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101 年 - 華南金融集團 新進人員聯合甄試試題#18809 

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1.26. It is well known to anyone waiting in a cafe queue, behind someone who,s paying more attention to their smart phones than to the waiter, that some technological inventions have led to the newfound ______.
(A) rudeness
(B) discipline
(C) design
(D) technician

2.27. Considering the ______ condition of Earth’s ecosystems, he believed the United Nations needed to adopt a new global environmental standard.
(A) pleasant
(B) comprehensible
(C) facilitating
(D) deteriorating

3.28. A great deal of our cultural history has been ______ on paper, which, however, always faces damage due to the passing of time.
(A) reserved
(B) preserved
(C) resolved
(D) deserved

4.29. In contrast with New York City’s urban atmosphere, most of the other cities are______by farms, forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes.
(A) nominated
(B) dominated
(C) culminated
(D) eliminated

5.30. The government has decided to______new campaigns to create an ecologically friendly environment as it observed Earth Day last week.
(A) label
(B) lavish
(C) launch
(D) lament

6.31. A research study found that too much television could be______for kids, such as lowering their attention spans.
(A) amiable
(B) affordable
(C) beneficial
(D) detrimental

7.32. The famous singer has woken from a coma after more than a week and begun to show signs of______.
(A) profits
(B) horoscope
(C) advertisement
(D) recovery

8.33. China recently______Japan to become the largest foreign market for American films, with its number of screens doubling in five years to 10,700.
(A) overreacted
(B) overtook
(C) overheard
(D) overruled

9.34. A new kind of electrical meter will be installed in this city,_ smart enough to engage in two-way communications with the power plant.
(A) one
(B) whicfi
(C) what
(D) that

10.35. When it comes to publicizing their companies online,______business owners are hesitant because they are worried about the amount of time it will take.
(A) an amount of
(B) a lot
(C) little
(D) quite a few

11.36. Seeing how deeply the students connected with the comic books reminded John______his own youth.

12.37. When making movies, actors have to get used to______ in front of a camera instead of a live audience.
(A) act
(B) acts
(C) acting
(D) acted

13.38. As of yesterday evening,______the robber nor the weapon for the bank robbery had been located.
(A) both
(B) none
(C) either
(D) neitiier

14.39. Not only______college classes throughout his last two years of high school, but he also plans to enter the medical school program at Star University in the coming fall.
(A) he has been taking
(B) has he been taking
(C) he has been taken
(D) has he been taken

15.40. The more reasons one can identify for losing weight,______the motivation he or she will have for doing so.
(A) the strongest
(B) much stronger
(C) the strong
(D) the stronger

16.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 The term gap year originated in Britain. Traditionally, it referred to a specific time 41 high school and college when a person took time off from school. The year was spent 42 around and learning about the world - before one began his or her university studies. Today, 43 a gap year can refer to any time spent away from work or school in pursuit of an interest or a dream. What makes a gap year different fom just going on vacation is that a person is involved in some kind of 44 activity. In other words, a gap year isn’ t an excuse for taking time off to do nothing. People have spent gap years doing everything 45 : living on a cruise ship to learn about the tourism industry, or leading tours in Africa. The possibilities are endless.
(A) between
(B) from
(C) of
(D) toward

(A) to travel
(B) traveling
(C) travel
(D) travelled

(A) hence
(B) on one hand
(C) therefore
(D) though

(A) imaginative
(B) constructive
(C) aerobic
(D) political

(A) edible
(B) gullible
(C) imaginable
(D) fashionable

21.四、閱讀測驗 All athletes are stupid. All Asian students are intelligent. All economics students are boring. These are all accurate statements, right? Wrong! They are all stereotypes. Stereotypes are simplified ideas about the characteristics of people within different groups or from certain backgrounds. They are often based on race, gender, or age, but can also be about the subject someone studies, the clothes they wear, or other factors. Regardless of what stereotypes are based on, they are harmful. The other day, my friend told me about something that had recently happened to him. He was meeting someone for the first time. After they introduced themselves, they talked about their life at college. When my friend said that he was on the basketball team, the other guy laughed and started speaking slower. He said that he was joking, but my friend was hurt anyway. Actually, he,s a really smart guy, like most of the players on the basketball team. There are some things we can do to make sure people aren,t hurt by stereotypes. Firstly, treat everyone you meet as an individual. Remember, there,s more to a person than what we see on the outside. Secondly, if you hear someone use a stereotype, correct him/her. This might discourage him/her from using stereotypes in the future. Let’s work together to make sure that everyone is treated with the courtesy that they deserve.
【題組】46. According to the passage, what is a common stereotype about Asian students?
(A) They are all stupid.
(B) They are all boring.
(C) They are all smart.
(D) They are all good athletes.

22.【題組】47. What is the main point of the passage?
(A) Appearance is very important.
(B) All athletes are not stupid.
(C) It is acceptable to use some stereotypes.
(D) We should treat everyone as an individual.

23.【題組】48. Why was the writer9 s friend hurt?
(A) Someone laughed at his appearance.
(B) Someone joked about him being stupid.
(C) Someone said he was not good at basketball.
(D) Some made fun of his shirt.

24.【題組】49. According to the passage, what should you do if you hear someone use a stereotype?
(A) Tell him/her that it,s wrong.
(B) Tell him/her that it,s correct.
(C) Tell him/her another stereotype.
(D) Nothing. Just listen to him/her.

25.【題組】50. Which of the following statements is false about stereotypes?
(A) They can be hurtful.
(B) They are simplified ideas about people from certain backgrounds.
(C) They are only based on age, gender, or race.
(D) They convey inaccurate messages.