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1.601   After breaking the neighbor's window with her baseball, Gina went and apologized ______ being so careless.

2.602   The younger a person is, the more likely the person would act ______ his or her feelings.

3.603   I will always trust my best friends, regardless ______ what others may say.

4.604   You don't have to appear too ______; otherwise, people will assume that you have no confidence in yourself.

5.605   It's not very easy to show that you are ______, but not proud.

6.606   I can't remember those names. How I wish I had a good ______.

7.607   Mrs. Lin helped the sick people in the hospital as a(n) ______. She didn’t do the work for money.

8.608   He often shows his ______ attitude; no wonder few people like to talk to him.

9.609   If you look well ______ in the interview, you will be able to show your confidence.

10.610   The ______ is only useful in getting you the interview, but it's not everything.

11.611   Being able to tell someone about your skills and accomplishments is very important. The word “accomplishments” is most similar to the word “______.”

12.612   Mrs. Chen is my ______. In other words, she is my boss.

13.613   The most important skill to have in the interview is that you should tell the interviewer why you are the best person for the ______.

14.614   I can't believe his words because he often ______ about himself. I don't think he is as good as what he thinks about himself.

15.615   Asking a lady such question is a little rude. It's too ______.

16.616   I don't know him very well. We are not ______ with each other.

17.617   Please accept my apology. I should be ______ for my mistake.

18.618   Make a list of all your accomplishments that are ______ to your job.

19.619   If you wish to be noticed by that beautiful lady, you may try to get her ______ first.

20.620   I must get well prepared for my ______ with my potential employer tomorrow. If I do well, I may get the job.

21.621   Some people always wear ______ when sleeping, but others would put on T-shirts, shorts, or even only underwear, any kind of comfortable clothes for them, when they sleep.

22.622   A gnat is a kind of ______.

23.623   He is very ______ to his friends. That's why he has few friends.

24.624   Pamela decorated her birthday party hall with colorful ______.

25.625   Ken's secretary is also an important ______ to him. She arranges schedules, offers helpful advices, etc. to him. He needs her helps in business every day.

26.626   Look at that black-and-orange ______ cat! She is like a small tiger!

27.627   Jenny is singing merrily. She seems in a very good ______.

28.628   Helen seldom does things for others. She is a ______ girl. No wonder nobody likes to be friends with her.

29.629   I made a mistake carelessly. I must ______ for it though I didn’t do it on purpose.

30.630   Charlotte enjoys reading, and she enjoys reading comic ______ particularly.

31.631   Mrs. Will likes to keep her bed sheets and ______ clean. She changes them often.
(A)pillow cases
(D)pencil cases

32.632   She insists on going out to look for her son, ______ of the late hour and the coldness.

33.633   Tina is very shy. She doesn't ______ to speak in public.

34.634   I don't care what grades you will get in the end; but I do mind your learning ______.

35.635   You can ask your travel ______ to arrange the trip for you when you plan for your vacation.

36.636   A: Do you care for Italian food? B: Yes, I love ______ very much.

37.637   Being ______ to others shows that you are well-educated.

38.638   Jim Davis is the ______ of Garfield, the famous cartoon cat.

39.639   I really don't like Jack. He is so arrogant that he never apologizes for his rude speeches or ______.

40.640   A: Do you mind if I open the window? B: No, it doesn't ______ to me at all.

41.641   Eat fish, meat, as well as vegetables for meals, plus some fruit regularly, then you can keep your diet ______.

42.642   My brother studies in a ______ school. He wants to be a doctor in the future.

43.643   It seems that you will never get tired. How can you have so much ______?

44.644   Many mid-aged people gain weight because they get fat in their ______ instead of the upper part of their bodies.

45.645   The company decided to build a power ______ for their own use.

46.646   How could she finish the work within only two days? I was so ______ at her ability.

47.647   Isn't it ______? That six-year-old boy can speak three languages!

48.648   On ______, men are taller than women.

49.649   If you wish to lose your weight, you can do some more exercise without _____ at all.

50.650   Regular exercise ______ the good results of her losing weight.

51.651   There have been continual ______ between the married couple for years. It seems impossible for them to see eye to eye with each other.

52.652   Sitting in your sofa and watching TV doesn't ______ any effort at all. It's so relaxing.

53.653   Walking around the garden and watching those beautiful flowers is so ______.

54.654   The strict father doesn't allow any ______ from his children when he gives orders.

55.655   People get many ______ from doing exercise. They become healthier and younger, and they also lose weight more efficiently.

56.656   My uncle is a medical ______ in this hospital. He spends more than ten hours each day in the laboratory.

57.657   The automobile company produces a new model car which is ______ by a small engine.

58.658   The scientists ______ a lot of time and energy on the experiments.

59.659   The general manager may be the most ______ person. Even the president of the company cares about his opinions.

60.660   The movie is a big success because it ______ a touching story, great music and the remarkable performances of actors as well as actresses.

61.661   In the traffic accident, three passengers were severely ______. Fortunately, no people were killed.

62.662   About sixty _______ of the workers are female. Less than half are male workers. Men become minority there.

63.663   The duck is _______. Unlike normal ducks who have two feet, it has three.

64.664   A: Why are some of the fish in this river _______? B: Because the river is heavily polluted, I guess.

65.665   A: Are you sure you can finish the work before this week? B: I am not definitely ______ about the deadline. But I will try my best.

66.666   Every student loves Mr. Chen very much. He is ______ as a respectable teacher.

67.667   A: Is Peter your ______? B: That's right. He lives just next-door to me. He has become one of my good friends since he moved here a few months ago.

68.668   The general manager had decided to adopt my ______ for expanding new branches.

69.669   If you don't understand that new word, you can ______ a dictionary.

70.670   The anxious mother's continual worries ______ her serious sickness and pain.

71.671   Flies and mosquitoes are the most detestable ______, as far as I can think of.

72.672   Being very much upset, the wife ______ her husband of cheating her.

73.673   The artist framed her ______ and sold those pictures at high prices.

74.674   Almost all the parents try their best to ______ their children.

75.675   We went to the countryside for the ______ of visiting my grandparents.

76.676   They drew the mark of an arrow to ______ where they were heading for.

77.677   It takes only eight minutes to drive to the college which is located in the ______ town.

78.678   Don't eat too much fat and sweets, for they are ______ to your health.

79.679   My parents are very supportive. They often ______ us to do whatever is good for us.

80.680   You are welcome to visit our ______ where you may find some helpful information you need on the Internet.

81.681   It seems that the female consumers are still the major customers of ______ industries.

82.682   The reason why Thomas could succeed was that he had unusual ______ of the food industry market. He provided great convenience for working people to enjoy their vacuum wrapped food.

83.683   Mrs. Lin never goes out without putting on her ______. She pays much attention to her beautiful looks.

84.684   The doctor was surprised that his patient could survive the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). He believed that it was a(n) ______.

85.685   That overactive dog ______ my furniture. He also tore my shoes and the door apart.

86.686   The cook added some Chinese ______ into the soup, and said that it was good for health.

87.687   The ______ of her wisdom and beauty attracts many people to admire her.

88.688   In order to keep the crackers crispy, I store them in a metal ______.

89.689   Our teacher taught us how to ______ the wasted paper and used bottles.

90.690   That convenient store has a narrow variety of ______ for sale, you probably cannot find what you need in that store.

91.691   My skin is very dry. I need to apply some ______ on my skin after taking a shower.

92.692   During the war, the hospitals need much more blood ______ than usual.

93.693   Mr. Su is not only rich, he is also kind and generous. He often ______ his money to charities to help the poor.

94.694   We are now all living in a ______ village, because the world is becoming smaller with the convenience of transportation.

95.695   Germany and France have developed strong heavy ______. They both are countries with advanced technologies.

96.696   Wishing to impress her new neighbors, Susan ______ her warm greetings of friendliness to them first.

97.697   You can buy this shirt at a 20% ______ of the original price, as it's on sale now.

98.698   Make sure you have read the ______ on those products, and read carefully their best-use date (expiring date).

99.699   The ______ of hard work and intelligence leads to his success.

100.700   The world is becoming smaller and smaller. We are all living in a ______ village.