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1.901   The girl dropped her fork and knife on the floor at a very quiet restaurant. It made her terribly ______.

2.902   I know he didn’t mean to hurt you. The mistake was made actually by pure ______.

3.903   Tina didn't say a word because she was very ______ of her own behavior.

4.904   The little boy refused to show up, because he was so ______ of having made such a mistake.

5.905   The workers ______ their employer for not raising their wage.

6.906   Do not intrude into the garden. It is the private ______ of that house owner.

7.907   In order to protect their own ______, most of the wild animals will attack any intruders.

8.908   The daughter bid farewell to her family at the airport and gave every family member a big ______.

9.909   The old man is such a good-natured person. He always greets his neighbors with a ______ smile.

10.910   You may ______ your cap on the hook at the entrance.

11.911   She decorated the room carefully, and ______ a blue curtain over the window.

12.912   A ______ is a very beautiful bird which looks like a goose, but it has a longer neck, and it swims gracefully.

13.913   Dolphins are taught by ______ to do many tricks to entertain the audience.
(D) principal

14.914   To many observers' surprise, the ______ of the election is totally unexpected.

15.915   Her parents disapproved of her marriage to Tom, but they went to the wedding ______.
(A)at all 
(B)after all 
(C)above all 
(D)in all

16.916   A: I tried to make big noises to wake him up. B: ______ A: Well, I'm afraid not. It seemed that he still slept soundly.
(A)Did it work?
(B)Did you work?
(C)Have you worked?
(D)Has it made out?

17.917   I saw them talking so happily and assumed that they were very close friends. ______, they were brothers.
(A)As long as I find
(B)To be it ever so well
(C)As a matter of fact
(D)So much as I can say

18.918   Most animals will try to protect their babies and ______ any possible intruders.
(A)take off
(B)scare away
(C)bring out
(D)frighten out

19.919   Peter went shopping at the supermarket and met his ex-girlfriend ______. They were both a little embarrassed at first.
(A)by accident
(B)by credit card
(C)with a big smile
(D)in a good way

20.920   I tried to find my missing key but found my lost diamond ring ______ I thought it was stolen by a thief.
(A)in a secret 
(B)with difficulties
(C)without any chance
(D)by accident

21.921   Please ______ my mother while I am away.
(A)take a good look at
(B)take good care of
(C)make a good chance for
(D)have a good time to

22.922   It is the kindergarten teacher's duty to ______ the kids while they are at play.
(A)make room for
(B)take care of 
(C)have time with
(D)make fun of

23.923   At the family reunion, the little girl sat ______ her mother, because there were many unfamiliar relatives who she hadn’t met before.
(A)to close
(B)closing to
(C)close to 
(D)being closed to

24.924   Hearing that disappointing news, she came ______ crying.
(A)close to 
(B)near by
(C)in case of
(D)beware of

25.925   It is good to have dreams about your future. But, ______, you'd better study harder for the coming exam.
(A)for good
(B)in time
(C)so far
(D)for now

26.926   Don't give such cruel comments to Sue. ______, she is your sister.
(A)In the long run
(B)As a result
(C)After all
(D)Before long

27.927   I don't think it is appropriate to be dressed like that. ______, we are still students.
(A)On the contrary
(B)In comparison
(C)Of course
(D)After all

28.928   A: I thought you liked popular music. B: Yes, I ______ listen to popular music. But now, I enjoy classical music more.
(A)was used to
(B)used to
(C)had used to
(D)had been used to

29.929   Like a peacock, he likes to ______ in front of young girls. Look! He is bragging about his successful business again.
(A)show off
(B)show about
(C)make show
(D)present shows

30.930   I hope you understand that his refusal to your invitation means nothing but a way ______. Because he is man seriously lacking of self-confidence.
(A)to harm
(B)with shame
(C)of defense
(D)of pity

31.931   In the ancient times, some kings would dig rivers to ______ their kingdom and people ______ enemies.
(A)keep; off
(B)drive; away of
(C)hold; out of
(D)protect; from

32.932   Please stop ______, because he is studying for the coming exam.
(A)having sounds
(B)making voices
(C)having words
(D)making noises

33.933   I have the same opinions as yours. I ______ you on this point.
(A)refuse to
(B)protest against
(C)agree with
(D)protect from

34.934   I think your plan works. I ______ help you with your proposal.
(A)agree with
(B)agree for
(C)agree like
(D)agree to

35.935   When we went on our vacation last weekend, a thief ______ our apartment and stole my watch.
(A)came in
(B)broke in(into)
(C)went in
(D)went into

36.936   Why did you lie to me? ______ you! I trusted you so much.
(A)Sorrow to
(B)Shame on
(C)Sadness of
(D)Sorry with

37.937   Have you finished our assignment yet? Don't forget that we must ______.
(A)give in 
(B)give up
(C)hand up
(D)hand it in

38.938   If you wish to get good grades on this coming exam, you'd better ______ to what your teacher says in class.
(A)give carefulness
(B)pay attention
(C)make focus
(D)have concern

39.939   They were lost in the woods. It took them almost four hours to ______ their ______ out of the woods, and got saved finally.
(A)look; road
(B)see; way
(C)search; path
(D)find; way

40.940   The kindergarten teacher was telling stories to the kids. She sat in the center ______ by the kids.
(B)to surround

41.941   Dogs ______ to guide blind people.
(A)are training
(B)may have trained
(C)will have trained
(D)can be trained

42.942   The dolphin ______ of his behavior because he bit his trainer.
(A)felt ashamed
(B)had shame
(C)was shameful

43.943   The swan flapped its wings to drive away the enemies when ______.
(C)was scared
(D)was scaring

44.944   Mother told her little child ______ to strangers.
(A)don't speak
(B)didn't speak
(C)not speak
(D)not to speak

45.945   When the earthquake occurred, I found our cat still ______ soundly in the corner.
(D)to sleep

46.946   I am sorry I ______ that you were there.
(A)haven't noticed
(B)didn't notice
(C)hadn't noticed
(D)don't notice

47.947   The little kids were very ______ by those new toys which were actually pretty ______.
(A)amused; amusing
(B)amusing; amusing
(C)amused; amused
(D)amusing; amused

48.948   Monkeys ______ to hug their young close to their hearts.
(A)are observing
(B)have observed
(C)have been observing 
(D)have been observed

49.949   Why didn't you listen to me? I ______ you that he would make it. See? Now you've got to believe me.

50.950   The victim of the plane crash stayed ______ for two weeks, and then died last night.

51.951   If he had been ______ enough, he wouldn't have said that on such occasion.

52.952   Michael is a gentleman very popular among young girls, because he is humorous and ______.

53.953   Mind your expressions in the interview. If you can show that you are responsible, reliable and ______, you will win the chance.

54.954   She doesn't like Jim at all, as far as I am informed. ______, she chose him to be her date tonight.

55.955   Hundreds of contestants, averagely aged about twenty, participated in the game. ______ enough, the winner was the youngest contestant who was only ten.

56.956   I must study in a public school. I can't afford any ______ schools.

57.957   Helen has dreamed of being a movie star. She has wanted to go on the ______ since she was ten.

58.958   Mrs. Cole arranged a basketball summer ______ for her eight-year-old boy who was too active to stay home.

59.959   I'm afraid I have to use my old car. This new one is too expensive. I can't ______ it.

60.960   A trip to Europe? It takes time and money. I don't think I can ______ it.

61.961   You could say that Beethoven was the greatest ______ in history.

62.962   In the computer system, every operation goes ______. Man-power is much saved. 

63.963   If you quit the job, you ______ lose the membership to the club.

64.964   She just can’t utter any dirty words, because she is such a ______ lady whose father is a professor in this university.

65.965   Do not trespass. This is their ______ land. Besides, they keep some fierce dogs guarding it.

66.966   Patients in the early ______ of cancer have hopeful chances to be cured nowadays.

67.967   Can't you see it? I thought it was ______ enough that she didn't like to be with them.

68.968   That he will, go for his goal is quite ______. You can see from his attitude of learning.

69.969   My mom enjoys Italian food very much. ______, she enjoys learning Italian language and has been to Italy several times.

70.970   He requires his children to be punctual and responsible. ______, he strongly asks himself to behave so as an example for his kids.

71.971   Please don’t touch any jewels in that box. They are my most ______ possessions.

72.972   He is a VIP of our committee. We can't ______ to neglect him from the guest list.

73.973   ______ you hesitate in the game, you will probably lose.

74.974   Bill and Betty live in the same apartment, though, they are not ______ friends. Actually, they are simply roommates.

75.975   Don't try to change their ideas. They have decided what to do. They have ______ their mind.
(A)made up
(B)kept on
(C)taken up
(D)held on

76.976   You must keep your kids ______ those dangerous games.
(A)distant of
(B)away from
(C)long way off
(D)off from

77.977   A: How did you get your name Kathy? B: I was ______ those dangerous games.
(A)named after
(B)got from
(C)given from
(D)given name by

78.978   I'll ______ at the airport at ten thirty tomorrow morning, and take you home right after.
(A)meet you up
(B)pick you up
(C)take you up
(D)drive you up

79.979   The table is ______ a piece of green checkered cloth.
(A)covered with
(B)covering of
(C)covered by
(D)covering from

80.980   I think you'd better bring your umbrella along, just ______ it showers in the afternoon.
(A)on example
(B)for saying
(C)in case
(D)even though

81.981   You had a big quarrel with her last night? ______ she refused to come.
(A)Not a word
(B)No wonder
(C)Speechless to say
(D)Doubtlessly to say

82.982   Dont give up so easily. Look, I am still ______ it, even with my last breath.
(A)doing on
(B)trying to
(C)working on
(D)making up

83.983   To be a reliable person, first, you must ______, never break your promises easily.
(A)take your words
(B)keep your word
(C)make your promises
(D)take your time

84.984   Cindy ______ Bob's job after he quit.
(A)took up of
(B)took over
(C)brought up for
(D)brought in

85.985   People will change their thoughts, ideas, and personalities ______ education.
(A)in the way of
(B)by means of
(C)with the method of
(D)for the time of

86.986   We were simply ______ what he had accomplished. After all, he is only twelve!
(A)amazed at
(B)doubted in
(C)jealous of
(D)counted on

87.987   A: How many guests will be on your invitation list? B: I've written twelve ______.
(A)far enough
(B)such far
(C)so far
(D)farther most

88.988   This is your last chance to try. Be very careful, please. You can't ______ lose it again.
(A)be able to
(B)supply for
(C)approve to
(D)afford to

89.989   You should ______ education.
(A)by no means
(B)under any means
(C)with no ways
(D)in no conditions

90.990   As he is a tour guide, he is often traveling ______ home.
(A)far away from
(B)far from away
(C)away from far
(D)from away far

91.991   Look! She is still practicing her violin. She ______ violin since 8:00 a.m.
(A)is practicing
(B)has practiced
(D)has been practicing

92.992   I'm wondering ______.
(A)why did you miss the chance
(B)why had you missed the chance
(C)why you let go of the chance
(D)why did you let the chance go

93.993   I love my mother very much. I want my daughter ______ her.
(A)to name after
(B)being named after
(C)naming after
(D)to be named after

94.994   Father had the car ______.
(A)to be fixed

95.995   Too much sugar can make you ______ too much weight.
(B)to gain

96.996   I really admire that movie star. She is not only so ______ but also a great performer.
(A)looks well
(B)looking well

97.997   I spend a lot of time ______ my violin every day.
(A)to practice
(C)of practicing

98.998   Though she is teaching English now, she plays violin wonderfully. She ______ violin for twelve years.
(A)is learning
(B)had learned
(D)has been learning

99.999   He had his hair ______ last night.
(C)to be cut
(D)be cut

100.1000   I think her intelligence was ______ from her mother.