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99 年 - 臺灣菸酒股份有限公司99 年第3 至5 職等從業人員(職員級)甄試試題#17697 

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1.1. The food here is __________ but water is running short.
(B) lacking
(C) consistent
(D) scarce

2.2. Cosmetic surgery is now _________ throughout Asia. In Thailand, a million procedures were performed in 2000, doubled the number from five years ago.
(A) booming
(B) intruding
(C) mourning
(D) plunging

3.3. In Taipei you can buy a huge ________ of ready-to-eat food at street stalls or in shops, to take out and eat as you walk along.
(A) chunk
(B) variety
(C) package
(D) satchel

4.4. The products of Taiwan’s small-scale agriculture have suffered severely both in _________ and overseas markets.
(A) domestic
(B) essential
(C) sufficient
(D) voluntary

5.5. With the intense heat, the chocolate bar began to melt and thus became __________.
(A) sunk
(B) sticky
(C) lengthy
(D) remaining

6.6. The founder of the company, born into the family living below poverty line, built his corporate empire from _________.
(A) sketch
(B) scandal
(C) script
(D) scratch

7.7. The teacher showed great concern about Steven's ________ at school because he had missed five days of classes last month.
(A) consequence
(B) significance
(C) dependence
(D) attendance

8.8. Leaders of the world’s biggest economies sought on Saturday to settle their remaining differences over an emergency plan to counter the worst financial _________ in decades.
(A) cricket
(B) cripple
(C) critic
(D) crisis

9.9. In Turkey, many people are ___________. You’re supposed to smile when you see the new moon in the sky. The month will bring good fortune if you do so.
(A) superficial
(B) superior
(C) superb
(D) superstitious

10.10. Taiwan stocks closed higher despite __________ in U.S. stocks in overnight trading, as analysts expressed optimism for local shares in the short run.
(A) bailout
(B) decline
(C) inflation
(D) recovery

11.11. A _______ time deposit with a higher interest rate is available now.
(A) thirteen-month
(B) thirteen-months
(C) thirteenth-month
(D) thirteenth-months

12.12. Mike put his coat over the baby for fear that she ___________ cold.
(A) catches
(B) caught
(C) should catch
(D) will catch

13.13. I __________ to the hospital yesterday but I forgot all about it.
(A) had to go
(B) should have gone
(C) ought to go
(D) should go

14.14. He _______ to school, but not any more.
(A) is used to walking
(B) uses to walking
(C) is used to walk
(D) used to walk

15.15. _______ in 2005 _______ they came to know each other in London.
(A) Only … and
(B) It was … that
(C) Only … that
(D) It was … then

16.16. Mr. Johnson asked __________ since he had been chairman for seven years in this company.
(A) to not be re-elected
(B) not to be re-elected
(C) not to have been re-elected
(D) to have not been re-elected

17.17. When Thomas left the library yesterday afternoon, he found his bicycle ____________.
(A) stolen
(B) stealing
(C) be stolen
(D) to be stolen

18.18. It would have been a perfect composition ___________ several misspelled words.
(A) as for
(B) besides
(C) if not
(D) except for

19.19. I was wondering ____________.
(A) who is she talking to
(B) where the child goes
(C) when will the boss be here
(D) how long does it take to fix the car

20.20. English, the global lingua franca, in the 21st century is more widely spoken and written than any other language _____________.
(A) has ever been
(B) had ever been
(C) ever was
(D) would ever be

21.21. ____________ a conference like this make any contribution to the industrial development if the conflicts of interest are left unresolved.
(A) It scarcely does
(B) It does hardly
(C) Never does it
(D) Rarely does

22.22. The CEO might be _____________ an asset to his company.
(A) so much of a distraction but could be
(B) as much of a distraction as he is
(C) so much to be a distraction as that he can be
(D) as much distracted as possible he is

23.23.____________ any problem regarding the contract, please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.
(A) If you have had
(B) If you could have
(C) Should you have
(D) If you should have had

24.24. The chairperson moved that the chief financial officer ________ from his position.
(A) was to be discharged
(B) was discharged
(C) be discharged
(D) to be discharged

25.25. _______ to Auburn Hills, Michigan, to sort out Chrysler, he has led a remarkable turnaround at the company, which swung back into the black in 2004 after years of heavy losses.
(A) Having dispatched
(B) To be dispatched
(C) Dispatching
(D) Dispatched 三、會話測驗

26.26. A: Andy, how is your new job? B: __________________ As a matter of fact, I find myself enjoying it very much.
(A) I have no idea at all.
(B) I don't like it very much.
(C) I am getting used to it now.
(D) I don't plan to get a new job.

27.27. A: Can you take a seat and wait for a while? I'll be ready in five minutes. B: __________________ I'm in no rush.
(A) Take your time.
(B) You're kidding me.
(C) Wow, you're so quick.
(D) I'm not as busy as you.

28.28. A: I’d like to know whether foreign banks earn less profit when they deal with small firms instead of large conglomerates. B: __________________ They earn more. A friend of mine told me so.
(A) Be my guest.
(B) It is my pleasure.
(C) On the contrary.
(D) Not many.

29.29. A: Was he born with a silver spoon? B: __________________ His family can hardly make both ends meet.
(A) Don't mention it.
(B) Far from it.
(C) He shouldn’t have.
(D) Up to you.

30.30. A: To my knowledge, Bill Gates is a smart and generous person. B: __________________ A: I'm glad that you agree with this argument.
(A) Once bitten, twice shy.
(B) Easier said than done.
(C) You can say that again.
(D) Don't change the subject.

31.四、克漏字測驗 A.請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案 ,選出最適當的答案: Most people recognize basketball as their favorite sport, but few know of its origin. 31 , the game’s popularity is more than 100 years old. Its history 32 to the 1890s, when a young YMCA teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts, wanted to work out a game for his bored students to play indoors in freezing cold weather. For the first game, he 33 the idea of fixing a peach basket to the wall of the gymnasium. The ball 34 was a soccer ball. With the boys 35 into two teams, they made up a game in which each team tried to toss the ball into the basket.
(A) In fact
(B) No doubt
(C) To our surprise
(D) To tell the truth

(A) retreats back
(B) has dated back
(C) dates back
(D) is gone back

(A) got into
(B) came up with
(C) found fault with
(D) took over

(A) using
(B) used
(C) to use
(D) be used

(A) divide
(B) to divide
(C) divided
(D) to be divided

36.B.請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案 ,選出最適當的答案: Farmland in developing countries has become an unlikely object of investor fascination. Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are each 36 hundreds of millions of dollars for agriculture funds aimed at Africa and Latin America. Agribusinesses in the U.S. are leasing vast tracts of African land from which they expect to export crops and glean healthy returns. Arab oil countries, meanwhile, are 37 for fertile acreage for fear their homelands are running out of water. The executives leading this hunt for farmland say they are 38 poor economies. But in Kenya, foreign land investors are beginning to stir 39 . Subsistence farmers and cattle herders complain that they are being 40 without compensation. Corporate farmers are now the new colonialists.
(A) changing
(B) registering
(C) raising
(D) gaining

(A) hibernating
(B) vying
(C) lying
(D) confiscating

(A) delivering
(B) collecting
(C) boosting
(D) screening

(A) resentment
(B) resources
(C) reference
(D) refusals

(A) disowned
(B) disparaged
(C) disposed
(D) displaced

41.五、閱讀測驗 第一篇: American cities are similar to other cities around the world. In every country, cities reflect the values of the culture. Cities contain the very best aspects of a society: opportunities for education, employment, and entertainment. They also contain the very worst parts of a society: violent crime, racial conflict and poverty. American cities are changing, just as American society is changing. After World War II, city residents became wealthier, and more prosperous. They had more children. They needed more space. They moved out of their apartments in the city to buy their own homes. They bought houses in the suburbs, areas near a city where people live. These are areas without many offices or factories. During the 1950s, the American “dream” was to have a house in the suburbs. Now things are changing. The children of the people who left the cities in 1950s are now adults. They, unlike their parents, want to live in the cities. Many young professionals, doctors lawyers, and executives, are moving back into the city. Many are single; others are married, but often without children. They prefer the city to the suburbs because their jobs are there; they are afraid of the fuel shortage; or they just enjoy the excitement and opportunities which the city offers. A new class is moving into the city ― a wealthier, more mobile class. Only a few years ago, people thought that the older American cities were dying. Some city residents now see a bright, new future. Others see only problems and conflicts. One thing is sure: Many dying cities are alive again.
【題組】41. What is Paragraph 1 mainly about ?
(A) A description of cities.
(B) Why American cities are changing.
(C) The problems with American cities.
(D) The important of American cities.

42.【題組】42. In the 1950s the American “dream” was to have _______________.
(A) a big car
(B) a color TV set
(C) an apartment in the city
(D) a new house in the suburbs

43.【題組】43. In paragraph 3, the author gives ____________ reasons why people want to live in cities.
(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) five

44.【題組】44. According to the article, cities are .
(A) sick
(B) living
(C) dying
(D) alive again

45.【題組】45. The movement of people to and from the city can explain ____________.
(A) social changes
(B) violent crime
(C) racial conflict
(D) the best aspects of a society

46.第二篇: For a moment, Toyota Motor CEO Akio Toyoda sounded a lot like an executive from Detroit. Motown brass whined for years about how a cheap yen made Japanese exports hugely profitable. Now that a weak dollar and strong yen are hammering Toyota’s profits, Toyoda said in a recent speech, the exchange rates and economic weakness could force Toyota’s “capitulation to irrelevance or death.” If he sounds melodramatic, you’ll have to cut the new CEO some slack. In October, Germany’s Volkswagen passed Toyota in global sales, a fleeting victory for VW but also a sign of Toyota’s slipping dominance. Toyoda is also wrestling with an ugly recall in the U.S. involving sudden acceleration in multiple models, underused plants in Japan, and weak earnings that have forced him to cut, among other things, Toyota’s once-sacred research and development budget. “The company is in a big storm,” says independent auto industry analyst Maryann N. Keller. “Toyota is facing multiple structural problems at the same time.” Take the run-up in the yen. When the currency traded between 100 and 110 to the dollar, Toyota’s exports to the U.S. were hugely profitable. But every one-yen fall costs the company $400 million a year. In the first half of its fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the strong yen has cost Toyota $3.6 billion. It’s a big reason why Toyota lost $1.5 billion in the first half.
【題組】46. Which of the following is the best title for the above passage?
(A) Toyota Filing for Bankruptcy.
(B) Toyota vs. Volkswagen.
(C) Toyota Dragging Down the Yen.
(D) Toyota Stuck in Crisis.

47.【題組】47. Which of the following is TRUE?
(A) Toyota’s CEO was accused of embezzlement of $3.6 billion.
(B) The strong yen is one of the reasons why Toyota was in a financial storm.
(C) The weak dollar made one prosperous year for Toyota.
(D) Toyota could soon regain its No.1 status in global sales.

48.【題組】48. In line one, the expression Motown brass refers to ____________.
(A) Automakers in Detroit
(B) Any town that makes motor-vehicles
(C) A mobile house in the Motor town
(D) Brass supplier in Motown City, Detroit

49.【題組】49. The underlined quote “capitulation to irrelevance or death” ____________.
(A) denotes the high probability of Toyota going bust
(B) explains how Toyota feels reluctant to capitulate on the brink of death
(C) predicts the cycle that all giant corporations have to go through
(D) implies that Toyota could make concessions to the U.S. auto dealers

50.【題組】50. Which of the following is NOT a problem that Toyota is faced with?
(A) The recall of Toyota automobiles owing to some defected machinery.
(B) A large number of vacant and underutilized premises.
(C) The weak earnings created by the U.S. trade deficit.
(D) The substantial investment in research and development.