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1.301   Go ahead and take the gift. You ______ it.
2.302   Don't be ______. We are talking about something serious.
3.303   Susan says her Mr. Right must be ______ in every way.
4.304   Don't give up so easily. You should ______ to try.
5.305   The team will ______ to search until they find the lost child.
6.306   If I can get the ______ from the president, I will have strong support.
7.307   Jack is a ______ person. He is open to other people's suggestions.
8.308   You've been working very hard. You ______ to take a break.
9.309   It is ______ to pay NT$1000 for that book. It is a very good book.
10.310   I didn't do anything wrong. I don't ______ the punishment.
11.311   Mary thinks spending her time after school reading to young children is ______.
12.312   We want to raise money to help the poor. Please ______ what you can.
13.313   Actors are not ______ good-looking. Instead, they must be good at performing.
14.314   Olivia will not get married until she finds a Mr. ______, who does not make mistakes.
15.315   I don't know whom I should trust. Your ______ of the story is quite different from what Jack told me.
16.316   We had waited for the book for three months; it was ______, though.
(C)worth of
17.317   Things worth having are worth the ______.
18.318   I don't think you should call her again. ______, she won't accept your invitation.
19.319   Our flag ______ our country.
20.320   John broke the window, but he ______ it on his brother.
21.321   Jonathan is very ______ about what he eats.
22.322   The story is not officially recorded in history; it's only a ______.
23.323   Scientists brought two more koalas to the zoo so they can ______ and have babies.
24.324   Tigers are killed for their beautiful ______.
25.325   You'll have nothing to wear to the party if you keep on being so ______ about finding the perfect shirt.
26.326   Don't be so ______. You only have two choices.
27.327   The lion ______ courage.
28.328   After the big storm, there is a ______ of fresh vegetables.
29.329   Josh didn't finish his homework. He ______ his computer for being too slow.
30.330   The number of some endangered animals is ______ rapidly.
31.331   They are now the fourth generation of ______ to the U.S. Their ancestors moved there from Germany in 1910s.
32.332   Mark is the best student in class. He ______ our class in many contests.
33.333   The ______ cannot change its spots.
34.334   Most scientists agree that pandas actually belong to the ______ family.
35.335   Pandas are now ______ by the Chinese government.
36.336   In many countries, there is no death ______ in the law.
37.337   I'd like to add some ______ to my soup. It will taste better.
38.338   My best friend Ginny is also my ______. She always gives me good suggestions.
39.339   My mother knows a lot about money. She works as a financial ______ to people.
40.340   It is hard to find the answer to a ______ sometimes.
41.341   Tim won a prize for finding the answer to the ______.
42.342   The young men left ______ after they failed to offer any help to that lady.
43.343   The plant died because of its ______ of water and sunshine.
44.344   Women's eyes ______ more often than men's.
45.345   The accident happened so fast; it happened in the ______ of an eye.
46.346   Please tell him this message is very important! It is a matter of life and ______!
47.347   Please ______ what he said. He's only a little child.
48.348   The ______ is too difficult for a nine-year-old boy to solve.
49.349   It is useless to try to ______ the teacher.
50.350   Solving ______ is part of the Chinese Lantern Festival.
51.351   If you want good food, sometimes it is ______ to spend more money.
52.352   Don't worry. I'm sure the president will ______ your request.
53.353   I'll help you by all means. In other words, I'll help you with no ______.
54.354   We can't cash the check without your ______.
55.355   I have to ______ the ticket, because I'm afraid I can't make time for it.
56.356   You can find a great ______ of books and magazines in the library. 
57.357   No matter how dangerous it might be, Jacob decided to deal with the man who ______ his daughter and get her back.
58.358   Monica likes to buy fresh fish from the markets along the ______.
59.359   On sunny and windy days, Jim likes to ______ his boat on the lake.
60.360   It's not true. It's only a(n) ______. Don't be so upset.
61.361   Gary was sick last night. He studied neither his history test ______ his English test.
62.362   The movie E.T. is about an ______ from outer space.
63.363   The policeman ______ the thief's house for the stolen money.
64.364   My homework was on the desk, but it disappears without a ______.
65.365   Please ______ asking the teacher how old she is. She does not like it.
66.366   The magician made the money ______ completely in front of everyone.
67.367   Mr. and Mrs. Bowen are trying to save their ______ marriage.
68.368   Larry is not ______ for this job. He is too impatient to be a teacher.
69.369   They finally found the sinking, ______ boat and saved the passengers successfully.
70.370   The downtown area is the most ______ traveled region in the city.
71.371   Honestly speaking, I ______ stay home rather than go to the party.
(A)like to
(B)am more fond to
(C)would want to
(D)prefer to
72.372   Michael never eats anything ______, such as pepper, before he has to sing.
73.373   I don't like the smell of stinky tofu, but I like the ______.
74.374   Mini-skirts are out of ______ this season.
75.375   This material feels so comfortable. It is made of ______ silk.
76.376   That restaurant lost a lot of ______ after it stopped serving fish.
77.377   In China, people who speak different ______ often cannot understand one another.
78.378   At a party, a host should always ______ people who do not know each other.
79.379   What my parents teach has ______ my way of thinking.
80.380   The Taiwanese language is a ______ of the Chinese language.
81.381   Salads are usually made with ______ vegetables.
82.382   Vietnamese food has a lot of French ______.
83.383   Taipei has a very convenient public transportation system, including a(n) ______ of taxis.
84.384   Carrie's house is ______ two blocks away from the school.
85.385   Our class will have all our drawings on ______ tomorrow.
86.386   At first ______, I took her for Tina. But later, I realized that she was Tina's sister.
87.387   It is ______ to take a plane to go to Japan.
88.388   The new restaurant offers ______ of all sorts to customers from different areas.
89.389   You shouldn't join in too many activities after school. You must ______ on your studies instead; otherwise, you'll fail this semester.
90.390   New York is the biggest city, while Washington is the ______ city of the U.S.
91.391   New parents are often ______ baby problems and sleepless nights.
(A)faced with
(B)mistaken by
(C)fixed up
(D)get upset
92.392   Our class decided to ______ the classroom with white paint.
(A)make sense
(B)face with
(C)fix up
(D)be perfect
93.393   The sentence “I be.” does not ______.
(A)fix up
(B)make sense
(C)make mistake
(D)deserve punishment
94.394   Your explanation does not ______.
(A)make sense
(B)make mistakes
(C)get upset
(D)fix up
95.395   There is ______ one way to do something.
(A)more than
96.396   I cannot control people ______ change them.
97.397   Wendy always has to do things ______ way.
(B)a mistake
(C)in no
(D)a certain
98.398   If you ______, correct them.
(A)get mistakes
(B)make mistakes
(C)make wrong
(D)get wrong
99.399   Please be quiet. We don't want the principal to ______ with us.
(A)get upset
(B)make sense
(C)fix up
(D)be faced
100.400   If you get a good education, you can be ______ you want to be.