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1. Industrial waste must be carefully handled, or it will _____ the public water supply.
(A) contaminate
(B) facilitate
(C) legitimate
(D) manipulate

2.John’s vision was direct, concrete and simple and he recorded _____ the incidents of everyday life.
(A) universally
(B) scarcely
(C) passively
(D) faithfully

3.The government cannot find a good reason to _____ its high expenses on weapons, especially when the number of people living in poverty is so high.
(A) abolish
(B) escort
(C) justify
(D) mingle

4.The writing teacher has found that reading fantasies such as J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter may inspire her students to think and write with _____.
(A) creativity
(B) generosity
(C) superstition
(D) foundation

5. Since several child _____ cases were reported on the TV news, the public has become more aware of the issue of domestic violence.
(A) blunder
(B) abuse
(C) essence
(D) defect

6.Helen’s doctor suggested that she undergo a heart surgery. But she decided to ask for a second _____ from another doctor.
(A) purpose
(B) statement
(C) opinion
(D) excuse

7.All candidates selected after _____ screening will be further invited to an interview, after which the final admission decision will be made.
(A) preliminary
(B) affectionate
(C) controversial
(D) excessive

8.To prevent terrorist attacks, the security guards at the airport check all luggage carefully to see if there are any _____ items or other dangerous objects.
(A) dynamic
(B) identical
(C) permanent
(D) explosive

9.In the desert, a huge mall with art galleries, theaters, and museums will be constructed to _____ visitors from the heat outside.
(A) convert
(B) defend
(C) shelter
(D) vacuum

10.Judge Harris always has good points to make. Her arguments are very _____ as they are based on logic and sound reasoning.
(A) emphatic
(B) indifferent
(C) dominant
(D) persuasive

11.For over 2000 years, paper has been used as a major tool of communication; however, e-mail today has become a ______ practice.
(A) common
(B) difficult
(C) last
(D) traditional

12.John ran into ______ when he tried to expand his new business too quickly.
(A) stock
(B) trouble
(C) market
(D) floor

13.According to research, good leaders are made, not ______; one learns to be a leader by observing other leaders.
(A) stood
(B) born
(C) lent
(D) moved

14.The businessman is very ______; he gives money to those who are in need of help.
(A) dependent
(B) expensive
(C) generous
(D) rapid

15.This piece of land is ______ for wild animals and plants; it is not open for the general public.
(A) shocked
(B) reserved
(C) responded
(D) smelled

16.If we don’t have good telephone ______, we may sound impolite to other people on the phone.
(A) manners
(B) marks
(C) bills
(D) bases

17.These three wooden boxes are ______; they are of the same size, shape, and color.
(A) remote
(B) real
(C) similar
(D) vague

18.The high risk of getting lung cancer still cannot ______ people from smoking.
(A) discourage
(B) repeat
(C) discover
(D) emerge

19. Vocational high school students should have greater ______ in themselves in order to learn English well.
(A) influence
(B) dependence
(C) confidence
(D) performance

20.Last month, fifty couples, who were married for fifty years and more, ______ their golden anniversary in the city hall.
(A) contributed
(B) confirmed
(C) celebrated
(D) combined

21.It is a long ______ from Taipei to New York. It takes more than 15 hours to fly.
(A) drive
(B) trip
(C) walk
(D) run

22.Because his speech was ______ , the audience gave him a big hand.
(A) meaningless
(B) flawless
(C) useless
(D) helpless

23.You can find a great ______ of books and magazines in the library.
(A) variety
(B) blank
(C) excuse
(D) crew

24. She is ______ regular treatment for her illness. And she is making great progress.
(A) falling
(B) sending
(C) living
(D) receiving

25.My cellphone is low on battery; it keeps beeping to remind me of ______ it.
(A) relaxing
(B) recycling
(C) recharging
(D) reviewing