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96 年 - 臺北市96學年度國中正式暨代理教師聯合甄選英語科試題#892 

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1.41.If you need something to decorate your new apartment, you can find a whole range of living room and bedroom ______ in this store.
(A) implements
(B) analects
(C) collectors
(D) accessories

2.42.The tasks of converting any kind of new knowledge into practice are ______ and complex. A lot of field tests and training workshops are necessary.
(A) formidable
(B) infectious
(C) eloquent
(D) approximate

3.43.To make it easier for people to relax or read while in bed, all beds in this hotel have a manual or motor-driven _____ to raise the foot or head area.
(A) mechanism
(B) serenity
(C) temperament
(D) momentum

4.44.During annual sales, many department stores are crowded with potential customers. However, preventive measures are taken to keep people from _____.
(A) deteriorating
(B) bullying
(C) shoplifting
(D) suffocating

5.45.The accident he had two years ago had a ____ effect on his life. Even now, he is still afraid of crossing the street by himself.
(A) traumatic
(B) topnotch
(C) societal
(D) graphic

6.46.My parents are now living in a small village in France, where they can enjoy their retired life in undisturbed peace and _____.
(A) insanity
(B) apprentice
(C) tranquility
(D) eulogy

7.47.After a lengthy discussion, the president of the university ____ to talk about his ideas on the new registration policy.
(A) came to a stand
(B) brought himself home
(C) make it up
(D) took the floor

8.48.The meeting had been in session for six hours and the discussion had become _____ and complicated. I had no choice but to walk out.
(A) numerous
(B) tedious
(C) municipal
(D) unanimous

9.49.If you use _____ or a telescope and see a star as a large shimmering globe, you may be sure that there is something wrong with the focus.
(A) bifocals
(B) biceps
(C) binoculars
(D) blinders

10.50.Many congressmen urged the US government to impose an ____ on trade with China.
(A) abstention
(B) embargo
(C) obstruction
(D) exodus

11.51. Mary has called her manager about her intention to resign. She will hand deliver her letter of resignation to the _____ department in person tomorrow.
(A) legislative
(B) managerial
(C) recruitment
(D) personnel

12.52.My father never _____ when something was annoying him. He was never afraid of giving it to you straight and telling you exactly what he thought.
(A) hit and ran
(B) beat about the bush
(C) learned the hard way
(D) faced the music

13.53.The angry man __________ into the office and demanded to see the manager.
(A) crept
(B) strode
(C) skipped
(D) strolled

14.54.Out of the dome at least 20 football hooligans were arrested and charged with __________.
(A) vandalism
(B) massacre
(C) probation
(D) prosecution

15.55.My brother is so __________. He never listens to people, even when they’re giving really good advice.
(A) extrovert
(B) gullible
(C) obstinate
(D) diffident

16.56.The mother had __________ naturally and was not taking any fertility drugs.
(A) deceived
(B) prescribed
(C) delivered
(D) conceived

17.57.His speech was __________ and difficult to follow.
(A) disclosed
(B) discharged
(C) disjointed
(D) disaffected

18.58.Having been criticized for its absurd story and __________ dialogues, that soap opera, however, caught on in no time among young audience.
(A) trite
(B) sturdy
(C) culpable
(D) delectable

19.59.My mother was __________ to see the improvement in my schoolwork; she owed it all to my new cram school.
(A) verified
(B) intimidated
(C) intensified
(D) gratified

20.60.The Food and Drug Administration says some __________ toothpaste may contain toxic chemicals and they are picking up suspected fakes from discount stores in four U.S. states.
(A) frugal
(B) counterfeit
(C) prescribed
(D) ambiguous

21.61.An __________ and his team reported to find the first skull of the earliest known ancestor of the giant panda, estimated to be at least 2 million years old.
(A) astrologist
(B) meteorologist
(C) anthologist
(D) anthropologist

22.62.I didn’t feel like embarrassing you, but as the leader I was supposed to __________ the rules. People were watching, you know.
(A) spur on
(B) crack down
(C) adhere to
(D) meddle with

23.63.The evidence collected from the crime scene led them to __________ that the murderer was from the same family.
(A) induce
(B) seduce
(C) reduce
(D) deduce

24.Not so long ago polar bears were a symbol of cold, but these days they are a symbol of warmth. In the past few weeks it has become difficult to open a newspaper or web page _____64_____ seeing photographs of the beautiful yellowy-white animals leaping, or lying on sea ice in the Arctic, the newly helpless emblem of climate change. The traditional _____65_____ to polar bears — hunting, toxic waste, offshore drilling — have been overshadowed by a new one: the ice around them is melting, and we are to blame This new threat is not new, of course — about as new as deforestation. But two things have put the polar bears on top of the vanishing ice, _____66_____ they pose unwittingly as the latest poster animals in a distinguished and photogenic parade of endangered pandas, gorillas, dolphins and whales. At the end of December, 2006, the US Secretary of the Interior _____67_____ that the US Fish and Wildlife Service was considering adding the polar bear to its list of threatened species. A three-month consultation process began in January, and the world's Arctic specialists have been making appointments to deliver their expertise. This is a more significant addition to the at-risk list than a rare gazelle or panther: it is an admission, after years of denial, of the _____68_____ of global warming. The Bush administration will no longer be able to disavow the effects of climate change if one of its departments has acknowledged such visible and dramatic effects. The polar bear appears to have done what environmentalists could not, and opened a window on a global crisis.
【題組】 64.
(A) and
(B) while
(C) despite
(D) without

(A) statement
(B) region
(C) existence
(D) practice

Vicki Stevenson is a store manager who decides what items to accept for resale at a secondhand-clothing shop called Buffalo Exchange. It's part of a growing chain of stores in a growing __69__, and it just may be the cool place to find trendy fashions at a fair price this summer. The rise of fast fashion, which uses a speeded-up production cycle to rush designer-inspired clothes to moderately priced retailers like Zara and H&M, has __70__ new life into secondhand stores like Buffalo Exchange by boosting their supply of barely worn apparel. “H&M is our bread and butter,” says Stevenson, 27, as she flips through a carousel of blouses from H&M, American Apparel, Benetton and the Gap with prices __71__ from $7.50 to $14 apiece. 
Buffalo Exchange, which earned more than $3 million last year on $43 million __72__ , has 32 stores nationally, making it one of the largest purveyors of recycled clothing in the country. Three more stores are planned for this year. The number of resale shops is growing 5% annually, according to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops. There are no national __73__ of the size of the used-clothing industry, since most of the country's 20,000 resale shops are individually owned and many other sellers operate online.

【題組】 69.
(A) population
(B) industry
(C) concern
(D) distribution

(A) started
(B) considered
(C) sought
(D) breathed

(A) ranging
(B) totaling
(C) amounting
(D) reaching

29.【題組】72.Buffalo Exchange, which earned more than $3 million last year on $43 million _________, has 32 stores nationally, making it one of largest purveyors of recycled clothing in the country.
(A) off hand
(B) on target
(C) in revenue
(D) in hand

(A) estimates
(B) states
(C) quotas
(D) requirements

31.The automobile solved some very important problems for most people, but in doing so, poisoned our air, choked our cities with traffic, and contributed toward the destruction of some of the beauty of our natural landscape. Antibiotics certainly solved some significant problems for almost all people, but in doing so, resulted in the weakening of what we call our immune systems. Television solved several important problems, but in solving them, changed the nature of political discourse, led to a serious decline in literacy, and quite possibly made the traditional process of socializing children impossible. It is doubtful that one can think of a single technology that did not generate new problems as a result of its having solved an old problem. Of course, it is sometimes very difficult to know what new problems will arise as a result of a technological solution. Benedictine monks invented the mechanical clock in the thirteenth century in order to be more precise in performing their canonical prayers, which they needed to do seven times a day. Had they known that the mechanical clock would eventually be used by merchants as a means of establishing a standardized workday and then a standardized product – that is, that the clock would be used as an instrument for making money instead of serving God – the monks might have decided that their sundials and water clocks were quite sufficient. Had Gutenberg foreseen that his printing press with movable type would lead to the breakup of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, he surely would have used his old wine press to make wine but not books. In the thirteenth century perhaps it didn’t matter so much if people lacked technological vision; perhaps not even in the fifteenth century. But in the twenty-first century, we can no longer afford to move into the future with our eyes tightly closed.
【題組】 74.The author is ________.
(A) wary of the advance of new technology
(B) pessimistic about the future of human civilization
(C) celebrating the conveniences brought by new technology
(D) blaming on some historical errors which led to today’s problems

32.【題組】75.Gutenberg ____________________.
(A) intended to tear two churches up
(B) had had a great technological vision
(C) had foreseen how his invention would be abused
(D) used his old wine press to make books

33.【題組】76. ccording to the author, television leaves children ________
(A) near-sighted
(B) better literate
(C) badly socialized
(D) learning to be political

34.【題組】77.The first clock in history was invented to ________.
(A) decorate a church
(B) keep time
(C) make money
(D) play music

35.According to a poll released on May 31, 2007, more than half of the American population who live within 50 miles of the coast do not believe they are vulnerable to hurricanes, tornados or flooding. Of the 1,100 adults polled, 52% said they have no family disaster plan, nearly a third have no hurricane survival kit and nearly 90% said they have done nothing to make their homes stronger. Nearly half of those with insurance polices have not reviewed them within the last year; 47% of policy owners said that they are not covered for flooding. “Despite the devastation of the 2004-2005 season, one mild season in 2006 has plunged Americans in hurricane-vulnerable states into a dangerous amnesia,” said Ron Sachs, executive director of the National Hurricane Survival Initiative, a public education and safety outreach partnership between government organizations, relief agencies, and corporations. The initiative is doing everything it can to urge people to prepare themselves for a busy storm season. In addition to the poll, it has launched an interactive website, a series of public service announcements and a 30-minute television program, The National Hurricane Survival Test, which air throughout hurricane season on more than 50 television and cable network affiliates. The initiative's message is simple: plan ahead. Secure your home, have a plan for your family, for the elderly, the disabled, and pets. Prepare your insurance claim. Have flashlights, first-aid kits and a three-day supply of food and water for each individual. Also, secure extra medicine.
【題組】 78.What is the main idea of this article?
(A) Most Americans do not have insurance policies to cover damages as a result of hurricanes.
(B) More than half of the American population does not have family disaster plans.
(C) The National Hurricane Survival Initiative wants to remind Americans near the coast to be prepared for hurricanes.
(D) The percentage of Americans that have amnesia is on the rise and will result in dangerous consequences.

36.【題組】79.Which of the following statements is NOT true about the National Hurricane Survival Initiative?
(A) It offers services via television and cable networks.
(B) It aims to help people to better prepare themselves for storm seasons.
(C) It is an outreach program to educate general public about hurricanes.
(D) It is a government organization designed to help victims of hurricanes.

37.【題組】80.Why does the author say “….one mild season in 2006 has plunged Americans in hurricane-vulnerable states into a dangerous amnesia”?
(A) Americans have forgotten about the damages hurricanes can cause.
(B) There were not many storms in 2006 and people think that it is a sign of danger.
(C) When facing hurricanes, Americans are very brave and have no fears.
(D) Many states in America are very vulnerable and need to be rescued from danger.