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96 年 - 臺南縣96學年度公立國民中學教師聯合甄選英文科#1604 

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The police _______the street around the premier’s dwelling to prevent unnecessary conflicts by the protestors.

(A) supervised
(B) stammered
(C) reveled
(D) patrolled

2.Beginning on July 1, 2006, no ________ tableware will be provided to patrons when they eat at cafeterias in government agencies.
(A) indispensable
(B) disposable
(C) refundable
(D) imitable

3.You can’t be too careful when traveling alone. Be _______ of strangers who are trying to pick you up.
(A) dreary
(B) weary
(C) wary
(D) scary

4.When you try to offer criticism of someone’s work, it’s important to be _______ with your comment so that person can improve.
(A) harmonious
(B) destructive
(C) constructive
(D) hospitable

5.In the past, outspoken intellectuals were often regarded as _______ by the authoritarian government and often chose to flee abroad to avoid political persecution.
(A) matchmakers
(B) radicals
(C) peacemakers
(D) ambassadors

6.When the tour bus lost control, it drove off the mountain road, ______ into the valley 15 meters below and killing 34 people.
(A) trembling
(B) scrambling
(C) stumbling
(D) tumbling

7.People are advised against drinking coffee late in the day because the caffeine may _______ with sleep.
(A) associate
(B) cooperate
(C) negotiate
(D) interfere

8.There are still many poor families in Taiwan that are dependent on the government for a _____ existence.
(A) substance
(B) subsistence
(C) subsidence
(D) subsequence

9.A _____ is something that speeds up a chemical reaction without itself changing.
(A) belligerent
(B) tariff
(C) detergent
(D) catalyst

10.We’re going to cover some old ____ in class today before we start something new.
(A) ground
(B) step
(C) cellar
(D) fuse

11.Diplomas were _____ on the students who had completed all courses of study.
(A) deferred
(B) referred
(C) interfered
(D) conferred

12.Suddenly, fires broke out everywhere and thick smoke _____ in the air.
(A) disposed
(B) fluttered
(C) hovered
(D) enlightened

13.He is _____ suitable to the job. There’s no doubt that he can do it well.
(A) habitually
(B) eminently
(C) deliberately
(D) collectively

14.In my opinion, screen adaptations of famous novels rarely capture the _____ of a story or its character.
(A) essence
(B) specialty
(C) faction
(D) menace

15.Since every work of art is incontestably unique, it is often difficult to accurately gauge its value.
(A) understand 
(B) judge 
(C) enrich 
(D) compare  

16.The goal of a mediator is to facilitate the finding of a mutually acceptable solution.
(A) familiarize
(B) impede
(C) promote
(D) announce

17. Among outdoorsmen, the Swiss Army knife has won fame as an extraordinarily versatile tool.
(A) multi-functional
(B) ingenious 
(C) veritable
(D) dependable