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1.1201   There has been much talk lately about whether Taiwan should be ______ of Chin(1) 

2.1202   A ______ is a passage through which one enters a room.

3.1203   It's hard to have a discussion with William. He is very ______. 

4.1204   Roland ______ me by making me sit at a little table at the party.  

5.1205   Now you are in trouble. Mary won't forget what wrong you did to her, and she has an ______ personality. 

6.1206   Harley is too ______ to make a good leader. He is always uncertain. 

7.1207   You can't remember your own phone number? You are the most ______ person I have ever known! 

8.1208   It's hard to make ______ happy. They don't want any mistakes! 

9.1209   Don't ______ me while I am busy. 

10.1210   My parents' birthdays are two days apart, so their ______ signs are the same.

11.1211   When my mother calls me by my full name, I know it is a bad ______. It means she's angry with me.  

12.1212   That old lady fell, and everyone on the bus laughed. I thought those people were very ______.

13.1213   general, women show more ______ than men. 

14.1216   Before you can drive a car, you must pass a test to get your ______.
(A)driver's license
(B)identification card
(C)fishing license
(D)special license

15.1217   Selling ice cream on a hot summer day may be a very ______ business. 

16.1218   Many older people do not understand the ______ of today's young people. 

17.1219   ABC's are ______. 

18.1220   Our school's swimming pool is not open to everyone. It is in ______ use by our swim team. 

19.1221   Many Americans are fascinated with the ______ of ancient Chin(1)

20.1222   Some people believe they can see and ______ the future. 

21.1223   He is an old Kong Fu teacher with many ______ who studied with him. 

22.1224   Please do not ______ your phone number on this paper. We need to know how to contact you. 

23.1225   People say that a smile is a/an ______ sign of happiness. 

24.1226   Our time is ______, so we must hurry up.

25.1227   I can get mail at my home ______. Similarly, I can get emails at my email ______. 

26.1228   The weather reporter is ______ a sunny weekend. 

27.1229   Charles says his father will ______ him tonight because he did not do well on the test.

28.1230   That ______ is not very safe. Don't walk there alone at night. 

29.1231   If you ______ 6 from 20, you get 14. 

30.1232   The train station is ______ with people, I can hardly move.

31.1233   On the first day of school, you see many kindergarten kids ______ to their mothers. 

32.1234   If you have to talk in the library, please ______. 

33.1235   She is so sick that she can only ______ her words very quietly.

34.1236   I'm ______. Why is Ricky suddenly angry with me? 

35.1237   There was a lot of ______ at the school on the first day. Many people didn't know where to go. 

36.1238   Don't forget to make a wish when you ______ out the candles on the cake! 

37.1239   You have three after you ______ two from five.

38.1240   “The Last Supper” by the Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci is called a ______ by artists. 

39.1241   It is not a good idea to ______ seeing a doctor if you feel very sick. You should go as early as possible. 

40.1242   We had to ______ our meeting because some people were late. 

41.1243   My little nephew loves to ______ for the camer(1) 

42.1244   Rita was very sick last week, but she is in better ______ this week. 

43.1245   They sold their house at a very good price, because they kept the house in very good ______. 

44.1246   To ______ means stopping for a while.

45.1247   When you visit a sick person, remember to talk quietly and never ______. 

46.1248   Something was wrong with my phone, and I had to ______ into it so that my friend could hear me. 

47.1249   I can hear you very well. There is no need to ______. 

48.1250   James lives on the third floor. Chris lives on the fourth floor. James often go ______ to visit Chris. 
(C)flights of stairs 

49.1251   Don't ______ drinking and driving. It is very dangerous. 

50.1252   Bob didn't want to go to the doctor. He went anyway, but very ______. 

51.1253   She is very sick; we must get her to the ______.

52.1254   I couldn't find my homework for three days. Then today, it ______ showed up in my backpack. 

53.1255   Matthew likes to sleep on big, fluffy ______. 

54.1256   We had to ______ the meeting for a few minutes because there was a small earthquake. 

55.1257   The two young children like to have ______ fights before they go to bed. 

56.1258   My cat was very sick, so she ______ went out with me.

57.1259   It takes the software company one month to ______ how to fight the PC virus which attacks personal computers through e-mails.
(A)figure out 
(B)make up 
(C)appeal to 
(D)set up

58.1260   I need to study for my exam. Please don't ______ me if possible. 

59.1261   My sister talks in her sleep. It really ______ me. 
(A)to anger 

60.1262   Let's go somewhere else. There is a ______ down the street and it is very crowded. 

61.1263   There is a big student leader ______ next month. Who will represent your class to go to this big event? 

62.1264   The police asked me to give a ______ of the thief.

63.1265   Teenagers often ______ their shoes and have to buy new ones very soon. 

64.1266   This pair of shoes was very expensive, but the salesperson said it would give me five times the ______ as other shoes. 

65.1267   Judy's running shoes felt a little too big, so she ______ some padding into them to make them fit. 

66.1268   That jacket still looks ______ even though my dad's had it for two years. 

67.1269   Whether a singing star becomes popular or not sometimes depends on the record company's ______. 

68.1270   The bank president used to be an ______ professor. No wonder he knows so much about money! 

69.1271   There is a ______ that if you break a mirror, you’ll have bad luck for seven years.

70.1272   Many people believe that having children will ______ that someone will take care of them when they get old. 

71.1273   There is very strong ______ between the two top singers, and they are not very friendly toward each other. 

72.1274   We all had to wear funny square hats at our graduation ______. 

73.1275   The teacher ______ the class to go outside after a small earthquake. 

74.1276   The noise is only ______. It will stop after the neighbors finish moving. 

75.1277   The bride will ______ her bouquet of flowers soon. You may want to try to catch it. 

76.1278   Computers have ______ from big, heavy machines to small, light notebook style people can easily carry. 

77.1279   My aunt gave me a necklace as a wedding ______. 

78.1280   There are many ______ about black cats. People believe they bring bad luck. 

79.1281   People often say that the most beautiful person at the wedding is the ______. 

80.1282   The conversation came to a ______ stop so people could hear the TV news. 

81.1283   My aunt is ______. Whatever you do, she doesn't feel happy.
(A)hard to please
(B)please hard
(C)hard pleasing
(D)to please hardly

82.1284   I really want to ______ with the most popular student in our class. 
(A)make friendly 
(B)make friends 
(C)be friendly 
(D)get good friends

83.1285   There are many ways to ______ in a new group. You just have to be friendly. 
(A)be convinced 
(B)make friends 
(C)be dominating 
(D)worry about

84.1286   Roland and two of his friends met at a coffee shop ______.
(B)for relax
(C)to relax

85.1287   The class has ______ electing Otis as the new class president. 
(A)burst out 
(B)decided on 
(C)dumped on 
(D)chosen on

86.1288   Before you ______ what you want to do in the future, you should try different things first. 
(A)right on 
(B)move on 
(C)decide on 
(D)put on

87.1289   The teacher always starts the day by ______ his mail.
(A)getting through
(B)thinking through
(C)making through
(D)going through

88.1290   Kelly ______ in class reading her comic book. The teacher was, of course, not very happy. 
(A)burst into laughing 
(B)managed insulting 
(C)burst out laughing 
(D)would like laughing

89.1291   When he heard he won the $10,000, Ronny was so happy that he ______.
(A)became moody 
(B)burst out laughing 
(C)got dominated 
(D)answer with disgust

90.1292   People often ______ when they hear something funny.
(A)burst out laughing 
(B)suddenly laughing 
(D)become moody

91.1293   Reese ______ to the holes on the road, and fell and broke his leg.
(A)paid no attention 
(B)didn’t look 
(C)paid no respect 
(D)went through

92.1294   You are absolutely right about ______.
(A)what is a Virgo like
(B)what a Virgo is like
(C)how a Virgo is like
(D)how is a Virgo like

93.1295   What do you think ______ this story? 

94.1296   When you work with sharp knives, always pay ______ so you don't cut yourself.

95.1297   In the early days, it was possible to buy things ______ money. You simply trade one thing for another. 
(A)without the use of 
(B)without use 
(C)with using 
(D)with our having

96.1298   I have seen a cake ______ this one in another store, but it was cheaper. 
(A)is similar 
(B)similar in 
(C)similar to 
(D)similar with

97.1299   My brother has a shirt ______ to this one, but his is blue, and this one is red. 
(A)similar in 
(B)similar with 
(C)similar be 
(D)similar to

98.1300   I think I've met him before, but I can't ______ his name! 
(A)think to 
(B)calculate with 
(C)limited by 
(D)think of