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1.1501   The aged ______ offered free board and medical services.
2.1502   Volunteer work which families can do ______ doing house and garden work for elderly people in the neighborhood.
(D)to include
3.1503   One of the purposes of education is to discover your ______ talents; that is to say to enhance your potential.
4.1504   Your rare experience gained from volunteering will help you stand out from others when ______ a job in the future.
(A)applying for
(C)setting up
(D)checking out
5.1505   Whenever there is an earthquake, ______ workers around the world come to the rescue.
6.1506   Some retired people in Taiwan do volunteer work such as folding sheets and towels, ______ books or tutoring children in need of special schooling.
7.1507   When people in America become old, they sometimes live in ______.
(B)midway homes
(D)nursing homes
8.1508   ______ all the club members here, I wish you many returns of the day.
(B)On behalf of
(C)On seeing
(D)In addition
9.1509   My teacher recommended that Chris ______ volunteer work during weekends.
(D)will do
10.1510   People keep ______ in their subconscious things they cannot, or do not, want to face.
(C)to hide
11.1511   Most of the students in our school really want to ______ in the entrance exam, but the problem is that they don't have a strong will.
12.1512   There are some common symbols in dreams. ______, flying usually symbolizes freedom.
(B)For one thing
(C)Such as
(D)For example
13.1513   Michael needs a wheelchair because of his ______ to walk.
14.1514   I ______ by jogging through the park after work.
15.1515   If you want to pass the entrance exam, you need to ______ some steps your homeroom teacher recommends to you.
16.1516   The symbol of a dream may have different meanings to you ______ to other people.
17.1517   I felt ______ when my classmate took my correction pen without asking me first.
(D)in anger
18.1518   Dreaming of a dark cloudy day can be interpreted ______ something bad is going to happen.
19.1519   ______ her classmates, Lucy is studying harder than before.
(A)Catching up with
(B)Caught up with
(C)To catch up with
(D)Catch up with
20.1520   Christianity is a popular ______ in the Western world.
21.1521   The city has a ______ on parking cars in this busy street.
22.1522   Ms. Johnson was our ______ teacher when Mr. Tiger asked for sick leave.
23.1523   This chemical ______ causes brain damage.
24.1524   The woman has a strong belief in God. She is very ______.
25.1525   The technological ______ has caused a great change in the process of production.
26.1526   Darwin concluded that men were ______ from apes.
27.1527   He collected a ______ of model cars.
28.1528   A ______ woman has pale yellow-colored hair.
29.1529   The process of ______ is still going on among plants, birds and animals.
30.1530   Many people ______ generously to help relieve the suffering of the quake victims.
31.1531   Theses creatures are derived from simpler ______ like coral(珊瑚) and jelly fish(水母).
32.1532   The ______ of a cell is the part that contains the chromosomes and controls the growth and reproduction of the cell.
33.1533   We ______ the flowers from the pot to the garden.
34.1534   He lives in my neighborhood. Actually, he lives on my ______.
35.1535   He went to American for the ______ of doing his business.
36.1536   If you ______ blue and yellow, you will get green.
(C)put together
37.1537   Harold Walker and I worked ______ together.
38.1538   Your discouraging words will ______ his hopes.
39.1539   The child has suffered the ______ of family break-up.
40.1540   Tom bought a new sweater to ______ the one he lost last week.
41.1541   It's a(n) ______ job; it requires your great effort and determination to complete it.
42.1542   The boss ______ his workers complaining.
43.1543   When you want to stop the car, press the brake ______.
44.1544   She is very careful in using money; she saves every possible penny. She is a ______ housewife.
45.1545   He took a ______ on the rope.
46.1546   Look before you ______.
(B)take action
47.1547   The passengers all went ______.
48.1548   At the garage sale, we can see all kinds of ______.
49.1549   The falling of leaves ______ the coming of winter.
50.1550   He has a kind heart and enjoy helping others. He seems like a ______.
51.1551   Bamboo ______ before the wind.
52.1552   It's urgent to ______ the ruined building in the devastating earthquake.
53.1553   The ship was being ______ by the waves.
54.1554   The farmer ______ the truck with vegetables.
55.1555   We have to ______ our belt and practice a plain way of life.
56.1556   After his parents died, he was sent to a(n) ______.
57.1557   Under his ______, I managed to complete my work.
58.1558   The air crash caused a terrible ______.
59.1559   Since I won’t stay in here for long, a ______ job is suitable.
60.1560   As we help others, we also ______ from the receiving side.
61.1561   The flood ______ are in need of food and water.
62.1562   She offered a five-hundred-dollar ______ for her missing dog.
63.1563   I found ______ from the sudden rain in the porch.
64.1564   The company is the only ______ for the program.
65.1565   There are several dental ______ in this neighborhood.
66.1566   He is a man of ability. I highly ______ him as your assistant.
67.1567   The standing ______ is composed of five members.
68.1568   They are twins and they are supposed to have many things in ______.
69.1569   Since my father retired, he has been a ______ worker at a hospital. Although he isn't paid, he found the work meaningful.
70.1570   I was angry because he took no ______ of what I said.
71.1571   I am writing on ______ of my husband, who is in the hospital.
72.1572   We have to be more patient with the ______, who develop slowly in their mental ability.
73.1573   The traffic congestion ______ our arrival.
74.1574   Eventually, space flight is ______ to all mankind.
75.1575   The Red Cross passes ______ clothes and other articles to the needy.
76.1577   The peace usually won't last long. There is little chance of ______ peace in the world.
77.1578   ______ the envelope before you have it mailed.
78.1579   Secretaries use ______ to hold important documents.
79.1580   I didn't mean to do it. It's just a(n) ______.
80.1581   He tried every key in his hand and ______ each in the lock. However the door still remained locked.
81.1582   The old man has been to many countries. I like to listen to the ______ about his adventure.
82.1583   I ______ the daily events in my diary.
83.1584   This is the Presley napkin. My mother has kept it as a ______ of the singer's farewell concert.
84.1585   The business was forced to close down for a period but was ______ revived.
85.1586   The mother ______ the child to behave himself.
86.1587   During the election campaign, there are always some ______ of the likely outcomes of the election.
87.1588   They tried to persuade me to do something by offering me a big sum of money. But I ______.
88.1589   He is lost in thought. He is ______ over his childhood.
89.1590   He made a ______ promise. I think he won't break it.
90.1591   He ______ down the stairs and hurt his leg.
91.1592   Dust has ______ on my desk during my absence.
92.1593   While we were quiet and listening to the teacher, John ______, “No, no. It’s quite the opposite.”
93.1594   Be on your ______ against pickpockets(扒手).
94.1595   It is a ______ to go to Taipei without visiting the National Palace Museum.
95.1596   He went in ______ of the monster.
96.1597   I cried but no one seemed to come to my ______.
97.1598   The cat ______ the mouse and caught it.
98.1599   Mark Twin is the ______ of Tom Sawyer.
99.1600   Although her husband has been dead for a year, we can still see a ______ expression on her face.