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1.701   Foreign students often try to attend ______ colleges for their language learning before they enter the formal universities.

2.702   It was freezing outside. Walking down the road, the little girl ______ her hands together to keep warm.

3.703   The company located in Taipei is just a ______ office. Its headquarters is in Tokyo.

4.704   The cancer patient was finally cured and completely recovered. The doctors said that it was a ______.

5.705   Mr. Wilson is the ______ of this company. He established his business in 1958.

6.706   People living in the modern time enjoy the convenience provided by ______.

7.707   When parents wish to educate their children, behaving well as a good example is more effective than ______ them.

8.708   It is so ______ of you to let us use your new car.

9.709   A: How much must we spend for this trip? B: It is ______ at about thirty thousand dollars for an island-wide trip.

10.710   My uncle is a very ______ man. He is always willing to help his friends.

11.711   A: What is a ______, Mom? B: It's an idea, in other words.

12.712   He made the same mistake repeatedly. ______, he was fired by the employer.

13.713   The government is trying to ______ young men and women from everywhere over the country, during the war time.

14.714   After having waited in anxiety for several hours, they felt so happy to hear the news which ______ exciting news for them.

15.715   The main ______ in the play of Hamlet is the Danish Prince who wants to avenge his father.

16.716   The relatives of the earthquake victims ______ the great pain of losing their beloved.

17.717   The damage caused by the fire was very serious. It was ______ at the amount of nearly two million dollars.

18.718   For some people, religion may provide powerful ______ support when they have difficulties in life.

19.719   Cindy may not be the richest person; however, she donates lots of her money to the poor ______.

20.720   The mountain range separates these two countries as a natural ______.

21.721   She made a phone call as an ______ invitation. She would send a more formal invitation to them later after they promised to come.

22.722   I've never been to that museum. Let's find the ______ on the map according to this address.

23.723   Seeing the little girl weeping, the mother held her daughter in her arms and tried to ______ her.

24.724   Fewer and fewer people write letters nowadays. People tend to call or to write e-mail to contact friends. In other words, technology ______ their old communicative habits.

25.725   The charity organization extended their service overseas beyond the ______ of Taiwan.

26.726   The City Council is a public ______. You have the right to enter it.

27.727   The Russian and German businessmen overcome the language ______ by using a little English to communicate with each other.

28.728   “Helping the poor and educating the rich.” became the unofficial ______ of Tzu Chi Foundation.

29.729   The world seems less and less personal, and we ______ depend on computers.

30.730   Tzu Chi volunteers believe that their mission is to help people in need and to ______ the notion of love without boundaries.

31.731   You should try your best to give your ______ employer a good impression during the interview.

32.732   The characteristic of someone is his/her easily recognizable ______.

33.733   If you can memorize your accomplishments clearly in the interview, you may have some ______. For example, you can talk confidently.

34.734   The people in that company are worried to be laid-off. It's getting harder and harder for them to ______, not to mention expecting a promotion.
(A)find some help
(B)keep a job
(C)raise their pay
(D)get a plan

35.735   That man was rather boastful. He talked ______ he were wealthy and powerful.
(A)even though
(B)as if
(C)even if
(D)as well

36.736   A: Is Peter ______ you? B: Yes, he is my nephew.
(A)compared with
(B)proud of
(C)related to
(D)different from

37.737   I'm afraid I didn't understand what they were ______. Could you please explain their topic for me?
(A)speaking with
(B)telling apart
(C)saying for
(D)talking about

38.738   Your little brother is too young to ______ himself.
(A)take care of
(B)make sure of
(C)give orders to
(D)have fun with

39.739   A: Are you ______ using computers? B: Sure, no problem. In fact, I must use computers every day.
(A)related to
(B)confident in
(C)comfortable with
(D)arrogant for

40.740   My uncle is ______ a job. He has been out of work for a while.
(A)taking up
(B)looking for
(C)making up
(D)reaching out

41.741   ______ my judgment, they would win the race.
(A)According to
(B)In order to
(C)Regarding to
(D)Concerning to

42.742   It is very important to find the ______ working hard and relaxing yourself properly.
(A)confidence about
(B)success without
(C)secret beyond
(D)balance between

43.743   You should learn to avoid being ______ of by your dishonest friends.
(A)taken care
(B)treated well
(C)taken advantage
(D)found faults

44.744   They are twin brothers. No wonder I couldn't ______ them ______ from each other.
(A)help; out
(B)tell; apart
(C)say; away
(D)speak; from

45.745   A: How was your final exam? B: Great! I believe I ______ on it.
(A)seen a big deal
(B)had a good time
(C)did a good job
(D)gained a lot weight

46.746   Before I go to the supermarket, I’d better make a ______ in advance in order not to forget the items I want to buy.
(A)shopping list
(B)grocery cart
(C)superior choice
(D)simple bargain

47.747   If you feel bored or get tired of your daily life, why don't you try to ______ to your routine work?
(A)take some places
(B)have some parts
(C)get some times
(D)make some changes

48.748   As everybody knows, time is ______ money; therefore, don't waste your time.
(A)remembered for
(B)described as
(C)introduced with
(D)compared to

49.749   I cannot stand her nagging any more. She ______ talking about the same problems again and again.
(A)worked for
(B)left out
(C)kept on
(D)walked in

50.750   Thank you for your advice, but I have my own way to solve the problem. In fact, it's ______.
(A)nothing like your way
(B)not anything with you
(C)not your thing to do
(D)none of your business

51.751   I do not care for chocolate, actually. ______, I prefer some juice.
(A)To the top of choice
(B)In the middle of the way
(C)As a matter of fact
(D)For the time being

52.752   I enjoy many outdoor activities, ______ swimming jogging, and playing tennis.
(A)such as
(B)so like
(C)for example
(D)for instance

53.753   Just leave him alone. I think Tom is in a ______ now.
(A)bad time
(B)hard time
(C)bad mood
(D)hard moment

54.754   Bill works very hard, ______, he values his family very much. He always tries to make some free time to take his family for vacations.
(A)on the other hand
(B)in other words
(C)at some other time
(D)to some other way

55.755   Most people are too polite to ______.
(A)do the right thing
(B)say their words
(C)make their way
(D)speak their mind

56.756   I prefer not to be his roommate. He's so sloppy. ______, he seldom cleans his desk.
(A)More or less
(B)As you wish
(C)For one thing
(D)Like they say

57.757   I don't want to go out. In fact, I prefer to stay home. “In fact” means “______”.
(A)on the other hand
(B)as a matter of fact
(C)for the last reason
(D)to the final end

58.758   At first, he took some art class and began learning drawing. ______, he became a famous cartoonist.
(A)Later on
(B)Further more
(C)Slower down
(D)Rather than

59.759   The mother asked her over-active five-year-old boy to ______ when they visited his grandparents.
(A)practice lessons
(B)review exercise
(C)behave himself
(D)excuse themselves

60.760   The teacher was very patient in explaining the problem, ______ how noisy the class was at that time.
(A)in case of
(B)instead of
(C)on account of
(D)regardless of

61.761   Lucy has been the boss's secretary for more than ten years. She is also the most important ______ the employer.
(A)assistant to
(B)accountant of
(C)manager with
(D)designer about

62.762   I don't think I can join the party tomorrow. I'm currently ______ the project which is due next week.
(A)working for
(B)working on
(C)working with
(D)working about

63.763   Don't you think that you can change my dad's mind. He is a man with very ______.
(A)creative ideas
(B)flexible minds
(C)strong opinions
(D)hard actions

64.764   Being a novelist, Carl keeps trying to ______ for his stories all the time.
(A)deal with problems
(B)find out issues
(C)look for ideas
(D)take up advices

65.765   My mother has retired from her work. She enjoys reading to ______.
(A)spend her days
(B)pass the time
(C)pass through life
(D)take the hours

66.766   The little boy cannot read the articles, instead, he is fond of reading the ______ on the magazine.
(A)comic films
(B)drawing cartoons
(C)cartoon stripes
(D)comic strips

67.767   My uncle ______ on a farm in the country when he was a child.
(A)grew up
(B)brought up
(C)raised up
(D)got up

68.768   A: Have you decided where to go? B: Yes. I've ______ already. Let's stay home!
(A)got up my choice
(B)taken up my way
(C)put up my plan
(D)made up my mind

69.769   I don't think I can walk any further. I am ______ tired now.
(A)as more
(B)feeling like
(C)kind of
(D)much more

70.770   Davis' comic strip first ______ on June 19, 1978.
(A)got history
(B)went public
(C)was drawn
(D)had business

71.771   Davis' first character was actually a gnat. The adverb “actually” can be replaced by the phrase “______”.
(A)of truth
(B)at moment
(C)as reality
(D)in fact

72.772   At that time, nobody seemed very ______ a comic strip about a bug.
(A)exciting for
(B)interesting of
(C)interested in
(D)excited with

73.773   The man talked with great confidence ______ he knew he would win.
(A)even though
(B)as if
(C)even if
(D)if though

74.774   David insisted on going out ______ it was raining very hard.
(A)as if
(B)even if
(C)if though
(D)even though

75.775   Why is it so noisy over there? What's ______? Anything happened?
(A)getting on
(B)going up
(C)going on
(D)getting up

76.776   There are fifty students in some classes, and other classes have about thirty students. ______, there are about forty students in one class.
(A)On average
(B)In general
(C)After all
(D)Above all

77.777   ______ not to wake the baby up, we tried to speak in a soft voice.
(A)According to
(B)Rather than
(C)Regardless of
(D)In order

78.778   They ______ a radio to a power supply and began to listen to the music.
(A)turned up
(B)turned over
(C)hooked up
(D)hooked on

79.779   I'd better not get ______ the married couple's quarrel. They will make up with each other eventually.
(A)along with
(B)contacted with
(C)involved in
(D)connected with

80.780   It's getting dark now. Let me ______ the light for you.
(A)turn up
(B)turn on
(C)hook up
(D)hook on

81.781   Keep working hard. You'll succeed ______, I assure you.
(A)in the end
(B)at all end
(C)for the last
(D)to the latest

82.782   I graduated from college last year. Since then, I haven't attended school ______.
(A)for further
(B)no longer
(D)no further

83.783   I really don't like that novel. ______, it's the least interesting story I've ever read.
(A)Of course
(B)In fact
(C)No wonder
(D)For all

84.784   Could you give me ______ after work? I sent my car to the garage for repair.
(A)a ride
(B)a drive
(C)the drive
(D)the ride

85.785   In order to make my ideas clearer, allow me to ______ to you in details.
(A)introduce myself
(B)make out points
(C)express my way
(D)explain myself

86.786   I guess I should go ______, as I am a little overweight now.
(A)to less food
(B)on a diet
(C)to diet
(D)out of food

87.787   Some lawmakers ______ the passage of the new law.
(A)argued against
(B)argued with
(C)conflicted with
(D)conflicted against

88.788   They couldn't agree with each other because their interests are ______.
(A)for opposite
(B)in contract
(C)in conflict
(D)of contrary

89.789   Standing ______ the short guy, the tall man totally blocked his view.
(A)at the side of
(B)in rear of
(C)in front of
(D)on right of

90.790   During holidays, people tend to choose to watch TV at home to ______.
(A)pass the time
(B)use the time
(C)waste the time
(D)make the time

91.791   I was so ______ that little girl! She is only eight years old, but she can solve that difficult math problem.
(A)excited in
(B)amazed at
(C)interested to
(D)bored with

92.792   To make both ends meet means to make income ______ the expenses.
(A)lower down
(B)balance with
(C)decrease from
(D)move out from

93.793   Why are you still here? You are ______ be at the meeting by now!
(A)having to
(B)happened to
(C)supposed to
(D)already to

94.794   The boss fired some workers. He ______ them ______ being irresponsible and lazy.
(A)complained; at
(B)accused; of
(C)accepted; as
(D)noticed; for

95.795   The barking dog ______ the poor little boy. He was so scared that he burst out crying.
(A)walked after
(B)looked after
(C)walked beside
(D)ran after

96.796   The careless driver didn't ______ the traffic sign and he ran through a red light.
(A)care after for
(B)open eyes to
(C)take notice of
(D)put mind with

97.797   When I heard his name announced, the first thing that ______ was he finally made it.
(A)went over my head
(B)came to my mind
(C)put on my heart
(D)got over my ears

98.798   I am not going to my school tomorrow. We will have a ______ to the countryside for our nature science class. Our teacher will tell us how to observe the natural world.
(A)spring vacation
(B)island-wide trip
(C)summer break
(D)field trip

99.799   We'll have a story-telling race tomorrow. Would you like to ______ the game?
(A)enjoy in
(B)take in
(C)join in
(D)part in

100.800   A: Are you reading to prepare for the test? B: No, I'm reading only ______.
(A)for fun
(B)with joy
(C)in time
(D)on purpose