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1.1001   This bottle is ______ with water.

2.1002   Since the weather was bad, I didn't go anywhere but stayed home the ______ day yesterday.

3.1003   I asked him if I could also take a sip of the grape wine, he joyfully gave me the ______ bottle instead.

4.1004   In the Western movies, we often see the ______ and cowboys.

5.1005   American settlers, in the nineteenth century, moved from the east to the west experiencing a long hard trip on ______ pulled by horses.

6.1006   A drowning man will grab at even a ______.

7.1007   A ______ shows which way the wind blows.

8.1008   It is a household saying that goes: Birds of a ______ flock together. 

9.1009   It is the last ______ that breaks the camel's back.

10.1010   Jennifer is the ______ student in her class.

11.1011   The convenience stores are the ______ which provide daily supplies in one's neighborhood twenty-four hours a day.

12.1012   A: Where do you usually do your grocery shopping every day? B: I usually ______ at the traditional market place.

13.1013   He picked out some coins from the ______ of his trousers and deposited them into the machine.

14.1014   He looked somewhat carefree with his both hands in the ______ of his coat.

15.1015   The table hadn't been used for too long. It was ______ with dust.

16.1016   She is a rapid reader. In two hours, she finished reading that novel from ______ to ______.

17.1017   Look! Our canary is ______ his feathers.

18.1018   Students like to gather in the activity ______ to enjoy different kinds of facilities.

19.1019   If you don't know how to get to the museum, you can get some brochures in which there are detailed instructions at the information ______.

20.1020   Animals play a major role in the ______ of every country. For instance, the Tiger aunt's stories scare generations of children in Taiwan.

21.1021   Throw a ______ into the fountain, and make a wish. Your wish will probably come true.

22.1022   A: How tall are you? B: I am one hundred and sixty-eight ______ tall.

23.1023   “CM” as the measurement stands for ______.
(A)chemical material
(B)court martial
(C)common member

24.1024   Most young students would carry the ______ on their back to schools, nowadays.

25.1025   Li Po and Du Fu were two famous Chinese ______.

26.1026   There were many great litterateurs(文學家), including Li Po, in Tang ______.

27.1027   The butcher sharpened his knife with a ______.
(A)grinding stone
(B)rolling stone
(C)shining stone
(D)gem stone

28.1028   You just cannot be a qualified kindergarten teacher if you have no ______ with children.

29.1029   As the rich merchant didn't have any son, his eldest daughter ______ his business after he passed away.

30.1030   The glass bottle is ______ ink.
(A)filled with
(B)full with
(C)filled of
(D)filling of

31.1031   There are boys and girls everywhere in the park. The park is ______ young people.
(A)filled of
(B)full with
(C)full of
(D)full with

32.1032   ______ your future seriously. You have no time to lose.
(A)Think about
(B)Think over
(C)Consider of
(D)Make sure

33.1033   A: Do you like to take a walk after dinner? B: Sure. Let's walk ______ the park for a while.

34.1034   Mother ______ a piece of chocolate bar from the box to the crying baby.
(A)picked up
(B)put down
(C)made out
(D)took out

35.1035   My friend and I ______ some beautiful cards for my family during the X'mas season.
(A)took out
(B)picked out
(C)picked up
(D)put out

36.1036   No hurry. Please ______ your time.

37.1037   A: Will it matter to you whether they come or not? B: I'm afraid so. Whether they come or not will ______ to me.
(A)take much change
(B)make large difficulty
(C)have big relation
(D)make a great difference

38.1038   Joe, you'd better ______ all your messy stuff on your desk now. Your manager is coming to check soon.
(A)put on
(B)put out
(C)put away
(D)put down

39.1039   After I introduced Mary to my brother, they ______ with each other and exchanged their name cards.
(A)held hands
(B)nodded hands 
(C)shook hands
(D)took arms

40.1040   I'm afraid I have to ask for a sick leave for a couple of days from work, because I ______ a bad cold yesterday.

41.1041   I met the teacher yesterday. ______, he asked me to tell you that you had passed the exam.
(A)On my way
(B)Over a way
(C)By the way
(D)At our way

42.1042   She never gave me an exact answer. I guess I could never ______ what she really meant.
(A)figure out
(B)think over
(C)think about
(D)count out

43.1043   Please ______ my mother when I am away.
(A)make care with
(B)take care of
(C)have care in
(D)keep care for

44.1044   I would select a pair of brown shoes to ______ my new brown dress.
(A)match with
(B)go for
(C)go with
(D)get along with

45.1045   This is the most touching movie I ______.
(A)have ever seen
(B)have never seen
(C)had never seen
(D)never saw

46.1046   A: Do you visit your uncle ______? B: Yes. They live in our neighborhood, so I visit them almost every day.

47.1047   A: How do you like the program? B: Well, it's kind of ______.

48.1048   A: Why don't you invite him to go with us? B: I don't think so. I'm sure that he'll be ______ by such an activity.
(D)to bore

49.1049   Let's see ______ you can answer the question.

50.1050   If you ask students why they are late for class, their excuses will be very different.

51.1051   A: When will you ______ in Tokyo? B: We'll get there on August 10th.

52.1052   I'll be there waiting for you as soon as you ______ at the station.

53.1053   The sign in front of the restaurant reads, “Please wait to be ______.” 

54.1054   Can I have a table with a ______ of the beach?

55.1055   Do you have any points of ______ on this proposal?

56.1056   How sweet he is! He knows ______ what I want.

57.1057   A: Do you mean you want to marry Helen? B: ______! She is the girl I have been looking for.

58.1058   Remember always wear your sweet ______ on your face, as the receptionist at the front desk.

59.1059   Tom didn't win the game not because of his skill, but because he was too ______ to respond properly.

60.1060   Daniel was so ______ that he kept stuttering in the interview.

61.1061   The teacher asked her students to ______ down first, at the moment when the earthquake began. She knew that it would be even more dangerous if the kids were nervous and frightened.

62.1062   Don't be excited so easily. If you wish to clear up the whole thing, you must ______ yourself down first. 

63.1063   Let's go to the movie, everybody! It will be my ______, because I won the lottery.

64.1064   A: Hi, Jim. Let's go to the Garden Restaurant for dinner. B: Well, dining at that kind of restaurant isn't affordable to me. A: Don't worry. I'll ______ you this time.

65.1065   Coffee after the first cup will be free. This shop offers free ______.

66.1066   Mom prepared orange juice in the ______ and put it into the refrigerator.

67.1067   At the baseball match, a ______ is so-called the soul of the game.

68.1068   The movie star refused to answer any questions. When the reporter asked her about her opinions toward the news, she always gave the same replies: “No ______.”

69.1069   The official made some ______ on the issue of environmental protection.

70.1070   David was so ______ when he proposed to Tina but was refused. He couldn't understand why his girl-friend would say “no” to him.

71.1071   They are not married yet. They are only ______.

72.1072   The waiter served the ______ before the main course.

73.1073   The pepper sauce is a little too spicy. Could I have some ______ sauce instead?

74.1074   Though it's somewhat difficult to make a ______, I think I know what I want.

75.1075   Could you be ready by 6:00 p.m.? I'll ______ to your house at 6:20, OK?
(A)take you up
(B)pick you out
(C)put you down
(D)pick you up

76.1076   Don't worry. Some representative of the travel agency will ______ at the airport.
(A)bring you out
(B)set you out
(C)pick you up
(D)take you about

77.1077   I assume that they will ______ the train station at about 1:00 p.m.; we’ll have to wait for ten minutes more.
(A)arrive at
(B)arrive in
(C)reach in
(D)get at

78.1078   I like all kinds of vegetables; ______ fruits, I'm only fond of oranges, grapefruits and kiwi fruits.
(A)according to
(B)about for
(C)as for
(D)in addition

79.1079   Jack was so hungry that he finished eating three hamburgers ______.
(A)with no hurry
(B)without any time
(C)in no time
(D)of no delay

80.1080   Little kids should be taught good ______ when they are young at home. In this way, when they grow up they would behave elegantly at the restaurant.
(A)eating manner
(B)meal attitude
(C)table manners
(D)dining gestures

81.1081   A: What is the ______ for dinner? B: You have the choice of pork, lamb or steak.
(A)major dish
(B)most part
(C)best part
(D)main course

82.1082   When Ken asked his girlfriend Alice to marry him, she accepted his proposal ______.
(A)with no idea
(B)of no words
(C)at no sooner
(D)in no time

83.1083   A: May I ______ now, ma'am? B: Yes. Please give me a chef salad.
(A)have orders
(B)take your order
(C)give your order
(D)accept your order

84.1084   Since you seem very busy now, let me call you ______ day.
(A)the other
(B)each other 
(C)some other
(D)some another

85.1085   After having searched for the gate key for almost an hour, we finally found it ______ the books. Your naughty brother hid it under there so we could hardly see.
(A)at the bottom of 
(B)on the top of
(C)in the center of
(D)in the middle of

86.1086   The mother ______ the sleeping baby, smiling happily.
(A)looked at
(B)looked for
(C)looked into
(D)looked up

87.1087   No matter how difficult the situation may become, never ______. You'll make it some day.
(A)give out
(B)throw up
(C)send away
(D)give up

88.1088   Please ______ at yourself in the mirror. How beautiful you are in the new dress!
(A)see a while
(B)look a minute
(C)take a look
(D)put a look

89.1089   I'm very tired this afternoon and would like a break from cooking. Shall we ______ tonight?
(A)go eating out
(B)go out for eating
(C)eat out
(D)go outside eating

90.1090   Most children take their parents' love ______. Few of them know how to appreciate.
(A)of course
(B)for granted
(C)to be sure
(D)about sure

91.1091   A: May I speak to Beth, please? B: Sure. ______, please.
(A)Wait for
(B)Hang up
(C)Hold on
(D)Excuse me

92.1092   Before Liz got aboard on the plane, she promised that she would ______ with me after she arrived in France.
(A)go on connecting
(B)get to contact
(C)have to write
(D)keep in touch

93.1093   They watched ______ at the beach in the evening. They had a great time.
(A)the set sun
(B)the setting sun
(C)rising sun
(D)setting moon

94.1094   One student in the class was working hard, ______ are not serious about school.
(A)other students
(B)the others
(D)the other student

95.1095   A: How would you like your steak ______? B: Medium, please.
(D)to do

96.1096   Would you like to ______ an appetizer before lunch?
(A)start with
(C)start on
(D)make it a start

97.1097   A: We don't have steak today. How about some vegetables? B: It's OK. Vegetables are ______ me.
(A)great of
(B)eatable to
(C)well done to 
(D)fine with

98.1098   There were two students ______ tennis.
(A)who practicing
(D)were practicing

99.1099   They looked at each other ______.
(A)in a puzzling look
(B)puzzled looking
(C)looked puzzled
(D)with a puzzled look

100.1100   Steve is very popular among the girls. He is kind, clever, interesting, humorous and ______.