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101 年 - 華南銀行-共同科目_英文101_原住民#18213 

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1.26. I’m not used to the ___________ here. It’s too dry.
(A) climate
(B) geography
(C) politics
(D) marketing

2.27. It was ___________ and the leaves slowly dropped from the trees.
(A) normal
(B) considerate
(C) shining
(D) autumn

3.28. There are thunderstorms this afternoon. Don’t forget to bring an ___________ with you.
(A) earphone
(B) idiot
(C) umbrella
(D) altar

4.29. Blood ___________ in the body.
(A) withdraws
(B) fires
(C) flies
(D) circulates

5.30. A millionaire can ___________ to buy almost anything he wants.
(A) afford
(B) attract
(C) approach
(D) allocate

6.31.My plane was ___________ an hour because of a suspected bomb in the luggage compartment.
(A) deceived
(B) delayed
(C) defaced
(D) deleted

7.32. “How ___________ do they play baseball? ” “Once a week. ”
(A) long
(B) often
(C) many
(D) much

8.33.During the time of economic recession, an inexperienced university graduate could only find some ___________ jobs here and there.
(A) artificial
(B) temporary
(C) continuous
(D) deficient

9.34. Investors buy large amounts of ___________ and hope that the price increases.
(A) communities
(B) commodities
(C) commercials
(D) conveniences

10.35. When the NT dollar greatly ___________ against the US dollar, prices for many imported goods will become high here in Taiwan.
(A) depreciates
(B) differentiates
(C) appreciates
(D) appropriates

11.36. The president was worried and ___________ us what to do.
(A) asked
(B) asks
(C) ask
(D) asking

12.37. I can not only read but also ___________ in Spanish.
(A) write
(B) to write
(C) I write
(D) I can write

13.38. The manager signed the contract ___________ behalf of the company.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) for
(D) with

14.39. There were two teachers - one was tall and ___________ was short.
(A) another
(B) the another
(C) other
(D) the other

15.40. About two- ___________ of the students are happy with their college life.
(A) fifth
(B) fifths
(C) five
(D) fives

16.41. I ___________ in all kinds of sports.
(A) am interested
(B) am interesting
(C) have interesting
(D) take interested

17.42. It ___________ me two hours to find your house.
(A) cost
(B) occupied
(C) spent
(D) took

18.43. Would you mind ___________ me your passport?
(A) showing
(B) to show
(C) showed
(D) shown

19.44. A: Please don’t go too fast. ____________________ B: Okay. I’ll slow down.
(A) I can’t keep up with you.
(B) I can’t look up for you.
(C) I can’t sit up for you.
(D) I can’t wait up for you.

20.45. A: Where has he been recently? B: ____________________
(A) I have met him several times.
(B) You are very strange.
(C) He has been very busy.
(D) I have no idea.

21.46. A: Look, Mom, look at this! B: What is it? A: My article is in the school newspaper. B: ____________________
(A) Congratulations!
(B) I’m thinking!
(C) You look great!
(D) It’s so nice of you!

22.47. A: Which of them is going to San? B: ____________________
(A) If only I could go.
(B) The boy’s father is wealthy.
(C) I think to Mexico.
(D) The tall boy with glasses.

23.48. A: You sound terrible. Are you sick? B: ____________________ I have a headache and my throat is starting to hurt.
(A) I must be.
(B) You can’t be serious.
(C) I ought to.
(D) Don’t be sure.

24.49. A: Hello. Is John there? B: ____________________ Would you like to leave a message?
(A) He’s not in yet.
(B) Hold on a minute.
(C) Where are you calling from?
(D) I am his secretary.

25.50. A: Hi, John. How’re you doing today? B: ____________________
(A) I’m riding a bike.
(B) How do you do?
(C) Fine. And you?
(D) What can I do for you?