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1.The temple stages performances of Taiwanese opera every year as an expression of _____ to the Goddess of Mercy.
(A) caution
(B) gratitude
(C) approval
(D) dignity

2.All the students are required to attend the two-day ________ program so that they can have a complete understanding of the university they are admitted to.
(A) orientation
(B) accomplishment
(C) enthusiasm
(D) independence

3.The _____ of his new album has brought the pop singer a huge fortune as well as worldwide fame.
(A) salary
(B) release
(C) bargain
(D) harvest

4.One important purpose of the course is for the students to learn to make sound judgments so that they can ________ between fact and opinion without difficulty.
(A) inform
(B) undertake
(C) manipulate
(D) differentiate

5.In Taiwan, using electronic devices is prohibited on domestic flights because it _____ with the communication between the pilots and the control tower.
(A) occupies
(B) activates
(C) interferes
(D) eliminates

6.The famous actress decided to sue the magazine for purposely ________ what she actually said and did at the party.
(A) assigning
(B) contributing
(C) foreseeing
(D) distorting

7.The little boy is very ________: he is interested in a lot of different things and always wants to find out more about them.
(A) accurate
(B) inquisitive
(C) manageable
(D) contemporary

8.The tourists enjoyed wholeheartedly the ________ scenery along the coast highway between Hualien and Ilan.
(A) airtight
(B) breathtaking
(C) sentimental
(D) eccentric

9.The major theme in the _______ issue of the best-selling monthly magazine will be “Love and Peace.”
(A) forthcoming
(B) expensive
(C) brilliant
(D) ambitious

10.Our English teacher always emphasizes the importance of learning new words in context rather than learning each of them _____.
(A) individually
(B) exclusively
(C) approximately
(D) supposedly

11.The old woman at the street corner must be lost. She is looking around ________ for someone to help her.
(A) socially
(B) accidentally
(C) tremendously
(D) desperately

12.. John is an experienced salesperson. Just observe closely how he interacts with customers and do ___. Then you will become an expert yourself.
(A) edgewise
(B) likewise
(C) otherwise
(D) clockwise

13.A variety of preventive measures are now _____ in order to minimize the potential damage caused by the deadly disease.
(A) by birth
(B) at will
(C) in place
(D) on call

14.With over fifty teams competing in the tournament, all the games will be played ________.
(A) eye to eye
(B) head to toe
(C) hand to mouth
(D) back to back

15.Did I say “a lot of dime”? Oh, I’m really sorry. I meant to say “a lot of time.” It was a ________.
(A) slip of the tongue
(B) thorn in my side
(C) penny for your thoughts
(D) leap in the dark

16.. Mastery of English _____ us with a very important tool for acquiring knowledge and information.
(A) accesses
(B) conveys
(C) deprives
(D) equips

17.Languages change all the time. Many words that were found in Shakespeare’s works are no longer in _____ use.
(A) absolute
(B) current
(C) repetitive
(D) valuable

18.Do not just sit and wait _____ for a good chance to come to you. You have to take the initiative and create chances for yourself.
(A) consciously
(B) passively
(C) reasonably
(D) subjectively

19.Identical twins have almost all of their genes in common, so any _____ between them is in large part due to the effects of the environment.
(A) adoption
(B) familiarity
(C) stability
(D) variation

20.People believed in the _____ of the judge, so they were shocked to hear that he was involved in the bribery scandal.
(A) inferiority
(B) integrity
(C) intimacy
(D) ingenuity

21.The discovery of the new vaccine is an important _____ in the fight against avian flu.
(A) breakthrough
(B) commitment
(C) demonstration
(D) interpretation

22.To avoid being misled by news reports, we should learn to _____ between facts and opinions.
(A) distinguish
(B) complicate
(C) reinforce
(D) speculate

23.After the big flood, the area was mostly _____, with only one or two homes still clinging to their last relics.
(A) condensed
(B) deserted
(C) excluded
(D) removed

24.In his speech, Dr. Huang presented all the reports about the energy crisis to _____ the need for developing new energy resources.
(A) command
(B) formulate
(C) highlight
(D) regulate

25.Hearing the art critic’s bitter and _____ comments on her new painting, Molly started a heated argument with him.
(A) outrageous
(B) unreliable
(C) urgent
(D) glorious