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1.1901   To give a speech ______ a large audience takes much courage.
(A) at the top of
(B) in front of
(C) for the purpose of
(D) in charge of

2.1902   Hanging out with many people is not ______ having many friends.
(A) familiar with
(B) as soon as
(C) a deal of
(D) the same as

3.1903   Some teenagers work hard on being popular. ______, the best way is to be truly friendly to everyone.
(A) At last
(B) In fact
(C) As a result
(D) In sum

4.1904   ______ my grandmother saw the snake, she turned pale.
(A) In case
(B) Even if
(C) As soon as
(D) As long as

5.1905   Jenny is a famous lawyer. Her parents ______ her.
(A) see much of
(B) land a punch on
(C) look down on
(D) take pride in

6.1906   The husband and wife have a lot ______ in their values.
(A) in sight
(B) in crowd
(C) in sum
(D) in common

7.1907   Although I have grown up, my parents still ______ me as a little girl. (Please choose the wrong answer.)
(A) think of
(B) see
(C) consider
(D) view

8.1908   Jessica is a talented girl. ______, she can play the piano and speak five languages.
(A) As a result
(B) On the contrary
(C) In sum
(D) For example

9.1909   Linda asks too much of herself. ______ she often feels stress.
(A) It's because
(B) That's why
(C) It depends
(D) That's how

10.1910   Sara takes an interest in many subjects. She likes math and English; she loves music ______.
(A) more often
(B) on the other hand
(C) as well
(D) instead

11.1911   Mother reminded me ______ Grandpa's birthday and asked me to get him a present.
(A) to
(B) that
(C) of
(D) with

12.1912   ______ list contains the names of regular customers of the restaurant.
(A) The follow
(B) Following
(C) The following
(D) Followed

13.1913   After their parents died, the elder brother ______ a parent to take care of his sisters.
(A) worked for
(B) acted as
(C) played with
(D) starred in

14.1914   Aesop's fables often ______ readers a very important ______.
(A) teach; lesson
(B) teach; class
(C) learn; lesson
(D) give; class

15.1915   I always ______ Auntie Polly ______ my mother.
(A) consider; X
(B) think of; X
(C) consider; as
(D) see of; as

16.1916   If you ______ your teacher's shoes, you'll know why she had to punish you at that time.
(A) stand in
(B) turn in
(C) hand in
(D) get in

17.1917   The naughty boy often ______ trouble in school.
(A) makes into
(B) turns into
(C) forms into
(D) gets into

18.1918   I met Joe last Christmas, and I haven't heard from him since ______.
(A) so far
(B) that day
(C) this moment
(D) up to now

19.1919   Whenever the former minister ______, armed police accompanied him.
(A) won a case
(B) came to an end
(C) went to court
(D) happened to

20.1920   After the basketball player was seriously injured, his career ______.
(A) won his case
(B) caught up with
(C) came across
(D) came to an end

21.1921   The chase ______ after two hours because the robber ran out of gas.
(A) won a case
(B) went to court
(C) gave in
(D) came to an end

22.1922   The young lawyer ______ for the first time and was awarded US$20,000.
(A) won his case
(B) came to an end
(C) had better
(D) looked forward to

23.1923   With their ID cards, local residents can visit the exhibition ______. However, other visitors must pay one hundred dollars.
(A) for profit
(B) for free
(C) for further details
(D) for the moment

24.1924   Students are able to use the online system to ______ scholarships.
(A) associate with
(B) apply for
(C) remind of
(D) speak up

25.1925   They ran the bookstore ______, so they had to figure out ways to attract more customers.
(A) at a distance
(B) for profit
(C) at best
(D) with ease

26.1926   My son is very ______ his good grades in school.
(A) skillful in
(B) good at
(C) proud of
(D) associated with

27.1927   The two tribes are ______ with each other for that piece of land.
(A) sold out
(B) at war
(C) for sure
(D) used up

28.1928   ______, the newcomer gets more and more familiar with the company.
(A) Day after day
(B) Some day
(C) The other day
(D) To this day

29.1929   After losing his job, the formerly rich man ______ a beggar.
(A) changed with
(B) exchanged for
(C) turned around
(D) turned into

30.1930   As Linda ______ turn off the light, her mobile phone rang.
(A) used to
(B) was used to
(C) was sure to
(D) was about to

31.1931   Roses are considered a ______ love and desire.
(A) piece of
(B) symbol of
(C) sign for
(D) mark for

32.1932   ______ being a doctor, he is also a writer.
(A) In fact
(B) In addition to
(C) In and out
(D) In terms of

33.1933   A: Do you love me? B: ______, you are the only one.
(A) Not necessarily
(B) Certainly not
(C) For the time being
(D) Of course

34.1934   ______, Chinese culture has been regarded as unique and influential.
(A) At present
(B) Through the ages
(C) From that moment on
(D) Since then

35.1935   Rose tea is used ______ a stomachache.
(A) to cure
(B) to curing
(C) for cure
(D) in cure

36.1936   Her parents disapproved of her marriage to Tom, but they went to the wedding ______.
(A) at all
(B) after all
(C) above all
(D) in all

37.1937   In Taiwan, the presidential election ______ every four years.
(A) takes place
(B) takes out
(C) takes off
(D) takes in

38.1938   Kevin tries to convince Ann ______ his innocence.
(A) of
(B) at
(C) with
(D) for

39.1939   A: ______ does the soup smell like? B: It smells like chocolate.
(A) How
(B) Where
(C) Why
(D) What

40.1940   We can pay money in the ______ ways—check, cash and credit card.
(A) follow
(B) followed
(C) follows
(D) following

41.1941   I like Chinese style buildings, and I prefer eating Chinese food ______.
(A) or so
(B) as well
(C) so long
(D) so far

42.1942   She ______ get along with those children. Why don't you let her try it?
(A) maybe able to
(B) may be able to
(C) may can
(D) can may

43.1943   As a child, I had no chance ______ my father if he was serious about a certain decision.
(A) against
(B) for
(C) with
(D) besides

44.1944   Dad decided ______ in China next year.
(A) to work
(B) working
(C) to working
(D) to be worked

45.1945   After struggling for a while, the poor little bird died ______.
(A) in the beginning
(B) at times
(C) for life
(D) in the end

46.1946   If you feel more confident and ______, you'll find that others like you as well.
(A) more like yourself
(B) like more yourself
(C) like yourself more
(D) most like yourself

47.1947   The girl ______ her dog sit on her lap.
(A) asked
(B) got
(C) led
(D) had

48.1948   You must learn to like yourself and ______.
(A) confidence
(B) confident
(C) being confident
(D) be confident

49.1949   There are willows ______ the right side of the riverbank.
(A) for
(B) of
(C) on
(D) in

50.1950   Movie stars may pick a stage name ______ sounds more attractive.
(A) where
(B) who
(C) whose
(D) that

51.1951   When you are in trouble, be sure to ______ professional help.
(A) ask for
(B) go with
(C) allow for
(D) stand for

52.1952   ______ arriving in Kaohsiung, I found my friend waiting for me at the station.
(A) On
(B) As soon as
(C) The moment
(D) Although

53.1953   The price of the laptop computer is different ______ that of the desktop.
(A) from
(B) to
(C) in
(D) for

54.1954   When the mother returned home, the housework ______.
(A) is done
(B) had done
(C) had been done
(D) has been done

55.1955   The teacher inspired his students ______ hard after telling them his life story.
(A) as work
(B) for working
(C) to work
(D) in working

56.1956   The students continue ______ no matter how noisy it is outside the classroom.
(A) to studying
(B) to study
(C) studied
(D) for studying

57.1957   It seems ______ everyone had fun at the farewell party.
(A) to
(B) for
(C) which
(D) that

58.1958   The Japanese ______ to eat raw fish and fresh seafood.
(A) prefer
(B) prefers
(C) is like
(D) likes

59.1959   Sandy studied extra hard ______ get good grades.
(A) in order to
(B) instead of
(C) in addition to
(D) besides

60.1960   I gave a box of chocolate ______ John for his birthday.
(A) on
(B) for
(C) to
(D) by

61.1961   In fact, cats are able ______ on their own very well.
(A) living
(B) to live
(C) to living
(D) of living

62.1962   We all went to the concert ______ John, who was busy with his science project.
(A) except
(B) besides
(C) with
(D) as well as

63.1963   Ben makes ______ money than his sister does.
(A) little
(B) least
(C) less
(D) better

64.1964   Several parts of his body ______ badly hurt in the terrible accident.
(A) were
(B) was
(C) had
(D) have

65.1965   It was ______ that more than 1,000 students participated in the basketball event.
(A) reported
(B) report
(C) reporting
(D) reporter

66.1966   The new TV program got lots of feedback from the audience, ______ compliments, suggestions, and complaints.
(A) include
(B) including
(C) included
(D) inclusive

67.1967   ______ David had a bad cold, he went to school as usual.
(A) Though
(B) Because
(C) However
(D) Therefore

68.1968   A: Uncle Tom is in Washington. ______, you may have a chance to see him. B: It's too late. I'm in New York now.
(A) If you are also in the city
(B) You can call him
(C) Because you are named after him
(D) After you become wise

69.1969   A: Can you tell me something about Hwa-lien? B: Hwa-lien, ______ is in the eastern part of Taiwan, is a popular place for Japanese visitors.
(A) where
(B) why
(C) which
(D) how

70.1970   A: Tom didn't come to school again? B: No, he didn't. The major reason ______ he is often absent is that he misses the school bus.
(A) what
(B) who
(C) why
(D) where

71.1971   A: Do you think your ancestors are Chinese? B: ______
(A) The ancestors are Chinese grandparents.
(B) Yes, they are my ancestors.
(C) Yes, Chinese things are my father's favorite.
(D) Well, yes. They mostly came from China.

72.1972   A: May I have your name, please? B: ______
(A) I know you have my name.
(B) Sure. My name is Tom.
(C) Sure. You may have a name.
(D) Sorry. You may not.

73.1973   A: How did you get your name? B: ______
(A) I found it in the supermarket.
(B) I think I lost it in the post office.
(C) I like it very much.
(D) I was named after my mom.

74.1974   A: There isn't any hot water in my room. B: I'm sorry. ______
(A) I will have someone take care of it right away.
(B) What is the matter with you?
(C) Mind your own business.
(D) You can say that again.

75.1975   A: I'd like to reserve a table for four for seven tonight. B: ______
(A) Sorry. We're full tonight.
(B) Eight o'clock is not a good time.
(C) This way, please.
(D) Do I need a reservation?

76.1976   A: ______ B: No jeans, please.
(A) May I have a menu, please?
(B) Could you check again?
(C) Do you have a dress code?
(D) May I order, please?

77.1977   A: I flunked in the math exam. B: ______ Study harder next time.
(A) I am happy for you.
(B) Well, it's not the end of the world.
(C) I feel a little sick.
(D) I couldn't agree with you more.

78.1978   A: Are you looking for something? B: ______
(A) I'm just browsing.
(B) Let's grab something to eat.
(C) If you need help, please let me know.
(D) The fitting room is over there.

79.1979   A: Hey, Jason. It's me, Melinda. B: ______ You've changed a lot.
(A) Sorry. I don't know you.
(B) How do you know me?
(C) I didn't recognize you.
(D) You stood me up again.

80.1980   A: You look nervous. What's wrong? B: I have a presentation this afternoon. A: ______
(A) Break a leg.
(B) I put my foot in my mouth.
(C) Take a wild guess.
(D) Don't mention it.

81.1982   A: What do you plan to do this weekend? B: ______
(A) I plan to do it this weekend.
(B) I am planning to do it next week.
(C) I have not decided yet.
(D) Yes. How do you know it?

82.1983   A: I plan to go to a movie. B: ______
(A) When can I see you?
(B) Who is going with you?
(C) What will you do this afternoon?
(D) How have you been lately?

83.1984   A: May I speak to Betty, please? B: ______
(A) Speaking.
(B) I am speaking of Betty.
(C) Who is speaking?
(D) Yes, you may speak.

84.1985   A: What is in that green box? B: ______
(A) It's a birthday gift for my sister.
(B) My sister likes green color very much.
(C) Green is my favorite color.
(D) Do you like this box, too?

85.1986   A: How long will you stay here? B: ______
(A) About next week.
(B) About ten days.
(C) The day after tomorrow.
(D) I think next Sunday.

86.1987   A: Do you like your teacher? B: ______
(A) I enjoy learning English very much.
(B) I see him very often.
(C) Actually, I respect him very much.
(D) I don't really like studying math.

87.1988   A: Have you ever talked with the new girl? B: I'd love to, ______. A: How about beginning a conversation by talking about weather? B: Sounds good.
(A) and I'm a good talker
(B) but I don't know what to say
(C) but I don't have a goo

88.1989   A: How's your teacher? B: ______ A: She must be a nice person.
(A) She is very ill.
(B) I see her as one of my best friends.
(C) I think of her from time to time.
(D) She comes from Australia.

89.1990   Server: ______ Judy: Yes. I'd like a hamburger and mushroom soup. Server: Sure. No problem.
(A) Can I put in an order?
(B) Can I take your order?
(C) Can you carry out my order?
(D) Can you maintain order?

90.1991   Waitress: Would you like anything else? Norman: Chocolate cake, please. Waitress: OK. ______
(A) I hate chocolate cake.
(B) I'll be right back.
(C) I'm afraid I can't.
(D) I like ice cream.

91.1992   James: Are you going somewhere tomorrow? Harry: ______ James: Neither do I. Let's just stay at home.
(A) It depends on the weather.
(B) Tainan is too far for me.
(C) I don't feel like going anywhere.
(D) I'm going to the library.

92.1993   Tracy: May I ask you a favor? Janet: ______ What is it? Tracy: Would you lend me three hundred dollars? Janet: Sure, if you promise to return the money on Wednesday.
(A) That depends.
(B) That's impossible.
(C) I'm afraid not.

93.1994   Roger: Here we are. This is Chung-ming's house. Ted: Should we take off our shoes before we get in? Roger: This is Taiwan, and as you know, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Ted: Right. We should ______.
(A) go to Rome.
(B) follow Chung-ming home.
(C) follow Taiwanese customs.
(D) go to the shoe store.

94.1995   Beth: ______ John: It is exciting, but it is crowded.
(A) Do you live in Taipei?
(B) What is the weather like?
(C) Do you prefer Taipei to Keelung?
(D) What do you think of Taipei?

95.1996   John: What are your hobbies? Jo: ______
(A) Getting up early.
(B) Listening to music and playing basketball.
(C) A nurse and a teacher.
(D) I don't like fishing very much.

96.1997   Matt: You look down. What's wrong? Nick: ______ Matt: It happens. Friends sometimes don't agree with each other.
(A) I made a new friend.
(B) My best friend is moving to another country.
(C) I have to stand in my friend's shoes.
(D) I got into an argument with my friend.

97.1998   Harry: I couldn't believe Mr. Lee made such a decision. Charlie: He's the boss, after all. ______, then we may understand why he did such things.
(A) If we don't follow him
(B) Let's do what we want
(C) It isn't easy to be the boss
(D) We have to stand in his shoes

98.1999   A: A bunch of us are going to the KTV. Would you like to join us? B: Thank you for inviting me. But ______
(A) who is going to buy?
(B) I have an important exam tomorrow.
(C) maybe we can go to the library together.
(D) how about see

99.2000   A: ______ B: At the Beitou MRT station, six o'clock. A: No problem. See you later.
(A) How about going shopping tonight?
(B) Let's take the MRT to the zoo.
(C) Where are we going to meet?
(D) Where did you park your car?