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1.21. He became rich over night because he won a ______. He buys a ticket every week for almost 10 years. He was very lucky this time.
(A) document
(B) janitor
(C) lottery
(D) permission

2.22. I don’t need the books any more. So I will ______ them from the shelves to the boxes.
(A) promote
(B) remove
(C) raise
(D) locate

3.23. The party was not formal, so many people dressed ______. Some had jeans and T-shirts.
(A) casually
(B) seriously
(C) generally
(D) traditionally

4.24. He is an ______ person. He believes everything will turn out right.
(A) additional
(B) economic
(C) irresistible
(D) optimistic

5.25. I forgot ______ the spellings, so there were about 20 mistakes in my writing.
(A) check
(B) checked
(C) checking
(D) to check

6.26. Taking too much fat and sugar ______ not healthy at all.
(A) are
(B) be
(C) is
(D) to be

7.27. That was the man ______ parents were college teachers.
(A) he
(B) his
(C) that
(D) whose

8.28. A: Hi, good morning. ________________________ B: I’m looking for some shoes. Could you show me the new arrivals?
(A) Do you want something new?
(B) How may I help you?
(C) Are you having fun?
(D) What are you doing?

9.29. A: Hello. Is John there? B: No. He’s in a meeting now. _____________________________
(A) Can I take a message?
(B) Do you want to come?
(C) What’s the matter with you?
(D) Who are you?

10.30. A: I find math difficult. B: I can’t agree with you more. __________________________
(A) I like math a lot.
(B) Math is difficult for me, too.
(C) What do you like about it?
(D) Why do you like math?

11.四、克漏字測驗(請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案) The Country Inn has just reopened under new management. The new owners did a 31 job redecorating the inn. The dining room looks bigger, brighter, and prettier than the 32 one. The food is just as good as before, 33 , unfortunately, the menu is less varied and more expensive. Good choices are homemade spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and olives and roast beef. Be sure to leave room for the 34 . The homemade chocolate cake is as good as you can get, and the chocolate soufflé is as 35 as air. Try lunchtime for a quiet and relaxed meal.
(A) resented
(B) frustrating
(C) chemical
(D) wonderful

(A) dark
(B) easy
(C) old
(D) strong

(A) because
(B) but
(C) so
(D) or

(A) cigarettes
(B) desserts
(C) guests
(D) parking

(A) bitter
(B) light
(C) popular
(D) swift

16.五、閱讀測驗(請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案) In 11 states across the USA, school buses are now doing more than just transporting students. They’re also serving as rolling billboards. These school buses carry advertisements on the outside. Restaurants, insurance companies, banks, and other businesses pay for the ads, hoping to attract more customers. And it’s a way for the schools to make money as they face deep budget cuts. In addition to Colorado, states such as Arizona, New Jersey, and Texas allow ads on the outside of their school buses. The idea appears to be catching on. In Georgia, some school-district leaders are suggesting putting ads on their buses too. School districts need to ensure that the ads are appropriate for kids, according to Michael Beauchamp, chief executive officer of Alpha Media. This company works with businesses in several states to create ads for school buses. “The districts won’t allow ads for things like beer, cigarettes, or politics,” Beauchamp told Time for Kids Magazine. But not everyone is in favor of school buses having ads on the outside. That includes Georgia’s Department of Education. Spokeswoman Dorie Nolt told TFK, “We strongly believe that advertising on the outside of school buses distracts drivers and children.” Parents are divided on the issue. “I don’t think the ads are a distraction,” said Glenn Herdling of River Vale, New Jersey. His son is in second grade. “And if they can bring in money for the schools and help save some programs, that’s fantastic.” Cindy Tomarchio of East Windsor, New Jersey, feels differently. “I know the schools can use the money, but kids already see enough advertising every which way they turn,” she said.
【題組】36. According to the passage, why do some schools allow their school buses to carry advertisements?
(A) To make money.
(B) To attract students.
(C) To beautify the buses.
(D) To help the local business.

17.【題組】37. According to the passage, which state is considering having ads on the outside of the school buses?
(A) Colorado
(B) Georgia
(C) New Jersey
(D) Washington

18.【題組】38. According to the passage, what companies cannot run an ad on the school buses?
(A) Beer
(B) Books
(C) Toys
(D) TV

19.【題組】39. According to the passage, why do some people NOT agree with ads on the school buses?
(A) Teachers may ignore the students’ safety.
(B) Bus drivers may drive inattentively.
(C) Children may become violent.
(D) School campus may become dirty.

20.【題組】40. What is the author’s attitude toward ads on the school buses?
(A) He agrees with the proposal.
(B) He is curious about the effectiveness of this proposal.
(C) He thinks more researches need to be done.
(D) He does not express his own opinions.