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1.201   A: I really like this textbook.B: ______
(A)Why not?
(B)Why’s that?
(C)How often?
(D)How many?

2.202   A: ______B: My pleasure.
(A)Could you find my pencil?
(B)Would you like some more?
(C)Can you write English?
(D)Can you open the door for me?

3.203   Ron: Bob, I need to get a birthday card for Jane. Where have you seen a good one?Bob: ______
(A)I don't know, but why don't you ask Peter to make you one?
(B)Try the bookstore around the corner.
(C)Yes, I'll tell Nancy.
(D)It's out in the suburbs. It's ab

4.204   X: When will the nurse come back? Y: ______
(A)With my parents.
(B)Last week.
(C)In a short time.
(D)To call on you.

5.205   A: What's the temperature?B: ______
(A)It's cloudy.
(B)It's good idea.
(C)In the low 20s.
(D)That's O.K.

6.206   Tom: I'm sorry I don't know. Mary: ______
(A)No thanks.
(B)I don't think so.
(C)That's good enough.
(D)Sorry to have troubled you.

7.207   When you can't understand what someone has said, your should say: ______
(A)Repeat it, please.
(B)I beg your pardon?
(C)Excuse me.
(D)Yes, just a little.

8.208   When someone gets excited. You should say: ______
(A)That's fine.
(B)Others will laugh at you.
(C)What a pity!
(D)Take it easy.

9.209   When someone opens the door for you. You should say: ______
(A)I'll open it myself.
(B)Thank you very much.
(C)It's none of your business.
(D)I'm greatly embarrassed.

10.210   When someone says, “What does your uncle do?”, you should say: ______
(A)He's married.
(B)He's Mr. Smith.
(C)He's a carpenter.
(D)He's making a desk.

11.211   Mary and Peter will have a wedding ceremony next Sunday. They are ______ letters of invitation to their good friends.

12.212   ______ the mouse is a movement commonly used in operating a computer.

13.213   Attracted toward the city life, Peter sold the ______ from his ancestors and bought a house in the city.

14.214   We don't know who is the ______ of the package.

15.215   The official is ______ food to the poor.

16.216   There are many birds in the ______.

17.217   The ______ of Asia is a large piece of land on earth.

18.218   What are the ______ of these charts in your report?

19.219   How's the ______ in Tokyo today?

20.220   Click “Outlook Express” ______ to open it.

21.221   This book ______ a lot of fun stuff.

22.222   The city which ______ Taipei is Kaohsiung.
(A)was farthest from away
(B)was farthest away from
(C)is farthest away from
(D)be farthest away from

23.223   If you feel tired, you may ______ and go on a tour.
(A)make good time
(B)take time off
(C)tell time
(D)keep good time

24.224   The weather today ______ yesterday’s.
(A)was the same as
(B)was the same
(C)is the same
(D)is the same as

25.225   There are ______.
(A)many kind of persons
(B)many kinds of persones
(C)many kinds of persons
(D)many kind of person

26.226   Mary has no idea about punctuality; she never comes ______.
(A)at intervals
(B)on time
(C)at times
(D)in time

27.227   Tom's and Helen's families were opposed to their marriage, so they got married ______.
(A)in despair
(B)in danger
(C)in advance
(D)in secret

28.【已刪除】228   I haven't received letters from her for a long time.
(A)heard of
(B)heard from
(C)heard about
(D)heard out

29.229   Our national flag stands for our country. So we ought to respect it.

30.230   He is obliged to go back to work in order to support his family.
(B)ought to
(D)had better

31.231   The teacher told the class a story ______ written by a famous writer.
(A)that is
(B)that was
(C)that were
(D)that be

32.232   If a book contains a lot of information, it is very ______.

33.233   I ______ many birthday cards each year.

34.234   Sydney is expected to have a heavy snowstorm. It will be very ______ with a low of minus 15 and a high of zero.

35.235   Learning how to read charts can help us obtain information ______.
(A)quick and efficient
(B)quick and efficiently
(C)quickly and efficiently
(D)quickly and efficient

36.236   The pie chart shows ______ the seven continents, Asia is the largest.
(A)that of
(D)what of

37.237   To say is one thing; to do is quite ______.
(B)the other
(D)any other

38.238   I don't know if she ______ tomorrow.
(B)will come
(D)should come

39.239   ______ do you like better, this or that?

40.240   In order to get the newest knowledge, you must know ______ to get information quickly.

41.241   請輸入你的密碼。Please ______ your password.

42.242   去年我習慣在六點鐘起床。______ at 6:00 last year.
(A)I used to rising
(B)I used to rise
(C)I am used rising
(D)I am used to rise

43.243   Talking on the phone takes up 30% of David's day.

44.244   As you can see, there are many ways to show your love.

45.245   The teacher will give us a quick idea of what will be on the test.

46.246   Some flowers are used to make perfume.

47.247   Music makes it easier for me to learn new words in English.

48.248   There are many kinds of milk teas in Taiwan.

49.249   A look at his homework and you will know why he gets good grades.

50.250   Learning how to read in English will help you get more information.

51.251   A: I haven't seen you all week. Let's ______!B: That sounds like a good idea.
(A)see how weak we are
(B)get together and have tea
(C)get together like we did last night
(D)not get together and feel sorry

52.252   A: I broke Mom's favorite teapot.B: Oh, no! She will be very angry! ______
(A)I think Mom knows the problem.
(B)We should be very happy.
(C)Good. More problems for us.
(D)I think you are in trouble.

53.253   A: Will you come to the party?B: I'm sorry. ______ I have to work.
(A)It can be done.
(B)I will go today.
(C)I don't think I can make it.
(D)I'm sure I can go.

54.254   A: You can play the piano, can't you?B: Not anymore. I used to play the piano, ______.
(A)I play it every weekend
(B)but I haven't touched it since the fifth grade
(C)I have to touch it at least once a day
(D)and now I play really loud

55.255   A: I thought you liked that movie.B: ______ and I hated it.
(A)On the contrary. I thought it was boring,
(B)I always loved that movie,
(C)In the country. I never liked it,
(D)Just the opposite of bad,

56.257   A: Would you like to come over to my house tonight? Let's have some chat.B: ______
(A)What night will be the most convenient?
(B)Are you convenient at seven tonight?
(C)Will it be convenient for you if I come later than ten?
(D)Will you be possible to meet m

57.258   A: What happened? You look terrible!B: The guests are coming in five minutes, but the reception is not prepared yet. We're ______.
(A)free from getting things ready
(B)so happy that we expect their arrival every day
(C)short of hands and short on time

58.259   A: Those TV programs are just boring.B: Why do you keep watching, then?A: You're right, ______. I don't have to watch it.
(A)let's forget it
(B)let's turn it off
(C)it's a good idea
(D)I'll think it over carefully

59.260   A: I'm afraid I have bad news for you. B: What is that?A: ______
(A)The boss had just canceled our vacation next week.
(B)They said that you've just won the first prize.
(C)Your girlfriend is coming today.
(D)We've prepared a birthday party for you n

60.261   If you want to be a good time manager, you have to learn to get your ______ right.

61.262   If you can finish your work earlier, you'll have more time to ______ yourself.

62.263   The secret of success lies in hard work, yet one of the very important factors is good time ______.

63.264   The new car is too expensive for me. I simply cannot ______ it.

64.265   My history teacher gives us a lot of ______ every week.

65.266   Before you can go to the baseball game, you have to finish your ______.

66.267   I feel ______ about having fun at the dance when my sister is home studying.

67.268   Otis felt ______ about lying to his girlfriend.

68.269   Julie wanted to book the ticket, but it was very expensive. Julie couldn't ______ it.

69.270   For centuries, dogs are believed to be the best company to human beings.

70.271   Jack is a very punctual person. I know he'll come to the meeting ______.
(A)at times
(B)on time
(C)in the time
(D)over time

71.272   If you do exercise every day and get healthy food, it will be easy for you to be ______ sickness.
(A)out of
(B)far from
(C)free from
(D)away with

72.273   Never ______ what you can do today until tomorrow.
(A)put off
(B)call away
(C)put away
(D)call off

73.274   Carol is interested in making friends with foreigners. ______, she has friends from Italy, France and Japan.
(A)As usual
(B)On the contrary
(C)For instance
(D)In contrast

74.275   My classmates have many different hobbies. ______, Jacky likes Kung Fu.
(A)In terms of
(B)As a result
(C)For instance
(D)To keep up with

75.276   You have to write fast to ______ this teacher.
(A)short on time
(B)as a result
(C)in terms of
(D)keep up with

76.277   Most adults cannot ______ young people's language.
(A)keep up with
(B)fell guilty
(C)in terms of
(D)short on time

77.278   The secret of success ______ hard work.
(A)lies in 
(B)short on time 
(C)For instance 
(D)keep up with

78.279   ______ money, I never have enough.
(A)For instance
(B)As a result
(C)To keep up with
(D)In terms of

79.280   There are many special kinds of food in Taiwan. ______, there is stinky tofu.
(A)In terms of
(B)For instance
(C)As a result
(D)To keep up with

80.281   ______ a worldwide economic problem, there is a growing demand for our government to institute new financial programs.
(A)As a result
(B)Because of
(C)Owing for
(E)Due for

81.282   A ______ List is a list of things one wants to do.
(A)“Be Doing”
(B)“To Do”
(C)“To Be Doing”
(D)“To Be Do”

82.283   They consider your method ______.
(A)very helpfully
(B)to help
(C)very helpful
(D)great help

83.284   Good time management can ______ people's lives.
(C)will affect

84.285   Smoking will ______ your health.
(C)affect in

85.286   Jay is sad because he is ______ about lying to his parents.
(A)in guilt
(B)feels guilty
(C)guilty of
(D)feeling guilty

86.287   The secret to good grade ______ how well you manage your studies.
(A)lying in
(B)lies in
(C)to lie in
(D)lied with

87.288   Frank has trouble keeping up ______ his teacher’s fast talk.

88.289   I don't know anything ______ terms ______ pop music.
(A)in; of
(B)by; to
(C)in; with
(D)by; with

89.290   Tim is always worrying ______ how he looks.

90.291   我買不起。
(A)I can't buy it.
(B)I'm too poor to buy it.
(C)I can't afford it.
(D)I don't know how to buy it.

91.292   What is the difference between potato and yam?

92.293   Tim keeps thinking about his girlfriend all day.

93.294   The key to your problem lies in how you want everyone to like you.

94.295   When the teacher talks slowly, the students have no trouble keeping up with him.

95.296   If I begin to save money now, I can afford a vacation in July.

96.297   Danny has not gotten his priorities right.

97.298   This report was not finished because the team was short on time.

98.299   Please take the dog to the vet as soon as possible. He ate my science homework.

99.300   It rained for a month. As a result, many places were flooded.