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1.26. The ______________________ of a letter is the phrase that is used at the beginning of it, such as “Dear Sir”.
(A) resolution
(B) salutation
(C) solving
(D) salutary

2.27. Someone’s ______________________ is all the things that belong to them or something that belongs to them.
(A) prophet
(B) proponent
(C) proper
(D) property

3.28. Keeping the garden tidy all year round can be a ______________________ task.
(A) label
(B) labor
(C) laborious
(D) laborer

4.29. Employees make regular ______________________ to charity.
(A) dominant
(B) donations
(C) demonstration
(D) dominance

5.30. Attendance to each class is ______________________ in this school.
(A) mandatory
(B) mandate
(C) command
(D) reminder

6.31. A______________________ is a piece of written work that students write at school.
(A) composite
(B) container
(C) compromise
(D) composition

7.32. Every visitor to the small town is overwhelmed by the kindness, charm and ______________________ of the people.
(A) hospital
(B) hospitality
(C) hospice
(D) hospitable

8.33. It’s very possible that we may see a movement to ______________________ the two parts of the country.
(A) depart
(B) decline
(C) separate
(D) classify

9.34. They thought that______________________ were unimportant, easy tasks.
(A) cook and housekeeper
(B) cooking and housekeeping
(C) cook and housekeep
(D) to cook and housekeep

10.35. It’s been a beautiful evening and you have made it all ______________________.
(A) possible
(B) being possible
(C) become possible
(D) has been possible

11.36. Either John or Jack ______________________ right.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) am
(D) can

12.37. The show______________________be on TV tonight. I’ve checked the whole TV guide, and it’s not listed anywhere.
(A) doesn’t have to
(B) ought not
(C) must not
(D) hasn’t got to

13.38. Many people were killed in the floods ______________________ when a typhoon hit.
(A) caused
(B) causing
(C) which caused
(D) was caused

14.39. The demonstrators have now made a direct challenge ______________________ the government.
(A) in the authority of
(B) in the rights of
(C) to the rights of
(D) to the authority of

15.40. The former mayor ______________________ three years ago.
(A) have been stepping down
(B) stepping down
(C) has stepped down
(D) stepped down

16.The situation of job security varies from country to country, but in today’s economy, there is generally less job security worldwide. Even in Japan, where people traditionally had a very secure job for life, there is now no 41_of a lifetime job with the same company. One reason for the lack of job security is the worldwide 42_ in manufacturing jobs. Another reason is employer’s need to hold down _43_. This has resulted in two enormous changes for the workforce. First, employers are creating more and more_44_ jobs because they don’t need to pay health insurance or other benefits to employees in these positions. Second, more and more companies are_45_. In other words, they are sending work to other areas of the country or other countries where labor is cheaper.
(A) wonder
(B) idea
(C) promise
(D) secure

(A) increase
(B) decrease
(C) promotion
(D) gains

(A) sales
(B) investments
(C) supplements
(D) costs

(A) temporary
(B) permanent
(C) contemporary
(D) full-time

(A) outsourcing
(B) moving
(C) promoting
(D) declining

21.Comic book collectors who are serious (like me) are known as “hard-core” collectors. There are, so one hobby magazine recently stated, tens of thousand of ordinary collectors, but only a few thousand hard-core ones. And for us, the problem is not just collecting—but keeping. Comic books were printed on very cheap paper using terrible techniques of production. Put a valuable comic book in the sun, and it may be ruined in a matter of hours. Store it improperly in a damp place, and it may be ruined in a matter of months or a few years. The answer is store them properly and thus save your collection. Like most collectors, you probably have a large number of run-of-the-mill comics. Place these on edge (never flat) in acid-free millboard boxes. When putting them in the box, take special care of the corners. Nothing protects the edges from bending, so put them in carefully. After packing every group of 10 or 15 comics, insert a piece of acid-free millboard. These supports will keep the comics from sagging. Bags are not necessary for these comics. Stack the books in a dark, cool place with relatively low humidity. For your more valuable comics, an extra precaution is necessary. Place the valuable ones in three mil Mylar snugs before putting them in an acid-free box. These snugs are inert polyester bags that will last hundreds of years without decomposing. Normal polyethylene bags last only five years. When putting comics in the bags, again be careful of the edges and corners, since the corner bend easily. Mylar is quite stiff and holds the comic in a vise-like grip. This is beneficial if the comic is flat and straight in the bag, but detrimental if the corners are allowed to remain folded. Use a popsicle stick or some other blunt, flat instrument to push the corner down after the comic is in the bag.
【題組】46. What is the essay about?
(A) It teaches the reader how to choose a comic book.
(B) It teaches the reader how to keep comic books.
(C) It describes the importance of having comic books.
(D) It describes different kinds of books.

22.【題組】47. According to the author, why comic books are ruined easily? It is because______________________
(A) comic book collectors are always “hard-core” collectors.
(B) comic book collectors have a large number of run-of-the-mill comics.
(C) comic books were always printed on very cheap paper using poor techniques of production.
(D) comic books need three mil Mylar snugs to protect.

23.【題組】48. What are Mylar snugs? They are______________________
(A) inert polyester bags.
(B) normal polyethylene bags.
(C) a kind of comic books.
(D) acid-free millboard.

24.【題組】49. According to the author, what is an important factor to keep comic books?
(A) fresh air.
(B) high temperature.
(C) bright light.
(D) low humidity.

25.【題組】50. What kind of writing style is this?
(A) argument.
(B) process analysis.
(C) narration.
(D) comparison and contrast.