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100 年 - 華南金融集團 新進人員聯合甄試試題 一般櫃檯人員#18811 

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1.26. The postman_____ entered the yard, afraid of disturbing the dog sleeping on the lawn.
(A) confidently
(B) delightfully
(C) physically
(D) cautiously

2.27. In preparation for the upcoming soccer tournament, the coach has designed a(n)_____ training program.
(A) restorative
(B) intensive
(C) destructive
(D) reclusive

3.28. Frank Gehry is a(n)_____ who is known for his unconventional designs of many buildings.
(A) spectator
(B) amateur
(C) architect
(D) native

4.29. North Korea’s 2009_____ devaluation did not have the effect that the government intended on the nation’s economy.
(A) currency
(B) ceremony
(C) burden
(D) construction

5.30. As people work more and more hours, their_____ time decreases in proportion.
(A) remedy
(B) leisure
(C) concrete
(D) commodity

6.31. The campus coffee shop is_____ between the library and the science building.
(A) situated
(B) utilized
(C) detested
(D) instructed

7.32. Some scientists say people have done_____ damage to the environment.
(A) acquainted
(B) religious
(C) truthfUl
(D) irreparable

8.33. Kevin liked the taste of the new brand of tea so much that he_____ it as his favorite drink.
(A) contained
(B) adopted
(C) dismissed
(D) obliged

9.34. It is advertising_____ has speeded the introduction of useful inventions.
(A) that
(B) when

10.35. Men are generally more_____ to die from heart attack than women.
(A) like
(B) likely
(C) possibly
(D) probably

11.36. I mixed a special drink,_____ gin, vodka and cherry brandy.
(A) making of
(B) made into
(C) consisting of
(D) consisted in

12.37. So far I_____ about half of the job I have to do.
(A) finish
(B) will finish
(C) have finished
(D) had finished

13.38. When Joseph left the library, he found his bicycle_____ .
(A) to be stealing
(B) stealing
(C) stolen
(D) be stolen

14.39. Ever since our family_____ a Honda RV (recreational vehicle), we have been in the habit of going for an outing every Sunday.
(A) bought
(B) was buying
(C) has bought
(D) buys

15.40. When it comes_____ ennis, Andrew is all thumbs.
(A) to play
(B) to playing
(C) about playing
(D) about to play

16.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 Have you ever been bored? For most people, boredom is easily solved. As soon as you find something fun to do, your boredom goes away. But for some people, frequent boredom can 41 deeper problems like drug addiction, gambling problems,or depression. Although it is a common emotion, scientists have yet to completely understand what boredom is. One 42 to fully understanding boredom may lie in people’s differences. For example,men tend to be more bored than women. As a result, men engage in more dangerous forms of entertainment than women, 43 extreme sports or gambling. Many people also think that boredom is a result of our modern day obsession with entertainment like TV, movies, and the Internet. “I think there is something about our modern experience of sensory overload,” says one psychologist, “•••there is not the chance and ability to figure out what your interests, what your passions are.” 44 , many people believe that boredom comes when people don,t understand what they truly want in life. Since people don’t know 45 to do to satisfy themselves, they are always bored. From your own experience, what do you think boredom is?”
(B) make
(C) cause
(D) take

(A) game
(B) fact
(C) gift
(D) clue

(A) such as
(B) in that
(C) with all
(D) because of

(A) So far
(B) For now
(C) In fact
(D) After that

(A) when
(B) what
(C) how
(D) where

21.四、閱讀測驗  Many of us who have grown up in the digital age are quite confident in our multitasking abilities. After all, today’s generation has been raised on using text messaging, instant messaging, cell phones, iPods, and PDAs all in conjunction with one another. However, new research suggests that multitasking actually hurts productivity in the workplace; what’s more, it can even be fatal in the wrong situation. Studies have shown that when people are given two different tasks to do at the same time, the response to the second task is delayed. In one study, this delay was only about a second, which doesn’t seem like a big deal. Nevertheless, when put in the context of driving while talking on a cell phone, it becomes a great problem. When a person is driving at 100 kilometers per hour, a one-second delay in judgment could be the difference between life and death. In the workplace, multitasking results in declining productivity. When expressed as dollars and cents, this lost productivity costs the American economy an estimated $650 billion per year! Here are some tips to avoid the negative aspects of multitasking. Only check email messages once per hour and avoid distractions such as music with lyrics and instant messaging.
【題組】46. According to the passage, why are modem people confident in their multitasking ability?
(A) Because as technology has evolved, people’s brains have also changed.
(B) Because they are accustomed to using many technological devices at once.
(C) People today are more confident about everything, not just multitasking.
(D) Most modem machines are designed for use at the same time.

22.【題組】47. According to the studies, what happens when people are given two tasks to perform at once?
(A) Response to the second task happens much more quickly.
(B) The first task is often completed hastily.
(C) Response to the second task takes longer.
(D) The first task is often performed incorrectly.

23.【題組】48. According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Multitasking in the workplace helps to increase productivity.
(B) People who are used to multitasking are more likely to get more job offers.
(C) People who drive at 100 kilometers per hour often show delay in judgment while driving.
(D) Multitasking in the workplace results in a great deal of cost in American economy every year.

24.【題組】49. Which of the following is mentioned as an example of something to avoid at work?
(A) Listening to music with words.
(B) Checking email messages.
(C) Answering telephones.
(D) Neglecting your instant messages.

25.【題組】50. What is the main purpose of this passage?
(A) To discuss the advantages of multitasking.
(B) To show some harmful effects of multitasking.
(C) To give some tips for more efficient multitasking.
(D) To demonstrate the importance of multitasking at work.