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1.Customers may pay ______ or use a credit card in major department stores.
(A) cash
(B) change
(C) tape
(D) total
2.Writing is a very useful ______ for students. In the future, they can use it at different workplaces.
(A) belief
(B) culture
(C) skill
(D) feature
3.The problem was so difficult that most students could not ______ it.
(A) add
(B) open
(C) solve
(D) create
4.When in danger, most parents will do what they can to ______ their children from harm.
(A) help
(B) protect
(C) provide
(D) handle
5.The British are the biggest ______ of chocolate; each person, on average, eats nearly 10 kilograms per year.
(A) producers
(B) growers
(C) managers
(D) consumers
6.Office workers ______ from back problems because they tend to sit still for long period of time.
(A) suffer
(B) learn
(C) move
(D) transfer
7.The victim of the plane crash stayed ______ for two weeks, and then died last night.
(A) alive
(B) central
(C) obvious
(D) rough
8.Due to heavy snow on the runway, all the flights were _______ for nearly eight hours.
(A) mixed
(B) delayed
(C) served
(D) located
9.In the U.S. one should make a(n) _______ before going to see a doctor.
(A) appointment
(B) dressing
(C) exchange
(D) limitation
10.If you don’t want to put on more _______, you should eat less and take more exercise.
(A) treasure
(B) weight
(C) food
(D) body
11.For young women who suffer from eating disorder, body _______ is often their main concern.
(A) image
(B) diary
(C) interest
(D) dialogue
12.The first computer was built in 1946; it _______ more than 140 square meters of floor space.
(A) put on
(B) gave in
(C) took up
(D) made of
13.Learning the basic pronunciation ________ helps students spell English words more easily.
(A) principals
(B) principles
(C) rulers
(D) symptoms
14.It is a long _______ for many birds that live near the Bering Sea to fly from their feeding grounds to the Kenting National Park.
(A) journey
(B) hike
(C) system
(D) drive
15.We should ________ the importance of recycling because of the limited resources on Earth.
(A) relax
(B) attack
(C) reduce
(D) emphasize
16.Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on high school students to _______ very good exam results in order to enter national universities.
(A) fill
(B) obtain
(C) insist
(D) decide
17.Taking regular vacations is necessary for those who ________ too much on work.
(A) complicate
(B) concentrate
(C) contain
(D) consist
18.With the population ______ day by day, more and more space is needed for public activities.
(A) observing
(B) attracting
(C) examining
(D) increasing
19.Many Allied airmen ______ in World War II escaped from German prison camps successfully.
(A) captured
(B) murdered
(C) realized
(D) compared
20.Crime is growing at a rapid rate, ______ in urban areas.
(A) cheerfully
(B) appropriately
(C) reasonably
(D) especially
21.Jane ______ to the waiter that her meal was cold.
(A) happened
(B) celebrated
(C) complained
(D) admired
22.The famous singer’s wonderful voice made a deep ______ on the audience.
(A) progress
(B) impression
(C) promise
(D) introduction
23.May’s room is clean and tidy. In contrast, her brother’s room is a _________.
(A) mass
(B) miss
(C) mess
(D) math
24.Water is a precious resource; therefore, we must __________ it or we will not have enough of it in the near future.
(A) conserve
(B) compete
(C) connect
(D) continue
25.One of the ____________ of watching TV is that you can get a lot of information in a short time.
(A) devices
(B) visitors
(C) attendants
(D) advantages
26.Mark and Lisa put an __________ in the newspaper last Saturday, informing their friends and relatives of their wedding.
(A) enlargement
(B) announcement
(C) improvement
(D) amazement
27.With a big supermarket in his __________, it is very convenient for him to go grocery shopping.
(A) exhibition
(B) message
(C) neighborhood
(D) prayer
28.The __________ of Taiwan is over 23 million. That is, there are more than 23 million people living in Taiwan.
(A) pollution
(B) calculation
(C) portion
(D) population
29.Joseph is popular at school because of his good __________.
(A) performance
(B) attendant
(C) conductor
(D) rebellion