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1.1 It is a common _____ that you hold the door open for anyone coming through behind you.
(A) curiosity
(B) contract
(C) courage
(D) courtesy

2.2 Fifteen minutes of _____ walking a day is a highly recommended exercise for your health.
(A) spiral
(B) tidy
(C) brisk
(D) hollow

3.3 Taylor Swift is undoubtedly a(n)_____ artist. Besides singing and songwriting, she can play the banjo guitar, piano, and ukulele.
(A) indigenous
(B) versatile
(C) intentional
(D) vulnerable

4.4 The _____ was so boring that many in the audience fell asleep in the middle of it.
(A) lettuce
(B) exhibition
(C) lecture
(D) exit

5.5 A _____ broke into the dormitory last night and stole several cell phones.
(A) burglar
(B) victim
(C) plumber
(D) carpenter

6.6 Be sure to be _____ at the interview. It gives a very good first impression.
(A) actual
(B) perpetual
(C) casual
(D) punctual

7.7 Almost half of the audience has fallen asleep; _____, the speech is very boring.
(A) appropriately
(B) accidentally
(C) adequately
(D) apparently

8.8 The extreme marathon runners have to overcome many_____ to finish the race.
(A) miracles
(B) objections
(C) outcomes
(D) obstacles

9.9 They have a very _____relationship between them. They keep no secret from each other.
(A) intimate
(B) inferior
(C) internal
(D) identical

10.10 Without food and clothing in the Tsunami area, the number of _____ rose quickly.
(A) casualties
(B) celebrities
(C) continuities
(D) certainties

11.11 With proper_____, employees would do their jobs willingly and efficiently.
(A) opposition
(B) motivation
(C) observation
(D) construction

12.12 I could hardly _____ Susan, my kindergarten classmate. She had become so tall and pretty.
(A) resolve
(B) renounce
(C) recognize
(D) organize

13.13 His driver’s license is _____ because of drunken driving.
(A) sustained
(B) expended
(C) suspended
(D) suspected

14.14 I don’t think what you say is _____ to the topic; please get back to the subject.
(A) ridiculous
(B) relevant
(C) resistant
(D) radiant

15.15 The _____ about the border between the two countries gradually heated up.
(A) bargain
(B) reputation
(C) disposition
(D) dispute

16.16 It is very easy to_____ the work of others, but more difficult to accept criticism of one’s own work.
(A) get rid of
(B) live up to
(C) take up with
(D) find fault with

17.17 What are some of the things in life that you have trouble _____ and try every means to prevent them from happening?
(A) getting in touch with
(B) putting up with
(C) getting even with
(D) making up with

18.18 In this primary school, Hispanics _____ 18% of the student population and Asians account for 28%.
(A) institute
(B) substitute
(C) constitute
(D) prostitute

19.19 Before you put a food product into your shopping cart, you should read the _____ list and nutrition information carefully.
(A) management
(B) operation
(C) percentage
(D) ingredient

20.20 Christmas is coming, and the Lins have started to _____ their Christmas tree.
(A) separate
(B) decorate
(C) operate
(D) moderate

請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題 
 Playing sports obviously helps your physical health. But did you know that following sports can 21 your mental 
health? So says Daniel Wann, a psychology professor at Murray State University in the US. 
His research found that enthusiastic sports fans have lower rates of 22 and higher self-esteem than non-fans. 
The main reason? The “tribal” nature and the sense of 23 . Fans are part of a social network, and any network offers 
the support that helps to keep people mentally sound. 
Cheering a team provides an 24 outlet, and when they win, fans can feel a similar joy to the athletes’ and a 
lingering positive feeling. 25 following a losing team helps fans learn to cope and move on. So if people criticize 
you about being a sports-obsessed couch potato, tell them you’re doing it for your mental health. 

(A) prove
(B) expand
(C) combine
(D) benefit

(A) depression
(B) expectation
(C) expression
(D) disappearance

(A) forgiving
(B) belonging
(C) consuming
(D) negotiating

(A) ambitious
(B) artificial
(C) emotional
(D) electronic

(A) Even
(B) Though
(C) When
(D) Still

請依下文回答第 26 題至第 30 題 
 A “No Kissing” sign has been unveiled at Warrington Bank Quay railway station in northern England. The 26 is 
to stop departing passengers from pulling up at a crowded drop-off point to kiss goodbye. The spokesman of Virgin Rail, 
which runs the station, says that they have 27 the sign because the drop-off point is not a big area and drivers block 
the access to the station while saying goodbye to departing passengers. The “No Kissing” sign is necessary in order to 
make the station more 28 . Passengers are not 29 from kissing, says the spokesman. If they want to spend more 
time with their loved ones and kiss goodbye, they 30 to park in the short-stay car park nearby. 

(A) conflict
(B) obstacle
(C) purpose
(D) resource

(A) torn down
(B) put up
(C) passed on
(D) given in

(A) ambitious
(B) efficient
(C) isolated
(D) disciplined

(A) allowed
(B) banned
(C) confirmed
(D) requested

(A) would rather pay
(B) tend to pay
(C) could have paid
(D) should pay

31.請依下文回答第 31 題至第 35 題 
        Scientists have genetically modified mice to enable them to sniff out landmines, the explosives buried just below the surface of the ground. They hope the GM mouse, known as MouSensor, could become a useful tool to help deal with the dangerous devices left from past wars. 
        Although it sounds peculiar, similar efforts have already been made. A Belgian charity uses giant African HeroRats to sniff out the chemical explosive, TNT. Two of these rats can clear an area in less than two hours that would take two people two days to do. One disadvantage of the HeroRat, however, is that it needs nine months’ training before being ready for landmine detection. 
        Scientists wanted to improve on the HeroRat concept by creating a “supersniffer” mouse, MouSensor. They found that a receptor in the lab mouse’s nose is sensitive to the odor of the chemical elements in TNT and landmines. By altering the genes of the mouse, scientists are able to enhance the capability of its receptor 500 times stronger than before. Besides having super sniffing power, the MouSensor is cheaper to manage and easier to breed than the rats. 
        When the MouSensor detects the presence of a landmine, it would have some sort of a seizure and faint because of its extreme sensitivity of the explosives. And this change of the mouse’s physical condition would trigger a chip implanted under its skin to send a signal to a computer monitored by scientists. As a result, the location of the landmine could be identified, and a bomb-disposal expert could go in and neutralize it. The mouse itself would be safe from the landmine, since it would be too small to trigger an explosion.

【題組】31 How would a MouSensor help to identify the location of a landmine?
(A) It would lose consciousness.
(B) It would look into a computer screen.
(C) It would hide away from the landmine.
(D) It would touch a chip implanted under its skin.

32.【題組】32 What does “it” in the second paragraph refer to?
(A) The use of landmines during war.
(B) The idea of using mice to detect landmines.
(C) The practice of applying genetic engineering to animals.
(D) The need to remove dangerous devices left from wars.

33.【題組】33 Which part of a MouSensor’s body is most sensitive to the explosives?
(A) The feet.
(B) The skin.
(C) The nose.
(D) The mouth.

34.【題組】34 Which of the following statements regarding the MouSensor is true?
(A) A Belgian charity has already used them to sniff landmines.
(B) The MouSensor would usually be safe in a field of landmines.
(C) A MouSensor could run 500 times faster than a HeroRat.
(D) Two MouSensors would need two hours to clear an area of landmines.

35.【題組】35 What is the advantage of the MouSensor over the HeroRat in detecting landmines?
(A) It runs faster in the field.
(B) It is less expensive to buy.
(C) It does not need a long training period.
(D) It neutralizes the bomb more effectively.

36.請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題 LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, a way of life that originated in the United States about a decade ago. LOHAS consumers are those who are passionate about the environment, sustainability, social issues, and health. To push social and environmental responsibility, they purchase products such as organic soap, recycled paper, hybrid cars, solar heating, and herbal tea. Approximately 30% of American people are currently considered LOHAS consumers. The top product selection criterion for 40% of American consumers is organic quality. For 20% of the consumers, sustainability is a key criterion in deciding what to buy. The idea of LOHAS consumption continues to boost organic sales in the US. The US market for organic food is growing by about 3.5 billion US dollars a year, according to the result of Sustainability Research. The LOHAS trend is also beginning to catch on in Japan, where workaholic “salarymen” are looking for quick fixes for stress and thinking green is becoming fashionable. Japan is receptive to LOHAS because the nation’s traditional culture embraces a nature-loving view on life with hot springs and seasonal gourmet. A Tokyo department store has a section for LOHAS goods. Magazines are singing the praises of the LOHAS lifestyle, including yoga, organic wine, and aroma therapy. A restaurant serving ordinary but healthy dishes such as brown rice and vegetable curry claims to be LOHAS. Not littering is also LOHAS. The values touch something as cheap as a hammock to something more expensive as Louis Vuitton luggage.
【題組】36 What is the main idea of the passage?
(A) LOHAS consumption is getting popular in the US and Japan.
(B) The concept of LOHAS applies to food, cosmetics, body care, and clothing.
(C) Green products are now widely available and the price has declined.
(D) LOHAS consumption plays an important role in fighting global warming.

37.【題組】37 Which item is NOT mentioned as an example of LOHAS?
(A) Yoga.
(B) Organic food.
(C) Solar energy.
(D) Bicycle.

38.【題組】38 According to the passage, what is the main reason for the popularity of LOHAS in Japan?
(A) Japanese love Louis Vuitton luggage.
(B) Japanese consumers are very educated and responsible.
(C) Japanese suffer from long working hours and great pressure.
(D) The concept of LOHAS is similar to the spirits of Japanese culture.

39.【題組】39 Which of the following statements is true about LOHAS consumers?
(A) They are mostly workaholics.
(B) They are concerned about environmental and social issues.
(C) Their main shopping concern is the price.
(D) They eat very little in order to stay healthy.

40.【題組】40 Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
(A) LOHAS consumers take up half of the American population.
(B) The LOHAS concept originated in America.
(C) LOHAS people like a vegetarian diet.
(D) LOHAS people avoid products that pollute our land.

41.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 Does your older brother think he’s cleverer than you? Well, he’s probably right. According to new research due to be published this week in the journal Intelligence, the oldest children in families are likely to have the highest IQs, and the youngest the lowest. The research is based on more than 1,000 children whose IQ was tested through childhood and adolescence up to the age of 18. The Dutch study shows a birth-order effect on intelligence in each of the tests. Overall, the IQ of the first-born child was higher than the second-born, which, in turn, was greater than that of children who had two or more older siblings. This is only the latest research to suggest that the order of birth can have a fundamental effect on diverse factors, ranging from the risk of cancer, asthma and eczema, to weight and even premature death. It can also affect personality, achievement, and career, with first-borns being more academically successful and more likely to win Nobel prizes. However, eldest children are less likely to be radical and pioneering. Charles Darwin, for example, was the fifth child of six. Exactly why there should be such differences is not clear, and there are a number of theories, with many homing in on environmental influences on the child. The so-called dilution theory, for example, suggests that as family resources, both emotional and physical, as well as economic, are finite, it follows that as more children come along, the levels of parental attention and stimulation will drop.
【題組】41 What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The dilution theory.
(B) The effect of birth order on children.
(C) The academic success of the eldest children.
(D) Different theories about the differences among children.

42.【題組】42 According to the passage, eldest children are less likely to be _____ compared with the later borns.
(A) adventurous
(B) healthy
(C) successful
(D) intelligent

43.【題組】43 According to the research, which of the following is likely to have the lowest IQ?
(A) The first-born.
(B) The second-born.
(C) The second youngest.
(D) The last-born.

44.【題組】44 Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Birth order affects many aspects of a person’s life.
(B) The 1,000 children in the study had their IQ tested only once.
(C) The Dutch study is the first to examine the effects of birth order on intelligence.
(D) The dilution theory suggests that the more children, the better family resources.

45.【題組】45 What does the phrase “homing in on” in the last paragraph mean?
(A) Overlooking.
(B) Doubting.
(C) Paying attention to.
(D) Being responsible for.

46.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 The Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurra, is a noted sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, Italy. It was discovered by a German writer in August 1826. Since then it has become a popular tourist attraction. It is said that Roman emperors used the grotto as a private bath and antique statues were found in there. Inside the grotto, the sea seems to be lit from underwater. The brilliant blue of the sea fascinates its visitors. The enchantment results from another opening to the grotto, completely submerged. It allows the sunlight to pass through and light the water from below, creating a blue reflection that illuminates the cave. To get to Grotta Azzurra, there are motorboats that leave from the port of Marina Grande. At the entrance to the cave, passengers get into little rowing boats. The roof of the entrance is only one meter above the sea level so passengers have to lie down in the boat while passing into the cave. The grotto cannot be visited during adverse weather conditions.
【題組】46 What is the purpose of this passage?
(A) To inform readers about a tourist attraction.
(B) To persuade readers to visit Grotta Azzurra.
(C) To offer ideas about spending a holiday in Capri.
(D) To describe the author’s visit to a famous cave.

47.【題組】47 What makes the Blue Grotto so famous?
(A) It was discovered by a German writer.
(B) Antique statues were found in the grotto.
(C) It is difficult to get into the grotto.
(D) The color of the sea is extraordinarily blue.

48.【題組】48 Why do visitors have to lie down in the boat?
(A) The sunlight is too bright.
(B) There are bats in the cave.
(C) The roof of the cave entrance is very low.
(D) The wind is very strong.

49.【題組】49 What is the meaning of “adverse”?
(A) Unfavorable.
(B) Splendid.
(C) Dry.
(D) Mysterious.

50.【題組】50 Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Passengers take motorboats into the grotto.
(B) The grotto has become famous since the 18th century.
(C) There are two openings to the grotto.
(D) The grotto was open to the public in Roman times