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100 年 - 金門縣100學年度國民中學正式教師暨代理代課教師聯合甄選初試英語科試題 #5300 

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1.1. His brother suffered from a stomachache and ate only food that is easy to ______.
(A) combine
(B) adopt
(C) digest
(D) adapt

2.2. She was given the rare ______ of using the general manager's office. This made her colleagues very jealous.
(A) privilege
(B) mischief
(C) charity
(D) appliance

3.3. His father lived a very ______ life. He is a mysterious person.
(A) realistic
(B) dramatic
(C) manageable
(D) approved

4.4. This proposal is very ______, and that one looks equally amazing. She does not know which one to choose.
(A) appealing
(B) grateful
(C) annual
(D) decisive

5.5. A ______ is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market.
(A) routine
(B) hygiene
(C) aspiration
(D) commodity

6.6. The rally gains ______ very soon. Hundreds of people have gathered before the city hall.
(A) momentum
(B) consolidation
(C) radiation
(D) ultimatum

7.7. The plan sounds ______, but actually it is very hard to put it into practice.
(A) vulnerable
(B) feasible
(C) gullible
(D) visible

8.8. John and his colleagues have very strong ______. They work very hard to achieve their goal.
(A) cankers
(B) utilities
(C) incentives
(D) nutrients

9.9. David Ragan has earned the first Sprint Cup victory of his career, ______ himself after blowing his chance in the season-opening Daytona 500.
(A) exploring
(B) inspecting
(C) respecting
(D) redeeming

10.10. If you want to work the Italian classic lasagna into your gluten-free diet, try ______ thinly-sliced zucchini and yellow squash for the usual lasagna noodles.
(A) suspecting
(B) replacing
(C) redirecting
(D) substituting

11.11. They ______ some lost Mayan ruins in the jungle.
(A) came across
(B) came along
(C) came about
(D) came away

12.12. The little girl ______ a large sum of money when her father died.
(A) came out
(B) came over
(C) came off
(D) came into

13.13. Let's ______ Peter since we're driving by his house.
(A) drop over
(B) drop in
(C) drop in on
(D) drop out of

14.14. David can ______ his degree in biotech if he doesn't succeed in his business career.
(A) face up to
(B) fall back on
(C) fall behind in
(D) fall out with

15.15. The officer asked me, "Where do you ______ living when you arrive in Paris?"
(A) figure on
(B) figure out
(C) fill in
(D) fill out

16.16. We hope that the storm will ______ soon.
(A) blow up
(B) blow over
(C) break down
(D) break out

17.17. We are ______ discount flights to San Francisco.
(A) checking out
(B) checking on
(C) checking into
(D) checking off

18.18. It is not polite to ______ a conversation and speak up.
(A) cut down on
(B) cut in
(C) cut off
(D) cut in on

19.19. Some Americans want to ______ the death penalty.
(A) feel up
(B) do without
(C) do away with
(D) feel up to

20. 20. Some people ______ paying taxes by hiring a good accountant.
(A) get off
(B) get by
(C) get around
(D) get over

21.21. My brother has been studying in the library near my home every afternoon _______ the past two months.
(A) since
(B) until
(C) before
(D) for

22.22. My sister enjoys nothing but ______ novels on weekends.
(A) for reading
(B) read
(C) to read
(D) reading

23.23. I am sorry that I did not attend your banquet. I wish that I ______ it.
(A) had attended
(B) attended
(C) attend
(D) has attended

24.25. Never ______ succeed if you do not want to work hard.
(A) you will
(B) will you
(C) you would
(D) would you

25.26. Only when she looked up from her desk, ______ find that it was very dark.
(A) can she
(B) she did
(C) did she
(D) she can

26. 27. I bought three books yesterday, two of ______ were novels.
(A) which
(B) that
(C) whom
(D) who

27.28. I still remember ______ President Abraham Lincoln's tome in Springfield, Illinois when I studied in the United States.
(A) have visited
(B) to visit
(C) visit
(D) visiting

28.29. The farmer stopped ______ some water after working on his farm for two hours.
(A) to drink
(B) drink
(C) to have drunk
(D) drinking

29.30. She bought ten gifts in New York, two for her parents, six for her friends, and ______ her classmates.
(A) others
(B) the other
(C) the others
(D) other