
(A) himself
(B) him
(C) he would
(D) he does