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1.1 Those angry peasants held a sit-in______ make their protests against the new policy.
(A) so as to
(B) with a view to
(C) according to
(D) owing to

2.2 The MRT system has greatly______ this area; I can’t even recognize the location of my old school.
(A) captured
(B) situated
(C) succeeded
(D) transformed

3.3 Linda is an______ friend of mine; there is no secret between us, and we always share our happiness and sorrow.
(A) intimate
(B) intermediate
(C) internal
(D) intense

4.4 Do not forget your ticket! Only ticket-holders will be ______to the concert.
(A) submitted
(B) admitted
(C) committed
(D) transmitted

5.5 The main thing that makes mobile phones______ harmful is radiation.
(A) politely
(B) privately
(C) passively
(D) potentially

6.6 The deadline is Friday, so we had better______ the report as soon as possible.
(A) hand in
(B) put out
(C) drop by
(D) look up

7.7 Since the typhoon, the basement has been filled with water. We have to ______it as soon as possible. Otherwise, waterborne diseases might spread.
(A) reserve
(B) drain
(C) drift
(D) resist

8.8 It is reported that there’s______ tension between the refugees and the local population in Pakistan.
(A) terminal
(B) trembling
(C) timid
(D) tremendous

9.9 You should live within your income. Otherwise, you won’t be able to earn enough money to______ .
(A) break the ice
(B) cut corners
(C) hunt for bargains
(D) make ends meet

10.10 Our teacher always tells us that knowledge should be______ through years, not gained in one day.
(A) accumulated
(B) confronted
(C) manipulated
(D) stimulated

11.11 My sister knows many passages from Shakespeare______ ; she can memorize the details of his plays.
(A) as a rule
(B) by heart
(C) in vain
(D) on purpose

12.12 As he had grown up in the country, he was not______ to the fast pace of the city life when he first moved to Taipei.
(A) accustomed
(B) addicted
(C) amiable
(D) ambitious

13.13 The police have suspected him of involvement in the suicide bombing but there is no______ evidence to arrest him.
(A) elastic
(B) capable
(C) multiple
(D) sufficient

14.14 Sherlock Holmes ______smoke in the air and assumed the killer had not left for too long.
(A) detected
(B) protected
(C) deterred
(D) defined

15.15 The president’s reckless actions have______ his country into a disaster.
(A) resumed
(B) plunged
(C) persuaded
(D) restored

16.16 The president of the United States can only serve two______ of four years each.
(A) semesters
(B) decades
(C) periods
(D) terms

17.17 When the orange trees______ , there is a sweet fragrance in the air.
(A) blossom
(B) wither
(C) drop
(D) sprout

18.18 Many people want to do some sports, but there are not enough______ in the city.
(A) faculties
(B) factories
(C) fortresses
(D) facilities

19.19 Library users will be fined for returning books after the______ date.
(A) client
(B) due
(C) fare
(D) loan

20.20 According to our justice system, the suspect will be considered ______until proven guilty.
(A) afflicted
(B) harmful
(C) innocent
(D) lucrative

21.21 The label on the canned pork says this product is______ to be free of preservatives.
(A) displayed
(B) criticized
(C) guaranteed
(D) illustrated

22.22 Modern people tend to value material enjoyment too much and ignore______ pursuit.
(A) spiritual
(B) feeble
(C) unilateral
(D) worldly

23.23 After many years of moving, Daniel finally found a______ home in the Dublin suburbs.
(A) permanent
(B) fragile
(C) mutual
(D) drastic

24.24 The police arrested the suspect, but in the absence of______ he was set free soon.
(A) patience
(B) allowance
(C) evidence
(D) presence

25.25 He hurt his leg while climbing the mountain;______ , he would have participated in the charity event to raise money for the poor.
(A) undoubtedly
(B) consequently
(C) nevertheless
(D) otherwise

26.26 The farmer put a lot of______ on his rice field, hoping that the crops may flourish.
(A) promotion
(B) fertilizer
(C) detergent
(D) stimulation

27.27 The government should take measures to control the growing______ . Food prices have gone up sharply recently.
(A) inflation
(B) innovation
(C) institution
(D) implication

28.28 Before you fly, please be sure to read the list of items______ from being carried onto the plane. You must not bring any of these items to the security checkpoints.
(A) protected
(B) prohibited
(C) prescribed
(D) prosecuted

29.29 The audience enthusiastically______ the pianist on her amazing performance.
(A) complimented
(B) complemented
(C) completed
(D) comprised

30.30 I can’t ride my bicycle______ there isn’t any air in one of the tires.
(A) despite
(B) although
(C) because
(D) unless

31.31______ the cockroach when she screamed and stomped her feet furiously.
(A) No sooner had Jenny seen
(B) As soon as Jenny saw
(C) On Jenny’s seeing
(D) Jenny had hardly seen

32.32 There are elegant shops on______ side of the street.
(A) any
(B) both
(C) either
(D) every

33.33 Could you please tell me______ ?
(A) where the concert will take place
(B) when was soccer first played
(C) why are otters suitable to live in the water
(D) what can I do to help conserve water

34.34 Although the farmers had to work in the mud, they were all pleased,______ the rain had come in the nick of time.
(A) saying
(B) say
(C) said
(D) to say

35.35 He is a very conscientious professor. Never______ he let his students leave his classes earlier.
(A) is
(B) ever
(C) less
(D) will

36.36 It didn’t take us long to get here because there ______traffic.
(A) was few
(B) was little
(C) had few
(D) had little

37.37 Among the things that money cannot buy ______good health in the mind and body.
(A) is
(B) has
(C) are
(D) have

38. Color is used symbolically in all cultures and it plays an important role in ceremonies and festivities. Yellow is a symbol of luck in Peru and it can be seen just about everywhere during New Year celebrations—in flowers, clothing, and decorations. Some Peruvians say, “ 38 around you, the luckier you will be in the new year.” Yellow is also an important color to the Vietnamese, who use it at weddings and also on their flag, 39 it represents courage, victory, and sacrifice. In many cultures, white symbolizes purity, which is 40 brides often wear white wedding gowns. Black, 41 , symbolizes death, and it is often the color people wear to funerals.
【題組】 38
(A) The more yellow you have
(B) The more you have yellow
(C) You have more yellow
(D) You have the most yellow

(A) which
(B) where
(C) that
(D) when

(A) how
(B) that
(C) what
(D) why

(A) on the other hand
(B) for example
(C) as a result
(D) not to mention

42.42 Man: I’d like one ticket to Cambridge. Clerk: ______The train leaves in just a few minutes. Man: I have to wait for my friend. When is the next train, then?
(A) You’d better hurry.
(B) In a minute.
(C) Sooner or later.
(D) You have my word.

43.43 Patty: Do you like to play baseball? Alice: ______, but I like to watch the Yankees play. Patty: Me too.
(A) For sure
(B) At any rate
(C) Nothing doing
(D) Not really

44.44 Ben: Would you help me with my homework if I give you my baseball cards? Jim:______ Ben: OK. Let’s start now.
(A) It depends.
(B) It’s a deal.
(C) It doesn’t matter.
(D) It’s out of the question.

45.45 A: Good afternoon, ma’am.______ B: No. Can you help me, please? A: Yes, ma’am. What are you looking for? B: I’d like to buy a purse.
(A) What can I do for you?
(B) Have you been waited on?
(C) Are you waiting for me?
(D) Would you like anything else?

46.46 Husband: Let’s see a movie tonight. Wife: What do you want to see?______ Husband: Just check in the newspaper.
(A) You must have bored yourself.
(B) Are you going bananas?
(C) I don’t even know what’s on.
(D) Did our TV break down again?

47.As you are gathering love letters from your admirers this Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice to know if that special sweetie is Mr. or Ms. Right? While it’s not scientific, Graphology—also called handwriting analysis—can provide useful clues about your admirer’s personality. Ideally, handwriting analysis should be performed on an unlined page of original writing. When studying a sample, the first characteristic a graphologist considers is the writer’s use of space. Take the margins for example. The right symbolizes the future and the left represents the past—even in cultures whose writing moves from right to left. In graphology, leaving a narrow right margin suggests a risk-taking person who is unafraid of the future, whereas leaving a narrow left margin implies someone very tied to the past, even fearful of moving on. The space between lines represents the distance the writer places between himself—or herself—and others. Thus, people who leave relatively little space between words require others’ company while those who leave more space may be hard to get close to. People who leave little space between lines need to get involved: they tend to be big “joiners,” and may get bogged down in the details of a situation. By contrast, writers who leave more space between lines are usually independent and better at grasping the “big picture.” While these are generally accepted concepts of graphology, no single characteristic in writing is significant by itself. You have to look at handwriting in context.
【題組】 47 What does the phrase “bogged down” mean in the fourth paragraph?
(A) Involved rationally
(B) Became excited
(C) Got stuck
(D) Engaged positively

48.【題組】48 Based on the article, what kind of people do NOT like things to change?
(A) People who leave a narrow left margin.
(B) People who leave a narrow right margin.
(C) People who leave little space between lines.
(D) People who leave more space between lines.

49.【題組】49 Which of the following statements is NOT true about graphology?
(A) It focuses much on the writers’ use of space.
(B) It should be performed on a photocopied writing.
(C) It provides hints for deciphering one’s handwriting.
(D) It is applicable to writings that move from right to left.

50.【題組】50 What do people who leave more space between lines like?
(A) They love thrilling adventures.
(B) They like to throw big parties.
(C) They are fond of being involved.
(D) They enjoy doing things on their own.