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Allen Lai>试卷(2013/09/10)

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1.As airplane pilots fly for many long hours, they are ____________ for the safety of hundreds of people on board.
(A) understandable
(B) changeable
(C) believable
(D) responsible
2.Based on their study results, scientists have found that there is a close ____________ between stressful jobs and increased illness.
(A) reflection
(B) connection
(C) attention
(D) medication
3.A producer for a popular television show is always looking for people with unusual ____________ to perform on the show.
(A) reasons
(B) courts
(C) platforms
(D) talents
4.More and more students ____________ that with a good knowledge of English, they will have more opportunities to find a good job.
(A) delay
(B) launch
(C) realize
(D) bother
5.Some students might be expelled from schools for ____________ their computers, such as illegal downloads.
(A) improving
(B) entering
(C) remaining
(D) misusing
6.Doctors point out that stress, ____________, and lack of friends can have a negative influence on sick people.
(A) fitness
(B) kindness
(C) goodness
(D) loneliness
7.David is now the best student in high school. It’s ____________ that he will get a scholarship to the state university.
(A) available
(B) various
(C) certain
(D) doubtful
8.The weather changes so ____________ that no one can accurately predict what it will be like the next day.
(A) properly
(B) skeptically
(C) rationally
(D) constantly
9.If you want to eat in that popular restaurant on weekend, you’d better make a reservation in ____________.
(A) advance
(B) address
(C) amount
(D) account
10.She wasted so much money on luxuries that she ran into ____________ very soon.
(A) doubt
(B) date
(C) debt
(D) dirt
11.Whenever I am in trouble, he always helps me out. I really ____________ his assistance.
(A) accomplish
(B) associate
(C) achieve
(D) appreciate
12.He is filling out a visa application ____________ because he is going to visit South Africa next month.
(A) farm
(B) firm
(C) form
(D) fame
13.Studying should be the ____________ of a student, not working part-time.
(A) priority
(B) resume
(C) margin
(D) variation
14.A university president has a high social ____________, and (s)he is highly respected by the people.
(A) stage
(B) status
(C) statue
(D) station
15.Since water shortage in many regions is getting worse, it is predictable that the world will be facing water ____________ soon.
(A) level
(B) energy
(C) crisis
(D) sink
16.The ____________ between the government and the general people of Egypt led to an eighteen-day demonstration, which caused the President to step down.
(A) cabinet
(B) conflict
(C) captain
(D) company
17.The road to the border was closed, and the soldiers were forced to alter their plans.
(A) miss
(B) keep
(C) change
(D) recover
18.All city council members decided to ____________ a percentage of their income to the poor.
(A) rebuild
(B) bribe
(C) finish
(D) donate
19.Due to the hard economic times, we can expect a ____________ in job vacancies.
(A) decline
(B) capacity
(C) sketch
(D) balance
20.Mary started her ____________ as a high school teacher as soon as she graduated from college, and is still in love with her job at this moment.
(A) vacation
(B) motto
(C) career
(D) homework
21.The patient’s chronic illness has ____________ her so much that she has difficulty walking.
(A) weakened
(B) strengthened
(C) lightened
(D) broadened
22.Patrick has just got a next-week ____________ for a comedy movie and he looks very happy right now.
(A) attraction
(B) audition
(C) applicant
(D) appendix
23.The manager decided to offer a bargain price to increase sales and discourage ____________.
(A) designers
(B) roosters
(C) competitors
(D) scholars
24.A relief team rescued 500 villagers from mudslides caused by the typhoon, but there were still five people who ____________ into thin air and were never seen again.
(A) transformed
(B) survived
(C) explored
(D) vanished
25.In August 2011 Steve Jobs wrote, “Unfortunately, that day has come.” Then he knew he could no longer ____________ the expectations of his position as the CEO of the company.
(A) cherish
(B) fulfill
(C) dominate
(D) spare
26.Cheating at the game ruined the most valuable players’ ____________.
(A) knowledge
(B) dishonesty
(C) prediction
(D) reputation
27.Americans were surprised to find that their country was ____________ number thirteen in quality of life worldwide.
(A) deleted
(B) chained
(C) rated
(D) scared
28.A Boeing 787 made an ____________ landing earlier this week because of the plane’s overcharged batteries.
(A) emergency
(B) emotion
(C) emphasis
(D) empire
29.Angry college students and ____________ of freedom of speech accuse the press buyers of trying to control our media industry.
(A) fertilizers
(B) newcomers
(C) managers
(D) defenders
30.The weather has recently been ____________ and this may cause illnesses.
(A) greedy
(B) domestic
(C) anxious
(D) unstable
31.The report has to be ____________ to the board of directors next Friday for approval.
(A) exaggerated
(B) screamed
(C) submitted
32.Studies have found that alcohol can cause or worsen the common ____________ of sneezing, itching, and coughing.
(A) greetings
(B) symptoms
(C) terminals
(D) nightmares
33.May’s mother made a quick ____________ from her sickness after taking the medicine.
(A) recovery
(B) emotion
(C) religion
(D) energy