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96 年 - 臺南縣九十六年度公立國民小學英語代理教師甄試試卷#4873 

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1.1. About 73% of the people in Taiwan belong to the Hoklo _____ group and speak Taiwanese.
(A) ethic
(B) Ethiopic
(C) ethnic
(D) eternal

2.2. The cultures of Taiwan are a _____ of Han Chinese, Japanese, European, American, and indigenous influences.
(A) hydraulics
(B) hybrid
(C) hydrogen
(D) hyaena

3.3. Stinky tofu, one of Taiwan _____, is fermented tofu with a strong odor often likened to rotting garbage.
(A) specimen
(B) spectacles
(C) species
(D) specialties

4.4. The _____ of this empire led to many wars with its neighboring countries.
(A) expansion
(B) exception
(C) population
(D) explanation

5.5. Tainan County has more _____ than any other county in Taiwan. These include Tsengwen, Paihe, Chienshanpei, Teyuanpei, Wushantou, Luliao, Hutoupei, Mirror, and Nanhua.
(A) rivers
(B) aborigines
(C) temples
(D) reservoirs

6.6. We need enough good, wholesome food to _____ our bodies with energy throughout the day.
(A) reply
(B) apply
(C) supply
(D) imply

7.7. A-mei has been _____ lies all the time, no wonder nobody would believe her.
(A) saying
(B) telling
(C) speaking
(D) talking

8.8. Tainan County _____ at the center of the Chianan Plain in southwest Taiwan.
(A) locates
(B) situates
(C) colonizes
(D) is situated

9.9. I suppose Daddy is thinking it over, _____ ?
(A) don’t I
(B) doesn’t he
(C) isn’t he
(D) wasn’t I

10.10. Tainan City has more historic buildings than _____ in Taiwan.
(A) all cities
(B) all the cities
(C) any other city
(D) any other cities

11.11. Would you please tell me how many classes _____ in this school ?
(A) are there
(B) there are
(C) have there
(D) there have

12.12. If you _____ harder last year, you might be promoted now.
(A) had worked
(B) worked
(C) have worked
(D) work

13.13. Neither does Chi-beng plan to go to college, nor _____ a good job available.
(A) does he have
(B) he has
(C) doesn’t he have
(D) he hasn’t

14.14. Please _____ the application before coming in for an interview.
(A) fill out
(B) fill with
(C) fill over
(D) fill in on

15.15. How many people _____ the meeting?
(A) joined up
(B) participated in
(C) attended on
(D) accompanied

16.16. All his followers _____ him as a wise and courageous man.
(A) looked up to
(B) looked up and down
(C) looked out for
(D) looked down on

17.17. The Eternal Golden Castle was built in 1874 by the famous Qing official Shen Baozhen _____ safeguard the coast and to defend Taiwan against Japanese invasions.
(A) in order to
(B) in order for
(C) owing to
(D) thanks to

18.18. The teacher welcomed the new student and then _____ explain the school regulations.
(A) advise to
(B) regretted to
(C) accustomed to
(D) went on to

19.19. Officially, the population of Taiwan consist of 98% Han Chinese, _____ 85% identify as Taiwanese while 13% are recent immigrants. The remainder 2% are aborigines.
(A) and
(B) which
(C) that
(D) of which

20.20. The 228 Incident was an uprising in Taiwan that began _____ February 28, 1947 and was suppressed by the Kuomintang government, resulting _____ between ten thousand and twenty thousand civilians killed.
(A) on, from
(B) in, in
(C) in, from
(D) on, in

21.21. Shooting, beheading, burning, and bombing: these are all tools of _______ used by the Taliban and others to shut down hundreds of Afghanistan’s public schools.

22.22. In the past few weeks, President Bush has faced ________ by his fellow Republicans over his handling of the war in Iraq. Even military families have voiced their doubts about it.
(A) defections
(B) deference
(C) deficiency
(D) dedication

23.23. Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman has died. He was 89 years old. He was “probably the greatest film artist, all things considered, since the invention of the motion picture camera,” Woody Allen said in a 70th birthday _______ in 1988.

24.24. For centuries, people struggled with tuberculosis, not knowing its cause or treatment. Cures were discovered in the 1940s and 1950s, but today’s often drug-resistant _______ have raised new public health concerns.

25.25. The company is seeking to ________ its use of financial resources by introducing performance-related pay.

26.26. _______ the poem gives an illusion that she needs no one to feel sad for her death, she indeed desires for love and wants her lover back to give her roses while she is still alive.

27.27. Hand in your report on time ________ you be punished.
(D)so that

28.28. Should the need ________ for extra staff, we will contact you.

29.29. I’m worried about Tom. He’s taking _________ too much work. He looks awful.

30.30. It’s high time that you ________ that broken bicycle. You said you’d do it last week.
(B)have fixed
(C)are to fix