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1.I was sure that I _______ the woman before.
(B)had seen
(C)have seen
(D)has see

2.Marcia ______ by the time we got there.
(C)have left
(D)had left

3.Melissa ate the cake that I ______.
(B)have bake
(D)had baked

4.What did Andrew say that he __________ with my Cd?
(A)had done
(C)have done
(D)has done

5.he teacher corrected the composition I ____.
(A)have wrote
(B)have written
(C)had written
(D)has written

6.The last time I was there it _________ a very good restaurant.
(A)had been
(B)have been

7.Tony Chen teaches English _____ a fun way. All of her students love her a lot.
(A) with
(B) by
(C) in
(D) on

8.Spider Man star Tobey Maguire may be forced to _____ the sequel because of his back injury.
(A) back out of
(B) set foot in
(C) make use of
(D) keep up with

9.The ground is slippery. Hold onto the rope and don’t ______.
(A) put off
(B) turn up
(C) let go
(D) take apart

10.If people keep polluting the rivers, no fish there will survive ______.
(A) at all cost
(B) for a long while
(C) in the long run
(D) by no means