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1.1801   Mike loves his wife so much, and he always thinks that she is the most ______ woman in the world.
(A) glamorous
(B) personal
(C) powerful
(D) determined

2.1802   Tom is Jenny's ______ boyfriend, and Hank is her ex.
(A) creative
(B) current
(C) crucial
(D) complex

3.1803   After ______ at the counter, we went to our hotel room.
(A) honoring
(B) registering
(C) explaining
(D) determining

4.1804   Our teacher encourages us to take a ______ attitude toward life and always look on the bright side.
(A) general
(B) dark
(C) positive
(D) negative

5.1805   Jeff's ______ is damaged because of alcohol abuse.
(A) prayer
(B) liver
(C) petal
(D) effect

6.1806   That restaurant doesn't serve ______ beverages.
(A) gentle
(B) fashionable
(C) modern
(D) alcoholic

7.1807   Tim ______ his son for hours. They often talk together like friends.
(A) conversed with
(B) beat
(C) escaped from
(D) misunderstood

8.1808   Mr. Wang is a very ______ person in the company; therefore, his decision will influence a lot of employees.
(A) careful
(B) powerful
(C) dreadful
(D) harmful

9.1809   A picturesque ______ presented itself before our eyes.
(A) landlord
(B) language
(C) landscape
(D) laboratory

10.1810   Todd ______ his ankle when he fell off the ladder.
(A) sprayed
(B) sprained
(C) spread
(D) sprang

11.1811   From Jimmy's ______, money is more important than anything else in the world.
(A) village
(B) victory
(C) viewpoint
(D) violence

12.1812   You must show ______ to your elders by always behaving(行為)politely in their presence.
(A) tradition
(B) honor
(C) custom
(D) reaction

13.1813   Lisa's simple style of dress always has a pleasing ______.
(A) edition
(B) education
(C) economy
(D) effect

14.1814   The team looks excited. ______, they've won the game.
(A) Hopefully
(B) Obviously
(C) Unfortunately
(D) Hopelessly

15.1815   Reading aloud is ______ in learning a language.
(A) hopeful
(B) careful
(C) helpful
(D) painful

16.1816   U.F.O. stands for unidentified flying ______.
(A) object
(B) opportunity
(C) occasion
(D) office

17.1817   The clerk made an ______ of why he was absent from work yesterday.
(A) experiment
(B) experience
(C) explanation
(D) expectation

18.1818   It's ______ that someone drank my tea and left the empty cup on the table.
(A) difficult
(B) obvious
(C) impossible
(D) necessary

19.1819   The ______ across the river is made of marble.
(A) bridge
(B) kite
(C) train
(D) beach

20.1820   Many government ______ are at the meeting discussing the new law.
(A) dictators
(B) characters
(C) officials
(D) ancestors

21.1821   Thanks to my teacher's ______, I entered the speech contest and won first place.
(A) situation
(B) encouragement
(C) viewpoint
(D) invitation

22.1822   If you can stand in his ______, I am sure you can understand how he feels.
(A) shoes
(B) way
(C) place
(D) heel

23.1823   Christina is doubtless the most ______ person for that promising job. She has the education, work experience, and personality to succeed.
(A) ineffective
(B) pessimistic
(C) reluctant
(D) suitable

24.1824   If you have a better ______ of the situation, you will take my advice.
(A) understanding
(B) meaning
(C) listening
(D) explanation

25.1825   When they try to hire workers for their computers, employers usually decide within five minutes whether someone is______ for the job.
(A) different
(B) stationary
(C) suitable
(D) vertical

26.1826   Salmon have a ______ life cycle, migrating from river to ocean and back again to lay eggs. No other fish has the same life cycle.
(A) given
(B) Western
(C) unique
(D) similar

27.1827   Good friends not only spend time together but also ______ each other to work harder.
(A) urge
(B) teaches
(C) force
(D) argue

28.1828   Diana is a very ______ woman who always gets what she wants.
(A) traditional
(B) suitable
(C) discouraged
(D) determined

29.1829   Please pay attention to the traffic light while ______ the street.
(A) changing
(B) turning
(C) crossing
(D) lining

30.1830   On Jessica's ______ lies her beloved cat.
(A) nap
(B) lap
(C) patience
(D) imagination

31.1831   The husband ______ his wife to take a part-time job after their children had grown up.
(A) dissuaded
(B) taught
(C) encouraged
(D) found

32.1832   Don't ______ to turn off the light and the TV before you leave the room.
(A) remember
(B) remind
(C) forget
(D) forgive

33.1833   As an international language___________, English allows people of different countries to converse in a common language.
(A) prescribe
(B) communicate
(C) plan
(D) manage

34.1834   Isn't it ______ that Joseph is so quiet today? He loves to chat and joke all the time.
(A) independent
(B) unusual
(C) individualistic
(D) predictable

35.1835   It is a long ______ for many birds that live near the Bering Sea to fly from their feeding grounds to the Kenting National Park.
(A) journey
(B) hike
(C) system
(D) drive

36.1836   Please fill in the blanks for the ______ questions.
(A) meaningful
(B) listing
(C) printing
(D) following

37.1837   Lung cancer, one of the major killers in Taiwan, has long been associated with air pollution and smoking.
(A) dealt with
(B) grown into
(C) related to
(D) treated by

38.1838   My teacher taught me animals, plants and inanimate ______ in the science class today.
(A) objects
(B) results
(C) causes
(D) excuses

39.1839   When in danger, most parents will do what they can to ______ their children from harm.
(A) help
(B) protect
(C) provide
(D) handle

40.1840   Last month, fifty couples, who were married for fifty years and more, ______ their golden anniversary in the city hall.
(A) contributed
(B) confirmed
(C) celebrated
(D) combined

41.1841   Bill has an active ______. He can make up many interesting stories.
(A) conclusion
(B) education
(C) occupation
(D) imagination

42.1842   Having a romantic dinner is an old-fashioned way to ______ Valentine's Day.
(A) earn
(B) create
(C) publish
(D) celebrate

43.1843   Writing is a very useful ______ for students. In the future, they can use it at different workplaces.
(A) belief
(B) culture
(C) skill
(D) feature

44.1844   My father ______ left his important documents in the taxi.
(A) especially
(B) simply
(C) accidentally
(D) patiently

45.1845   Taking a walk after dinner every evening is my parents' ______.
(A) loyalty
(B) routine
(C) patience
(D) statue

46.1846   In Taiwan, some high school uniforms are symbols of excellence and honor.
(A) presents
(B) fashions
(C) signs
(D) restrictions

47.1847   Now everything is all set. It's ______ a matter of time. What we do is wait.
(A) especially
(B) simply
(C) hardly
(D) equally

48.1848   They hired a live-in caretaker to take long-term care of the ______.
(A) statue
(B) patient
(C) compassion
(D) procedure

49.1849   Julia waved her hand in ______.
(A) greeting
(B) recording
(C) melody
(D) court

50.1850   That area's announcement of their ______ may trigger a war.
(A) imagination
(B) indifference
(C) independence
(D) generosity

51.1851   In our lives, there are often a lot of ______ that we may encounter.
(A) routines
(B) habits
(C) statues
(D) obstacles

52.1852   In such a competitive world, newspapers and magazines must ______ in order to survive.
(A) change
(B) earn
(C) judge
(D) protect

53.1853   The ______ in charge of the legislator's case was attacked by a group of men last night.
(A) change
(B) judge
(C) copyright
(D) court

54.1854   The computer company reported a fall in yearly ______ due to a big drop in US sales.
(A) profit
(B) recording
(C) performance
(D) melody

55.1855   Mark Twain is considered to be an author with a ______ of humor.
(A) bless
(B) greet
(C) sense
(D) attempt

56.1856   Parents should not ______ how valuable education is for their children.
(A) polish
(B) swap
(C) glance
(D) ignore

57.1857   Alan's monthly ______ are enough to support his family's expenses.
(A) greetings
(B) earnings
(C) recordings
(D) performances

58.1858   I ______ should leave now, or I will be late for the next meeting.
(A) practically
(B) probably
(C) originally
(D) regularly

59.1859   The decoration of the store ______ a romantic atmosphere.
(A) performed
(B) created
(C) included
(D) published

60.1860   The newcomer is ______ and makes a lot of friends.
(A) easy-going
(B) selfish
(C) arrogant
(D) quiet

61.1861   We believe that we will achieve ______ despite all the frustration.
(A) failure
(B) success
(C) security
(D) ignorance

62.1862   The teacher ______ the spelling errors on my paper in red ink.
(A) cycled
(B) recycled
(C) circulated
(D) circled

63.1863   Mr. Schaefer said hello to the new manager at the meeting, but the manager ______ him.
(A) ignited
(B) ignored
(C) involved
(D) increased

64.1864   What a ______ you are! I can't believe you are smoking in bed!
(A) talent
(B) fool
(C) stranger
(D) genius

65.1865   Any pain in your body may be the warning sign to your health. Don't ______ any pain; otherwise, it may cause serious problems later.
(A) equivalent
(B) intensive
(C) ignore
(D) maximize

66.1866   The king ______ his eldest prince, announcing he was the new king.
(A) pleased
(B) crowned
(C) crowded
(D) pressed

67.1867   Kelly ______ those flowers from her ex-boyfriend.
(A) decided
(B) expend
(C) ignored
(D) rocked

68.1868   ______ sometimes depends on an understanding of a particular cultural background.
(A) Humor
(B) Snob
(C) Security
(D) Humble

69.1869   In the concert outside the city hall, some of the island's hottest entertainers accompanied the ______ as they counted down to the New Year.
(A) prediction
(B) crowds
(C) explore
(D) maintain

70.1870   Without fashionable clothes, Terry has no ______ to attend the party.
(A) cord
(B) crisp
(C) coverage
(D) confidence

71.1871   The boss is too proud and ______ to please.
(A) arrogant
(B) insecure
(C) friendly
(D) confident

72.1872   A 35-year-old woman ______ numerous problems due to vitamin B1 deficiency.
(A) developed
(B) defended
(C) decreased
(D) device

73.1873   The manager showed much ______ every time he made an important decision.
(A) source
(B) address
(C) branch
(D) wisdom

74.1874   Japan has more and bigger companies; ______, there are only small and medium firms in Taiwan.
(A) therefore
(B) despite
(C) however
(D) since

75.1875   I entered the distance race ______ in the sports meet.
(A) event
(B) crash
(C) incident
(D) accident

76.1876   My cat sometimes ______ cockroaches and plays with them until they are dead.
(A) buys
(B) catches
(C) teaches
(D) fights

77.1877   Mr. Johnson is ______ in political circles and plans to run for mayor.
(A) hopeful
(B) hopeless
(C) active
(D) inactive

78.1878   I ______ one slice of lemon to flavor the black tea.
(A) smelled
(B) added
(C) lost
(D) poured

79.1879   Reading magazines and newspapers helps you to learn about current ______.
(A) associations
(B) events
(C) possibilities
(D) improvements

80.1880   One ______ effect of drinking too much is liver damage.
(A) active
(B) top
(C) fault
(D) side

81.1881   The mother put an ice ______ on her son's head to lower his fever.
(A) pack
(B) park
(C) part
(D) pace

82.1882   By 7:40, ______ every student was seated in the classroom this morning.
(A) almost
(B) although
(C) alphabet
(D) altogether

83.1883   Their plan is still under ______; the boss hasn't made any decision.
(A) conclusion
(B) development
(C) confidence
(D) discussion

84.1884   The story of her success ______ us to make more efforts.
(A) inspected
(B) inspired
(C) perspired
(D) invested

85.1885   The cross is the ______ of Christianity.
(A) sympathy
(B) syllable
(C) symbol
(D) symphony

86.1886   Such things only ______ in fiction. They can't be real.
(A) exist
(B) exhibit
(C) exit
(D) expand

87.1887   In geography class, the teacher ______ having visited Germany.
(A) considered
(B) suggested
(C) questioned
(D) mentioned

88.1888   Jack's proposal was ______ by his girlfriend, so he felt very disappointed.
(A) turned down
(B) named after
(C) looked down
(D) carried out

89.1889   This street is named ______ the great dancer.
(A) with
(B) at
(C) after
(D) from

90.1890   We didn't think that Henry's plan could work, so we ______ him ______.
(A) turn; in
(B) turned; on
(C) turn; up
(D) turned; down

91.1891   There are many ways to deal with your anger. ______, you may go for a walk or talk to a friend about it.
(A) To look up
(B) In view of
(C) As a result
(D) For example

92.1892   Officially, Mr. Huang is in charge of the company, but ______, his wife does all of the work.
(A) in fact
(B) in the end
(C) by the way
(D) at birth

93.1893   You should ______ the new word in the dictionary yourself.
(A) find out
(B) look for
(C) look up
(D) look at

94.1894   ______, your daughter doesn't like the English name you chose for her. She wants a name that sounds beautiful.
(A) In focus
(B) In general
(C) In that
(D) In fact

95.1895   Miss Yao promised to come to Jane's birthday party, but in the end she didn't ______.
(A) show up
(B) take up
(C) make up
(D) look up

96.1896   David bought the mansion ______, without any financial help from his parents.
(A) as well
(B) in fact
(C) in front of
(D) on his own

97.1897   Alice ______ poor grades by not studying.
(A) continued to
(B) brought up
(C) cut down
(D) asked for

98.1898   Shakespeare is known ______ one of the greatest writers.
(A) for
(B) as
(C) to
(D) with

99.1899   The novelist ______ write until he passed away.
(A) waited for
(B) compared to
(C) continued to
(D) led to

100.1900   Their children have lived ______ since the old couple retired.
(A) to their taste
(B) in their opinions
(C) of their own
(D) on their own