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1.101   A: Hello, Joe. How are you?B: ______
(A)Fine, how do you do?
(B)Oh. Fine, it is kind of you.
(C)Fine, thanks. How about you?
(D)Fine, nice to know you.

2.102   (Someone is ringing the doorbell.)Alex: Who is it?Bob: ______
(A)It's me. Bob.
(B)I'm Bob.
(C)This is me, Bob.
(D)This is Sam.

3.103   A: Hello? Is this Joe's barber shop? B: No, I'm afraid you've called the wrong number. A: ______ B: That's all right.
(A)Oh, I'm sorry.
(B)No! That's impossible!
(C)Are you sure?
(D)May I speak to Joe?

4.104   A: You look sad. What happened?B: ______
(A)Do I look sad about that hopped?
(B)I didn't do well on the math test yesterday.
(C)That's right.
(D)Is it my business?

5.105   Sue: I have an English test this afternoon.Jane: ______
(A)Good luck!
(B)That's bad!
(C)Good-bye, Sue.
(D)But I do.

6.106   Mary: I've almost finished typing my homework paper. John: Tell me when it's ready. I'd like to see it. Question: What does the man want to do?
(A)Borrow the typewriter.
(B)Read Mary’s paper.
(C)Go home soon.
(D)Visit Mary's home.

7.107   Woman: Please pass me the sugar.Man: Pardon me?Question: What does the man want the woman to do?
(A)Put sugar in the tea.
(B)Excuse me.
(C)Repeat what she said.
(D)Allow him to pass.

8.108   Clerk: May I help you?Mr. Lee: Yes, I'd like to cash this check.Clerk: ______
(A)33.4 New Taiwan dollars for an American dollar.
(B)I'm sorry. No more check is available.
(C)I'm afraid it will take four or five days before we can cash it for you.
(D)I don’t

9.109   John: ______ How can I get to the park?Woman: Turn right on Park Street, and you'll find it.
(A)I'm sorry.
(B)Excuse me.
(C)Talk to me.
(D)Say it.

10.110   Clerk: ______Peter: Yes, I'd like to buy some jelly.
(A)May I help you?
(B)Are you all right?
(C)How do you like it?
(D)What do you want?

11.112   A good student usually goes home ______ after school.

12.113   She was ______ that there might be a ghost in the dark.

13.114   The poor boy died of ______ after not eating for two weeks.

14.115   I always ______ him as a soldier.

15.116   She became thin with ______ after her dog died.

16.117   Be ______ to strangers.

17.118   It is ______ of you to call people bad names.

18.119   John is both polite and ______.

19.120   He ______ his money in stocks and bonds.

20.121   Many people in Taiwan ______ the terrible earthquake on September 21, 1999.
(A)did without
(B)happened to
(C)depended on
(D)died from

21.122   Many people ______ cholera(霍亂).
(A)died of
(B)died from
(C)died away
(D)deal with

22.123   Mary went shopping ______ going to school.
(A)in return
(B)in spite of
(C)instead of
(D)in person

23.124   ______, he was forced to leave the country.
(A)As a rule
(B)As long as
(C)As soon as
(D)As a result

24.125   We had better leave immediately, or we'll arrive late. = We had better leave ______.
(A)right away
(B)put away
(C)in haste
(D)in a hurry

25.126   Everything the President predicted(預言) has ______.
(A)come out
(B)come down
(C)come true
(D)come across

26.127   A: Would you do me a favor, Mary? B: ______ What is it?
(B)Excuse me?
(D)With pleasure.

27.128   He goes to the movies every evening because he ______ films.
(A)is full of
(B)is fit for
(C)is fond of
(D)is famous for

28.129   If you don't understand a word, you say, “______”
(A)What's wrong with it?
(B)What happened?
(C)What does it mean?
(D)What's the matter?

29.130   People ______ wash clothes at the riverside, but now we ______ the laundry with the washing machine at home.
(A)were used to; make
(B)used to; make
(C)were used to; do
(D)used to; do
(E)washed; wash

30.131   He ______ his homework before he ate dinner.
(C)had finished
(D)is finishing

31.132   My father will be back ______ four.

32.133   The person ______ I talked to was her brother.

33.134   This is the reason ______ he wants to be a doctor.

34.135   Would you mind my ______ in this room?
(B)to smoke

35.136   I begged Mary ______ her job for another week.
(A)stay on
(B)staying on
(C)stayed on
(D)to stay on

36.137   It ______ me two weeks to finish the job.

37.138   During the summer vacation, the Lins ______ a trip to Hualien.
(C)had taken
(D)was taking

38.139   The king won't be able ______ his country again.
(D)to see

39.140   金錢萬能(金錢能解決一切)。
(A)Time is money.
(B)Money does not grow on trees.
(C)Money talks.
(D)There is money in it.

40.141   約翰將書桌上的報紙拿起來。John ______ the newspaper which was on the desk.
(A)picked out
(B)picked up
(C)picked up with
(D)put up

41.142   他們要求提供食物及住宿。They ______ food and lodging.
(A)asked for
(B)answered for
(C)asked about
(D)asked after

42.143   她拒絕了他的求婚。She ______ his marriage proposal.
(A)turned out
(B)turned off
(C)turned into
(D)turned down

43.144   你昨天怎麼沒來? ______ you didn't come yesterday?
(A)How about
(B)How come

44.145   The bank has promised to grant the company a $200,000 loan.

45.146   The fake diamond broke at once when I dropped it on the ground.

46.147   My aunt Susanna's house is always full of flowers.

47.148   Suddenly, the weather changed.

48.149   Please wash your hands before you take a bite of your sandwich.

49.150   A big screen TV is useless if no good shows are on TV.

50.151   A: How much interest must I pay?B: ______
(A)I am not interested at all.
(B)Pay a little attention.
(C)The rate is 5%.
(D)Have fun.

51.152   A: Is it okay to eat fish for dinner today?B: ______ Fish is my favorite(喜愛的).
(A)That's all right.
(B)That's too bad.
(C)That's nothing.
(D)Why not pork?

52.153   A: You should change and get out of your wet clothes.B: ______ I don't want to catch a cold.
(A)Why do you say that?
(B)Good idea.
(C)Excuse me.
(D)It's not possible.

53.154   A: Could I have the number to Celine Dion?B: ______, please?A:D-I-O-N.
(A)One moment
(B)Could you spell her last name
(C)Could you spell her first name
(D)May I help you

54.155   A: Hello. Hyatt Hotel Taipei. ______B: Yes. I would like to make a reservation.
(A)May I help you?
(B)One moment, please.
(C)Could you spell it for me?
(D)Could you repeat it?

55.156   According to the report, the number of people regularly using dating sites on the Internet ______ from 3.2 million in December 1999 to 5.6 million in October 2000.

56.157   Amy ______ herself to be a good student.

57.158   John is a ______ of Dancing Club.

58.159   John ______ from his home a month ago.

59.160   The picture has no market ______.

60.161   The crops have been ______ by the storm.

61.162   A good dictionary will give ______ to you.

62.163   The airplane ______ into the cloudy sky.

63.164   The number 57,306 contains five ______.

64.165   A dictionary gives ______ about words and phrases.

65.166   We had better leave ______, or we'll arrive late.
(A)run away
(B)right now
(C)run across
(D)right on

66.167   I ______ three hundred dollars ______ the dictionary.
(A)put; back
(B)paid; for
(C)passed; by
(D)picked; out

67.168   He would often ______ becoming a great musician.
(A)depend on
(B)decide on
(C)dream of
(D)deal with

68.169   It's necessary to ______ shoes before buying them.
(A)try in
(B)try on
(C)take off
(D)take on

69.170   The game was ______ because of darkness.
(A)called up
(B)called off
(C)called down
(D)called on

70.171   The letters P.O. ______ post office.
(A)stand up
(B)stand for
(C)stand by
(D)stand up for

71.172   Will you ______ your knife ______ that man?
(A)let; go
(B)lend; to
(C)borrow; from
(D)lend; from

72.173   He is ready to ______ from the hotel.
(A)check in
(B)check up
(C)check on
(D)check out

73.174   Lin is John's ______.
(A)last name
(B)first name
(D)given name

74.175   We ______ the answer to the riddle at last.
(A)filled with
(B)failed to
(C)fell down
(D)found out

75.176   He makes ______ to walk after dinner.
(A)it a rule
(B)it is a rule
(C)a rule of it
(D)a rule

76.177   He spends a lot of money ______ entertaining his friends.

77.178   John went to school ______ bus.

78.179   It's not wise to spend all your money ______ video games.

79.180   The boy earns his living by ______ papers.
(B)to sell
(C)having sold
(D)to have sold

80.181   What happened ______ you? You look sad.

81.182   We had trouble ______ the right road through the forest.
(A)to find
(B)for finding
(D)having found

82.183   The boss was not ______ my answer.
(A)satisfying for
(B)satisfied by
(C)satisfied with
(D)satisfied to

83.184   The clock has been working well since it ______.
(A)was fixed
(B)has been fixed
(D)had fixed

84.185   He ______ very hard lately.
(C)has worked
(D)will work

85.186   Tons of thousands of books ______ every year.
(A)are published
(B)are publishing
(C)have been publishing
(D)have been published

86.187   On the bus I saw a student ______ I thought was your brother.

87.188   The boy ______ parents died some years ago lives with his uncle.

88.189   Help yourself ______ the fruit on the desk.

89.190   ______ will do you good to take some exercise every morning.

90.191   鞋子的尺寸和價格都有不同。
(A)Shoes vary in size and price.
(B)Shoes vary on size and price.
(C)Shoes refer in size and price.
(D)Shoes select in size and price.

91.192   那故事分成三部分。The story ______ three part.
(A)falls apart
(B)falls down
(C)falls into
(D)falls on

92.193   每個人要在九點以前到工廠簽到。Everyone has to ______ at the factory by nine o'clock.
(A)check up
(B)check in
(C)check on
(D)check out

93.194   他們一定有事發生了。Something must ______ them.
(A)have had difficulty in
(B)have had to do with
(C)have happened to
(D)have had an effect on

94.195   目前海倫暫時在出口部工作。______ Helen is working in the export department.
(A)For the purpose of
(B)For lack of
(C)For the first time
(D)For the time being

95.196   她無法克服她的害羞。She can't ______ her shyness.
(A)get off
(B)get on
(C)get through
(D)get over

96.197   他把所有東西放回原位。He ______ everything ______ where it belonged.
(A)put; down
(B)put; back
(C)put; aside
(D)put; off

97.198   小洞不補,大來吃苦。A stitch ______ saves nine.
(A)on time
(B)in turn
(C)in time
(D)in vain

98.199   Fiona went to the bank to exchange NT for US dollars before her trip.

99.200   When Harry met Alex was when his troubles began.