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1.1. We should ___ our natural environment and try to do whatever we can to preserve it.
(A) appreciate
(B) indicate
(C) generate
(D) influence

2.2. Two weeks after firefighters put out the fire, the ____ of the fire was still unknown.
(A) disease
(B) cause
(C) humor
(D) stream

3.3. There is a ____ atmosphere in this class. All the students get along very well.
(A) humble
(B) humid
(C) harmonious
(D) handsome

4.4. The company will _____ a new software product at the beginning of September. They expect it to sell well.
(A) maintain
(B) sample
(C) launch
(D) establish

5.5. Buying things has become _____ convenient since online shopping is becoming more and more popular.
(A) severely
(B) increasingly
(C) traditionally
(D) mysteriously

6.6. After two hours of hiking, the hikers stopped ____ a rest.
(A) taking
(B) to take
(C) took
(D) take

7.7. While I was taking a walk in the park last night, I heard someone ____ for help.
(A) cry
(B) to cry
(C) cried
(D) was crying

8.8. Thank you so much! ____ your timely help, I was able to finish my report in time.
(A) Because
(B) By
(C) With
(D) Despite

9.9. It was when Hemingway lived in Cuba _____ he wrote the Old Man and the Sea.
(A) that
(B) , where
(C) , which
(D) in which

10.10. After the quarrel, the couple found themselves _____ awake for the rest of the night.
(A) lie
(B) lying
(C) lay
(D) lain

11.三、克漏字測驗(請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案) When it comes to growing up, we think of becoming taller, stronger, and older. But there is 11 to growing up than that. As you grow up, you also learn to 12 your own decisions. 13 , as a high school student, you are given a certain amount of freedom; you get to choose the group of subjects you want to study and you can choose from a variety of school clubs to pursue your 14 . When you grow up, you can not only do many fun activities outside the protection of your home but you also have to be 15 for yourself and choose the right thing to do.
(A) more
(B) much
(C) many
(D) a lot

(A) do
(B) give
(C) make
(D) take

(A) To begin with
(B) By contrast
(C) For instance
(D) On the one hand

(A) horizon
(B) honesty
(C) holiday
(D) hobby

(A) responsible
(B) energetic
(C) modest
(D) considerate

16.四、閱讀測驗 Would you like to know when you’ll die? It’s a scary question for many, but one which could be answered using a new blood test. Spanish scientists have invented such a test that they say will estimate how much longer you will live. The seven-hundred-dollar test measures the length of telomeres in our DNA. The longer they are, the longer our lifespan is. Telomeres control how often our cells divide to make new ones and are thus connected with aging. The company behind the project, Life Length, says the test will give people an idea of the speed at which they are aging and a prediction of when the end might come. Critics have been quick to attack the test. They say it could lead to insurance firms demanding that people take the test before issuing policies. Researchers say the test could lead to breakthroughs in heart disease. Professor Maria Blasco, inventor of the test, believes it is important, saying: "It will be useful for you to know your biological age. Maybe you would change your lifestyle habits if you find you have short telomeres."
【題組】16. What is this article mainly about?
(A) A new blood test which may scare many people.
(B) A new blood test which may help cure heart disease.
(C) A new blood test which may change people’s habits.
(D) A new blood test which may let people know their lifespan.

17.【題組】17. What do telomeres do?
(A) They show the information on our DNA.
(B) They control how often people’s cells divide.
(C) They invent tests to help people fight aging.
(D) They change our lifestyle habits.

18.【題組】18. According to this article, which of the following statements is true?
(A) The cost of the test will be around $7,000.
(B) The shorter one’s telomeres, the shorter he or she will live.
(C) Most insurance companies would not like this test.
(D) The test inventor believes it’s not good to know your biological age.

19.【題組】19. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in this article?
(A) The test could lead to developments that will fight heart disease.
(B) Some people are not happy about the invention of this test.
(C) A company in Europe invented the test.
(D) Most people would love to take this test.

20.【題組】20. Where are we most likely to find this article?
(A) In the history textbook.
(B) In a magazine about gardening.
(C) In a travel brochure.
(D) In a medical journal.