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95 年 - 金門縣95學年度國民中學正式教師暨代理代課教師甄試筆試-英文 #1-40#7452 

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1.1. Because of the advanced technology, it is becoming more and more difficult to _____ bank notes; fake ones are immediately detected.
(A) secure
(B) counterfeit
(C) decompose
(D) prosecute

2.2.Lions _____ around the thorny bushes, searching for those animals which are not on alert.
(A) prowl
(B) stampede
(C) trample
(D) canter

3.3.In the user’s manual, the instructions have to be very _____; the more detailed they are, the more convenient for the users.
(A) implicit
(B) holistic
(C) ironic
(D) specific

4.4. In addition to insufficient exercise, junk food ads further _____ child obesity problems.
(A) wrinkle
(B) paralyze
(C) aggravate
(D) extenuate

5.5. The users are required to _____ the computer after new software is installed.
(A) motivate
(B) reboot
(C) renovate
(D) maneuver

6.6. Mental institutions used to be called _____ asylums in the past.
(A) psychic
(B) spiritual
(C) mind
(D) lunatic

7.7. After the shipwreck, attempts are often made to _____ the wrecked ship to save the whole or part of the ship and its cargo.
(A) salvage
(B) convene
(C) gainsay
(D) varnish

8.8. Schools of _____, like Yale and Oxford, have always enjoyed a long-enduring reputation among students.
(A) canker
(B) prestige
(C) diadem
(D) lineage

9.9. These _____ tests are carried out to determine whether the pistol was fired to kill the victim.
(A) mystic
(B) pedantic
(C) ballistic
(D) sardonic

10.10. The actress was able to burst into tears _____ whenever the situation required; she was indeed a natural.
(A) reluctantly
(B) vindictively
(C) forensically
(D) spontaneously

11.Being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight are necessary for good health. Children, teens, and the elderly can all improve their health _____11_____ including moderate physical activity in their daily lives.
Try to get at _____12_____ thirty minutes (adults) or sixty minutes (children) of moderate physical activity most days of the week, _____13_____ daily. No matter what activity you choose, you can do it all at once, or spread it out over two or three times during the day. Choose activities that you enjoy and that you can do regularly. Some people prefer activities that fit into their daily _____14_____ , like gardening or taking extra trips up and down stairs. _____15_____ prefer a regular exercise program, such as a physical activity program at their worksite. Some do both. The important thing is to be physically active every day.

(A) at
(B) by
(C) in
(D) of

(A) first
(B) large
(C) least
(D) present

(A) resultantly
(B) forcefully
(C) hesitantly
(D) preferably

(A) news
(B) fashion
(C) labor
(D) routine

(A) Other
(B) Others
(C) Another
(D) Some

16.For many Taiwanese people, fireflies spark sweet memories of childhood and languid summer nights. “When I was little, on summer nights my family and I _____16_____ put a straw mat on the ground in front of our house and lie down to watch for fireflies,” recalls the 64-year-old Ho Yuan-san, director of the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (TESRI). “At that time, despite the lack of _____17_____ affluence, we enjoyed rural life a great deal, especially seeing fireflies light up in the sky. That kind of beauty was just beyond description.” Part of the reason fireflies are associated with childhood for so many people, however, is that they are _____18_____ often seen today. Taiwan is home to 62 of some 2,000 species world wide, but the number of fireflies has dropped as their _____19_____ have shrunk over the years. Dr. Firefly, Ho Yuan-san and others are working to reserve the trend through research, conservation and promotion of these pixyish night fliers.
According to Ho Yuan-san, TESRI, for example, is conducting an island-wide survey of fireflies, their habitats and other _____20_____ factors to create a kind of databank that can be used by researchers and environmentalists. The institute also teams up with agricultural and tourism groups to rehabilitate the natural environment of fireflies and to promote eco-tours and firefly viewing.

(A) was used to
(B) used to
(C) was used
(D) used

(A) material
(B) spiritual
(C) physical
(D) psychical

(A) less
(B) more
(C) least
(D) most

(A) beauties
(B) sizes
(C) habitats
(D) species

(A) ecological
(B) industrial
(C) cultural
(D) economic

21.Destined to become one of the most important artists in the history of western painting, Giotto was born at Colle di Vespignano in the Mugello valley near Florence in what most scholars date as 1267. There is no documentary evidence to provide us with any certain information about the chronology and events of his life but literary sources and legends abound bearing witness to the fame he enjoyed from the beginning of his artistic career. Until his death in Florence in 1337, his life was spent between the foremost centers of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Italy, where he absorbed the cultural and artistic legacy of the age and transformed it into a highly evolved and revolutionary language with an originality that is generally regarded as marking the beginning of the history of Italian painting. Giorgio Vasari, author of the first biography of Giotto, confirmed his importance in art. His book is redolent with legend and myth, including the celebrated story of how the artist Cimabue, happening by chance upon the young Giotto drawing on a stone, was so struck by the boy’s skill that he took him into his Florence workshop.
【題組】21. The Giotto scholars cannot be completely certain about his birth _____.
(A) place
(B) year
(C) mark
(D) certificate

22.【題組】22. Giotto showed his talent _____.
(A) at an early age
(B) in his mid-thirties
(C) in his late forties
(D) at an old age

23.【題組】23. The bold-lettered word “language” refers to _____.
(A) legacy
(B) history
(C) Italian
(D) painting

24.【題組】24. This passage about Giotto can be categoried as a piece of _____.
(A) biography
(B) autobiography
(C) legend
(D) myth

25.【題組】25. Which in the following is TRUE?
(A) Gimabue was struck by a stone.
(B) Giotto drew a stone and impressed Gimabue.
(C) Gimabue was impressed by Giotto’s talent.
(D) Giotto celebrated his career in Florence.

26.Arcade games have come a long way since the 1980s. In those days, video arcades were usually filled with games with just a small television screen, a joystick and a few buttons. These days, you can do a lot more in an hour at your local video arcade. You can ride a motorcycle, fire a rifle, or dance your way to fame.
Saturday night is the busiest night of the week at the Cyberworld video arcade in New York. Popular games include the “Tekken” fighting games, car racing favorite “Daytona USA,” and the shooting game “Silent Scope.” But the game with the biggest crowd around doesn’t involve fighting, racing or shooting—just some smart dance moves. The game is “Dance Dance Revolution” (DDR for short) and fans will tell you that it’s addictive.
The idea is simple: the player gets instructions from a video screen, and has to step on the correct arrow on the floor in time with the music. Right now, Ray Diaz is preparing to play the DDR machine. The 19-year-old college student moves his shoulders up and down a few times to relax, then pays $4 for five dances in a row. Then the music starts up. Following the arrows on the video screen in front of him, he moves his feet and twists his hips in time to the music. A voice from the machine coaches him. It makes comments like “Looking good!” when he makes a difficult move successfully, and “Stay cool!” when he misses.
More than a dozen people are now watching and at the end of the game, the crowd applauds. Ray smiles, “It’s the best game for show-offs,” he says.

【題組】26.In the last sentence of the first paragraph, the author says that “you can… dance your way to fame.” What he actually means is that the player can _____.
(A) become a super star.
(B) earn lots of money.
(C) enjoy the watchers’ attention.
(D) ride the favorite racing car.

27.【題組】27. People are addictive to DDR because they _____.
(A) can’t stop playing it.
(B) fight for revolution.
(C) take drugs.
(D) like to shoot.

28.【題組】28. Which in the following is TRUE about DDR? The player _____.
(A) shoots arrows on the floor.
(B) pays $8 for eight dances.
(C) follows the machine’s instructions.
(D) needs to stay cool.

29.Germans are turning to Chinese medicine in droves, and one could definitely say that an East wind is blowing. Given that Western medicine is fast reaching its limits and that naturopathic medicine is all the rage, in recent years traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and moxibustion have become increasingly popular in Germany and all over Europe. It’s such a hot field that physicians in Western-medicine clinics are rushing to study acupuncture and moxibustion (more than 50% of private clinics offer acupuncture treatment), and even sanatoriums, hotels and public hospitals are vying with each other to establish Chinese medicine departments. Many medicine centers begin to offer acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate nausea and other side effects of chemo- and radiotherapy in cancer patients.
According to Doctor Dieter Melchart, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and moxibustion have been widely adopted in Germany for quite some time. From the perspective of Western medicine, any treatment must be subjected to rigorous scientific verification. Therefore, as far back as 1982, when Chinese medicine gradually began to win popularity, many university medical centers in Germany drew up plans to carry out long-term evaluations, inspections, and analyses of Chinese medicine in Germany.
These medical centers have discovered that acupuncture and moxibustion are effective in treating painful illnesses. Accordingly, a number of German health insurance companies that cover Chinese medicine costs have commissioned medical centers at several universities to make a thorough evaluation, on the basis of which they plan to expand their future coverage. This statistical analysis of 9400 private clinics and 50 hospitals cost several million euros and is the most extensive ever conducted in the world.

【題組】29. The statement “naturopathic medicine is all the rage” literally means
(A) medicine with natural ingredients reduces the patient’s anger.
(B) medicine with natural ingredients are very popular.
(C) medicine short of natural ingredients stimulates the patient’s rage.
(D) medicine short of natural ingredients doesn’t have a market.

30.【題組】30. Which in the following is TRUE about the first paragraph?
(A) Sanatoriums and hospitals are working together to treat patients.
(B) 50% of physicians begin to study traditional Chinese medicine.
(C) Moxibustion is widely accepted in lots of European countries.
(D) Public hospitals do not offer acupuncture treatment.

31.【題組】31. Which in the following is TRUE about the function of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine?
(A) Acupuncture helps cure the patient of cancer.
(B) Acupuncture is as effective as the radiotherapy.
(C) Cancer patients always feel nausea.
(D) Nausea is a side effect of chemotherapy.

32.【題組】32. The “rigorous scientific verification” in the second paragraph refers to _____.
(A) acupuncture
(B) moxibustion
(C) evaluation
(D) popularity

33.【題組】33.Which in the following is TRUE about the description of the German health insurance companies?
(A) They have made a statistical analysis of 9400 private clinics and 50 hospitals.
(B) They have invested several million euros on this evaluation of the traditional Chinese medicine.
(C) This analysis is the most expensive ever conducted in the world.
(D) The purpose of this evaluation is to expand their service to cover every part of the world.

34.IV. Language Learning and Teaching 14%
【題組】34. The weak form of the contrastive analysis hypothesis claims that _____.
(A) interference errors can be identified only after they have been made.
(B) L2 will not be affected by L1.
(C) L2 errors can be predicted on the basis of contrasting L1 and L2 structures.
(D) interference is only one of several possible sources of error.

35.【題組】35. In current cognitive code theory, automaticity is thought _____.
(A) to involve connections that are easy to modify.
(B) to involve connections that are difficult to modify.
(C) to involve processes that take place in short term memory.
(D) to involve processes that take place in long term memory.

36.【題組】36. With regard to the relationship between learning and acquisition, Krashen held that _____.
(A) learning can become acquisition under special circumstances.
(B) acquisition is dependent on learning.
(C) learning can never become acquisition.
(D) learning is central to success in a second language.

37.【題組】37. In interlanguage, the style which most reflects the universal principles of SLA is _____.
(A) careful style elicited through grammatical judgments.
(B) careful style elicited through imitation tasks.
(C) the vernacular.
(D) attended speech.

38.【題組】38. The notion that language learners’ errors are dangerous and are indications of non-learning comes from _____.
(A) the mentalists.
(B) the behaviorists.
(C) the interactionists.
(D) the Chomskyites.

39.【題組】39. Which of the following are thought to be true about L1 transfer today?
(A) It has no influence at all in SLA.
(B) It is more likely to occur when L1 and L2 are similar.
(C) It can come into play in SLA, but universal factors are also important.
(D) Both B and C.

40.【題組】40. If we know that there are no exceptions to the statement that languages that have VSO word order also have prepositions, we are dealing with _____.
(A) an implicational universal.
(B) a universal tendency.
(C) an absolute universal.
(D) both A and C.