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1.1101   A: Has Jason proposed to you yet?B: Yes. He asked me to ______ him last night.

2.1102   A: Rose Restaurant. Good afternoon. May I help you?B: Yes, please. I want to make a ______ with you for five people at six tonight.

3.1103   Many young couples and tourists like to go to Danshui to watch the ______ sun in the evening.

4.1104   ______ eight to four and you get twelve.

5.1105   If the lemon juice is not sweet enough, please ______ some sugar in.

6.1106   She worked very hard and got an A on the test in the ______.

7.1107   I hope you will wear your suit to that formal ______.

8.1108   The ceremony is very serious. It is not an ______ for laughter and noise.

9.1109   I don't think the manager will listen to you. You've been late for too many times. It is useless to ______.

10.1110   If you think you were misunderstood, why don't you try to ______ the reason to them?

11.1111   A: Did Harry ______ to you? B: Yes, and we decided to get married next month.

12.1112   The sun is shining but not too hot; the breeze is fair and not too windy. The weather is simply ______.

13.1113   The party was marvelous. Everybody was so friendly. We actually had a ______ time last night.

14.1114   A: What kind of music do you like? Rock and roll?B: I don't think so. I prefer ______ music.

15.1115   Thank you so much, Jane. You've been very ______.

16.1116   This dictionary will be very ______ to you when you go abroad.

17.1117   I have the surprise gift for John. Where should we ______ it so he won’t see it?

18.1118   Never let Betty find this letter. You must ______ it in a secret place.

19.1119   The artist had plenty of marvelous ideas in his brain. His works were always much more ______ than other artists’ works.

20.1120   Frank is our good ______. He does his shopping in our store very often, and he never bargains.

21.1121   A: Which flavor of ice cream would you like? B: I'd like ______, please.

22.1122   The bride is wearing a pearl necklace and a diamond ______ on her finger.

23.1123   When we ate out at a fine ______, we ordered a lobster dinner for Mom’s birthday.

24.1124   The ______ of the restaurant showed us the seat at the party.

25.1125   A: Do you care for some vegetables?B: Yes, I like all kinds of vegetables except ______.

26.1126   A: What kind of ______ do you like? B: Please give me some lemonade.
(D)main course

27.1127   In business, we say “The ______ is always right.” 

28.1128   A: Who cuts your hair? B: I have a ______ who has been taking care of my hair for years.

29.1129   Mr. Chen ______ that his friend buy the computer in another store where they provided better quality goods with lower prices.

30.1130   You'd better ______ of the number of visiting guests before you reserve the tables.
(A)make decision
(B)put on mind
(C)make sure
(D)get on work

31.1131   Though Michael is leading a poor life currently, he never ______ any financial help from his friends.
(A)depends on
(B)looks for
(C)calls for
(D)asks for

32.1132   Tony's parents do their best to help him ______ his homework every evening.

33.1133   Is there ______ I can do for you?
(A)nothing important
(B)everything necessary
(C)nothing with
(D)anything else

34.1134   I don't like snakes. ______, I'm afraid of snakes.
(D)As much as things are

35.1135   I encourage my brother to ______ her girlfriend Wendy, so they may finally get married.
(A)engage with
(B)pursue to
(C)propose to
(D)search for

36.1136   The operator asked me not to ______ and waited until the line was connected.
(A)hold up
(B)hang on
(C)hold up
(D)hang up

37.1137   Please kindly sign your name ______ on the dotted line.
(B)right here
(C)above all

38.1138   I'd like to see the movie some time this week. I've heard that it’s worth seeing. ______, do you know where the theater is?
(A)On the way
(B)By the way
(C)In this way
(D)To that way

39.1139   Hotel clerk: May I help you? Steve: I want to check in, and I've already made a reservation. Hotel clerk: ______Steve: Steve Lin.
(A)Your name, please? 
(B)For how many nights? 
(C)Smoking or non-smoking? 
(D)Your baggage?

40.1140   Is it OK ______ to use your car?
(A)for me
(B)for you
(C)to me
(D)with me

41.1141   I must apologize that I can't come tomorrow. Will it be OK ______ if I come some other day?
(A)for me
(B)with you
(C)to me
(D)with me

42.1142   The manager suggested that he ______ a new plan.
(A)proposed to
(B)to propose

43.1143   You'd better hurry now. ______, you'll be late. 

44.1144   I insist on ______, because I hate to wait.
(A)making a reservation in advance
(B)the table reservation to make in terms of the price
(C)having a reservation in case of a hurry
(D)arranging a reservation afterwards

45.1145   The more advanced the technology has become, the more environmental protection problem ______.
(A)would have created
(B)will have created
(C)will be creative
(D)will be created

46.1146   Albert asked Tina ______ him.
(A)to be married
(B)to get married with
(C)to be marrying
(D)to marry

47.1147   ______ I can do for you?
(A)Are there more things
(B)Is there some thing
(C)Have there else things
(D)Is there anything else

48.1148   The husband who just lost his job tried to hide his anxiety ______ his wife.
(D)out of

49.1149   ______ in haste, and repent at leisure.
(A)To marry
(B)To get married

50.1150   The author delivers ______ of faith and love in her articles.

51.1151   Sorry. Mr. Lin is not in now. May I take a ______ for him?

52.1152   In the detective film, we see the agents use some mysterious(神祕的) ______ to send messages.

53.1153   As we planned to buy a house, we asked the real estate(房地產) ______ for detailed information. They would help us deal with the house owner.

54.1154   James Bond is the created secret ______ who is also a very popular hero in the film.

55.1155   I think you'd better use a hammer(鎚子) to ______ the nuts. These nuts are too hard.

56.1156   In order to find out the fact, they hired a private ______ to follow the suspect(嫌疑犯).

57.1157   For some reason, I invited Jane to be my date tonight. ______, I like her sister better.

58.1158   Dick looks much younger than Tom. ______, Dick is Tom's uncle.

59.1159   Mr. Chen said he was only a little early. ______, he had arrived well in advance.

60.1160   These coins are ______ money. They were used in the 12th century.

61.1161   China, Greece, Egypt and India are so-called four great ______ civilizations.

62.1162   Most of the ______ satellites(衛星) are for the scientific and commercial purposes.

63.1163   I couldn't hear the ______ of that music clearly. It was too noisy there.

64.1164   I can hardly believe that. Your explanation ______ simply unbelievable.

65.1165   Joe will ______ his class to go to the speech contest.

66.1166   He made a cookie in the ______ of a heart to show his love for Mary.

67.1167   People ______ with each other through speeches, writings, gestures, or even music.

68.1168   In The Lord of the Rings, the rings ______ evil magic. They represent destructive power.
(A)stand for 
(B)check in 
(C)go through 
(D)happen to

69.1169   What does WTO ______? It represents World Trade Organization.
(A)put up
(B)stand up
(C)stand for
(D)present for

70.1170   Jimmy was a ______ who used to steal important information from the enemy for his government.
(A)secret agent
(B)private detective
(C)detective device
(D)travel agent

71.1171   People have used animals for their transportation(運輸) since ______.
(A)present days
(B)ancient history
(C)recent years
(D)ancient times

72.1172   Doing exercise every day keeps you ______.
(A)out of weight
(B)in mind
(C)in time
(D)in shape

73.1173   ______ catch the first bus, you have to hurry up.
(A)In other way
(B)In order to
(C)In terms of
(D)In addition to

74.1174   You must do only what the law allows. ______, you’d better be law-abiding.
(A)In order that
(B)In addition to
(C)In other words
(D)In other way

75.1175   Where ______, there is a way.
(A)there is a will
(B)there are people
(C)there is hope
(D)here we can see

76.1176   If you can ______ your dream, your dream will eventually(終究) come true.
(A)stand on
(B)stand for
(C)stay up
(D)stick to

77.1177   He refused(拒絕) to accept your present because he knew he was ______ help you on that issue.
(A)capable of
(B)not able in
(C)not able to
(D)not capable to

78.1178   If you want to understand his ideas correctly, you'd better ______ him in advance.
(A)explain yourself to
(B)express your opinions to
(C)communicate well with
(D)try to make sure of

79.1179   Don't worry. You can ______ me. That is, you have my word.
(A)relax on
(B)account to
(C)expect with
(D)count on

80.1180   Everyone has to work hard ______ succeed.
(A)in order to
(B)in addition to
(C)in terms of
(D)in case of

81.1181   In most languages of western countries, letters are ______ to form words.
(A)always created
(B)put together
(C)written down
(D)put in pictures

82.1182   Bruce Lee, the Chinese movie star, was a ______ in 1970s.
(A)household name
(B)house-keeping man
(C)house-to-house name
(D)large household

83.1183   Can you ______ an African elephant ______ an Asian elephant?
(A)talk; about
(B)tell; from
(C)speak; to
(D)discuss; with

84.1184   He may be very clever and intelligent; ______, he is so lazy that he can't keep his job as a result.
(A)on the other hand
(B)in other words
(C)to other respect
(D)for the other reason

85.1185   Do you believe ______ people use code every day?

86.1186   I enjoy stepping on the crispy ______.
(A)falling leaves
(B)falling grasses
(C)fallen leaves
(D)fallen grasses autumn

87.1187   All the family members, ______, have joined that outdoor activity.
(A)includes my 90-year-old grandma
(B)including my aunt’s three-month-old baby
(C)the little brown cute cat including
(D)included the newly married couple

88.1188   They are so ______ that people take them as twins.
(A)very similar as the other
(B)much alike to each other
(C)different from each other
(D)looking alike in themselves

89.1189   ______ weather, are you bringing an umbrella or anything rainproof(防水的) along with you?
(A)Spoken of
(B)Speaking to
(C)Speaking of
(D)Spoken to

90.1190   I'm afraid you can't read the letter. It was ______ Greek.
(A)writing of
(B)written in
(C)written by
(D)writing to

91.1191   A: What time is it? B: It's ______.
(B)ten after half
(C)half past ten
(D)ten after thirty

92.1192   When the telephone rang, Tom ______, so I left him a message.
(A)used the computer
(B)read a letter
(C)was taking a shower
(D)had been watching TV

93.1193   These two sisters are not alike. They are quite ______ each other.
(A)similar to
(B)similar as
(C)different to
(D)different from

94.1194   A: What is the departure time? B: We ______ tomorrow morning at seven.
(A)are leaving
(B)will have left
(C)will be left
(D)will have been leaving

95.1195   Keep on working hard, and you'll doubtlessly succeed ______ you grow up.

96.1196   There is no royal road ______.
(A)to learn
(B)to have learning
(C)to learning
(D)to be learned

97.1197   ______ there is a will, there is a way.

98.1198   It's almost midnight now. It's ______.
(A)time for us to leave
(B)for us to leave time
(C)time for leaving to us
(D)leaving us for time

99.1199   The major difference between humans and animals is that people use ______ language, but animals don’t.

100.1200   When the loud music started, Rosie turned off the TV in ______.