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99 年 - 臺南縣九十九年度縣立國民小學<英語專長代理教師>甄試試卷#5120 

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1.1. A person must overcome many _______ if he is to succeed.
(A) obstacles
(B) occupations
(C) opposites
(D) orbits

2.2. The magazine that is more serious in nature is a _______.
(A) periodical
(B) penalty
(C) permission
(D) program

3.3. Judy has _______ canceled her plan to study abroad because she is now preparing for the college entrance exam.
(A) regularly
(B) apparently
(C) extremely
(D) frequently

4.4. This museum is famous for its ________ of modern paintings.
(A) affection
(B) reduction
(C) collection
(D) construction

5.5. Follow the _______ closely,and you will find it easy to assemble the bicycle.
(A) functions
(B) appointments
(C) diagnoses
(D) instructions

6.6. The old man could _______ swallow because his throat was too dry.
(A) strictly
(B) actually
(C) hardly
(D) exactly

7.7. In radio and television call-in programs,there is a lot of _______ between the host and the audience.
(A) hide-and-seek
(B) p’s and q’s
(C) give-and-take
(D) do’s and don’ts

8.8. Henry,my best classmate,has _______ a true friend of mine over the years.
(A) retained
(B) remained
(C) respected
(D) regained

9.9. A library is usually the best place to obtain _______.
(A) an information
(B) many a information
(C) informations
(D) information

10.10. He is so honest _______ that we all like him.
(A) boy
(B) a boy
(C) the boy
(D) such boy

11.11. I’m sorry I cannot find _______ of the two books you lent me.
(A) neither
(B) each
(C) either
(D) any

12.12. If you order a full-year subscription to Health magazine, you will save 20% off the cover price. ________ , you will also receive a one-of-a-kind wall calendear as a free gift.
(A) Previously
(B) In addition
(C) Nevertheless
(D) Regardless

13.13. Several of the magazines were found _______ on the bed.
(A) lying
(B) laying
(C) to lie
(D) lay

14.14. You don’t have to _______ with me.
(A) angry
(B) be angry
(C) angered
(D) be anger

15.15. A: I am sorry you can’t stay for dessert. B: I’m sorry,too. But I really _________.
(A) must to go
(B) must be gone
(C) am having to go
(D) have to be going

16.16. The airport,_______ in Taoyuan,is officially named Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in commemoration of the late President.
(A) locate
(B) locating
(C) located
(D) location

17.17. I have seen this movie twice already. How many times _______ shown in the city?
(A) has it been
(B) has it
(C) have it been
(D) had it been

18.18. It is not what you think _______ what you do that makes the difference.
(A) but
(B) and
(C) although
(D) unless

19.19. A: Tony is in the jail for using drugs. B: He _______ that it was against the law.
(A) was told
(B) is telling
(C) told
(D) tells

20.20. China is the place ________ the silkworm was first discovered.
(A) where
(B) how
(C) when
(D) who

21.21. I can’t make a decision on this matter. This is somethimg you have to _________ your parents .
(A) get up with
(B) make up with
(C) take up with
(D) discuss on to

22.22. Many chefs have become very important for tourism and are getting paid twice as much as they used to because tourists nowadays are more ___________ and demanding and would always like to round off their days with memorable meals.
(A) distressed
(B) discerning
(C) disciplined
(D) dispensable

23.23. It seems there is a vigorous economic recovery. Our company will be ___________ production to meet the increased demand.
(A) stepping up
(B) stepping down
(C) stepping in
(D) stepping forward

24.24. Thanks to relatively cheap cellphones that offer easy Internet ____________, social networking media have rapidly spread from cities to villages throughout Southeast Asia.
(A) scams
(B) access
(C) equity
(D) purchase

25.25. ____________ is a method of stopping pain and curing disease by putting special needles into particular parts of the body.
(A) Chemotherapy
(B) Hypnotherapy
(C) Acupuncture therapy
(D) Thermotherapy

26.26. The company has developed a device that let people use their smartphones or laptop computers, for example, to control lighting and ______________ like air-conditioners or washing machines.
(A) gadgets
(B) gear
(C) compilers
(D) appliances

27.27. Across Europe, there are about 400 of the new energy plants that burn thousands of metric tons of household garbage and industrial waste round the clock and, all the while, ___________ the trash into heat and electricity.
(A) converting
(B) convert
(C) converted
(D) to convert

28.28. Many nations in Europe already have binding commitments to __________ their carbon dioxide emissions by 2012 under the international pact known as the Kyoto Protocol.
(A) decreasing
(B) increase
(C) deducting
(D) reduce

29.29. The eight ocelots were seized from the estate of a murdered cocaine trafficker, who apparently believed that any self-respecting drug lord should always have eight ocelots in his _________.
(A) dominance
(B) disposal
(C) dominion
(D) disposition

30.30. Robert Burns, who wrote over 300 songs in Scots, a northern dialect of English spoken by Scottish peasants, also collected Scottish folk songs for a(n) ____________ called the Scots Musical Museum.
(A) anthology
(B) anthropology
(C) literature
(D) autobiography

31.31. The five-year-old child was tired after a long walk with his father in the mountains and asked his father for a __________. But his father was exhausted, too.
(A) piggyback
(B) hunchback
(C) feedback
(D) horseback

32.32. One year ago, he was ____________ by a spirit and from then on he acted and spoke strangely. However, the villagers who thought he was out of his mind at first were surprised to find him able to foretell the future.
(A) obsessed
(B) haunted
(C) obliged
(D) possessed

33.33. Exposure of children to abuse toward women by their partners fosters the development of emotional problems in the children. These children grow up ashamed of the situation at home, thinking it is a family secret, which _________ keeps them from seeking help.
(A) in turn
(B) all in all
(C) by contrast
(D) in return

34.34. There are puddles on the ground outside. It ____________ last night.
(A) must have rained
(B) has rained
(C) should have rained
(D) may rain

35.35. By ___________ satellite transmitters in migrating birds, scientists are able to track a number of them. Their results show that some species can fly thousands of miles nonstop on their migrations.
(A) implanting
(B) embedding
(C) transplanting
(D) incising

36.36. A woman was found dead at a ditch. Unfortunately, the scene at the ditch was contaminated by some of the first responders, limiting the amount of forensic evidence that could be retrieved. Furthermore, ____________ occurred, which made it very difficult for investigators to take fingerprints or any other kind of forensic evidence.
(A) erosion
(B) evolution
(C) decomposition
(D) rustiness

37.37. If someone goes bananas, it means that he becomes very ___________.
(A) worried
(B) angry
(C) happy
(D) frustrated

38.38. The teacher’s rigid and boring teaching methods only serve to _____________ kids’ creativity.
(A) quench
(B) squelch
(C) explore
(D) escort

39.39. English teachers should not ask every student to produce the same amount of words or sentences for a topic. As we all know, students’ levels ____________ a lot. It is meaningless to require a student of poor proficiency to write as much as those of high proficiency.
(A) differentiate
(B) diversify
(C) defy
(D) vary

40.40. In the movie The Bridges of Madison County, the director takes time to weave a melancholic impact upon the viewers who, ___________, moved by the subtle and delicate emotional changes of a plain housewife and the romantic tone created with music, candlelight, tight embraces, and understanding talks and smiles between her and the photographer, believe this is true love in middle-age.
(A) little by little
(B) day by day
(C) out of the blue
(D) out of thin air

41.41. The findings indicated that the major problems of learning English interrogatives for junior high school students in Taiwan was their ___________ to detect tense and their confusion about the use of the forms of be and do as question operators.
(A) inclination
(B) ideology
(C) inability
(D) tendency

42.42. Definition of metacognition is as follows: learners’ ____________ of and control over their cognitive activities. That is, if cognition involves perceiving, understanding, remembering, and so forth, then metacognition involves thinking about one’s perceiving, understanding, and the rest.
(A) characteristics
(B) awareness
(C) compliance
(D) conscience

43.43. Most junior and senior high students in Taiwan are not able to read English novels in their original version. Also, it is quite hard to find authentic English novels that contain only high-frequency vocabulary and simple sentences. ____________ that, a simplified version could be a good replacement.
(A) In spite of
(B) In light of
(C) In terms of
(D) In honor of

44.44. The author suggests a lot of good ideas to help students emotionally and intellectually involved with the main characters of the stories they read, how to deal with problems that concern people, and to understand the universal themes that ____________ all good literature.
(A) permeate
(B) permit
(C) prevail
(D) perish

45.45. Parents are often fairly ____________ about the digital world their children inhabit. About every parent has at one point asked their offspring to figure out how to use a new high-tech product for them.
(A) savvy
(B) discontent
(C) aggressive
(D) clueless

46.46. When it ______________ numbers, recent research suggests that infants can distinguish one object from two, and two from three.
(A) comes to understand
(B) comes understanding
(C) comes to understanding
(D) comes by understanding

47.47. A sparrow came and __________ at the breadcrumbs on my palm. It soon finished them all.
(A) retracted
(B) pecked
(C) squinted
(D) peeked

48.48. Social problems and poverty ____________ much of the crime in today’s big cities. They are mostly the root of violence.
(A) undermine
(B) underscore
(C) undergo
(D) underlie

49.49. She questioned her faith each time she read a research summary that stated there was no cure for autism. Finally she even made bargains with God and the devil. Her love for her grandson was so great that she would have gladly given up the ____________ years of her life and burned in the fires of hell if her eternal suffering would cure this little boy.
(A) remainder
(B) remaining
(C) remained
(D) remain

50.50. The global war on AIDS __________ due to a shortage of money. Donors like America are affected by the global recession and by a growing sense that more lives would be saved by fighting cheaper diseases.
(A) falters
(B) doodles
(C) flourishes
(D) retaliates